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I. Read and translate the text. IX. Write down sentences with the following idioms

IX. Write down sentences with the following idioms.

VIII. Write down the forms of the irregular verbs.

VII. Make the sentences negative.

VI. Translate the sentences paying attention to Sequence of Tenses.

1. The exporters informed the buyers that they were making arrangement for the shipment of the goods.

2. The representative of the company said that he wanted to maximize its profits.

3. The sellers pointed out that the goods had been sold on time.

4. The buyers stated in their enquiry that they had been importing timber since1950.

5. The manager wrote that he required ten more machines.

6. The manufacturer agreed that the goods would be packed in wooden boxes.

7. The entrepreneur said he would visit the meeting if he had enough time.

8. The director hoped the contract would be a success.

1. Any entrepreneur wishes to maximize its profits.

2. We need to compare the costs of production with the revenues from production.

3. Some manufacturers had set their price slightly below of the market price.

4. There are few decisions new entrepreneurs have to take.

5. Many businessmen delegate this kind of job to their accountant.

6. Customers are often suspicious of new services offered at a low price.

7. They will buy new products offered at a price lower than those of existing products.


To sell, to pay, to drive, to feed, to forecast, to go, to hear, to lend, to make, to seek.


1.At a premium - по высокой цене

2.Cut-throat (business, competition) - прилагательное, которое означает жесткий, беспощадный и может описывать в деловой речи высококонкурентную среду, бизнес, отрасль т.д.







Marketing organizes and directs all those business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers or users. It is made up of activities such as selling goods, distribution, advertising and sales promotion, product planning and market research. Its function is to assess and convert customer purchasing power into effective demand for a specific product or service.

Marketing and Selling. There is quite a difference between marketing and selling. Marketing involves: market research, advertising, introducing and informing about goods and services, public relations, and after all-selling those goods and services. According to this, we can see that selling is only one part of the marketing function that involves finding the customers and persuading them to buy.

Marketing Mix. The marketing mix is the combination of four main elements that have to be combined in the most effective and profitable way. Those four elements are:

1. Promotion – includes advertising, selling, public relations and the creation of a brand image.

2. Product – includes product design, the quality of manufacture and after –sales services (if it is required).

3. Price – must relate to product quality, a particular market and also includes granting credits.

4. Place – involves the channels of distribution to be used.


Different organizations use different marketing mixes according to their particular circumstances. In terms of existing competition they can, in order to improve their selling, emphasize a particularly attractive feature of their product which may or may not be present in the products of competitors. They can also offer their products for a lower price than their competitor. That can improve selling but it often happens that the customer equates low price with low quality.

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