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Tell your groupmates about your best friend

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Unit 3

Speak about your family.

My friend`s appearance and personality

1. Learn new words and word-combinations:

society -суспільство

attitude -відношення

towards - до

to classify - класифікувати

acquaintances - знайомі

close - близький

guy - хлопець

me­dium height - середнього зросту

soul - душа, дух

to be fond of - захоплюватися

persistently - настирливо

foreign - іноземний

en­thusiastic - сповнений інтузіазму

extremely sociable - дуже товариський

by means of - за допомогою

to correspond - листуватися

to possess - володіти

great charm - величезна привабливість

clever - розумний

well-mannered - добре вихований

tactful - тактовний


2. Read and translate the text:

As we live in society, we meet a lot of people during our lives. We com­municate with all these people, but our attitudestowards each of these people are different. Usually I classify people I know as acquaintances, friends and close friends. I’m going to tell you about the best friends of mine. They are Victor Danylenko and Dmytro Lysenko.

Victor is a good-natured guy of me­dium height, strong in body, fair-haired with light blue eyes. Usually he is the life and soul of the party. He is fond offoreign languages. Not so long ago he decided to study English. He worked on it persistently and now he speaks Eng­lish well. Victor also likes music. He is a good singer, he plays guitar and dances as a professional dancer.

Dmytro is rather slim, not very tall, his hair is brown, and his eyes are grey. Usu­ally he wears T-shirts with emblems of football clubs, such as “Dynamo” (Kyiv) and “Metallist” (Kharkiv). He is an en­thusiastic football fan. Dmytro is an extremely sociable person. By means of e-mail he corresponds with many people from different countries.

My friends are very interesting to talk to .Both of them possessgreat charm, —they are both very clever and educated guys, they are open-hearted and social, well-mannered and tactful. People usually like them. I’m happy to have such —friends as Victor and Dmytro.

3. Give the English equivalents:

ü жити в суспільстві

ü спілкуватись з людьми

ü відношення до людей

ü близькі друзі

ü дівчина середнього зросту

ü душа компанії

ü дуже товариський хлопець

ü добре вихований та тактовний


4. Complete the following sentences using the words from the right-hand column:

1. My girl-friend wears her hair .... neither fish nor flesh

2. I have ... . to get along with

3. He is ... . a low opinion of him

4. My mother is always ... . a man of character

5. Bob is easy ... . in a good humour

6. Her brother is ... . long


5. Devide the following words into two columns:

Appearance of a person Character of a person

Straight (wavy, curly) hair, intelligent, bald, beard, clever, plump, well-dressed, extroverted, dark, sociable, long, short, rude, fair, reliable, nose, honest, mouth, introverted, slim, sensitive, polite, attractive, original, beautiful, cheerful, modest.


6. Read and translate:

Describing people
A descriptive essay about a person should consist of:
a) an Introduction in which you give general information about the person, saying when, where and how you first met them;
b) a Main Body in which you describe their physical appearance, personal qualities and hobbies/interest. You start a new paragraph for each topic;
c) a Conclusion in which you write your comments and/or feelings about the person.
** When describing someone you know well or see often(i.e a friend, a neighbour, etc), you should use present tenses. When describing someone who is no longer alive, or someone you knew a long time ago and you do not see any more, you should use past tenses.

Paragraph 1
name of the person when, where and how you first met him/her

Paragraph 2
physical appearance(facial features & clothes)
Paragraph 3
personal qualities and justification(s)/examples
Paragraph 4
Paragraph 5

Comments & feelings about the person

** When you describe someone's physical appearance you start with the general features (i.e. height, biuld, age) and move on to the more specific ones, such as hair, eyes, nose etc. You can also add a description of the clothes the person likes to wear. e.g. Laura is a tall, slim woman in her early twenties. She has got red hair, green eyes and freckles. She usually wears smart suits.


7. Fill in a or an:

1)... table; 2) ... apricot; 3) ... ear; 4) ... chair; 5) ... arm-chair; 6)... cassette; 7)... poem; 8)... envelope; 9)... kitten; 10)... planet;11)... ant; 12)... flower; 13)... ice cream; 14)... clown; 15)... eye; 16) ... puzzle; 17) ... uncle; 18) ... camera; 19) ... horse.


8. Circle the correct item:

1. My friend has got а/the camera. A/the camera is digital.

2. This is a/the house. A/the house is old.

3. Could you give me a/the pen to write?

4. It is a/the lamp. A/the lamp is on the table.

5. A/the strawberries in the basket are very sweet.

6. A/the milk is in the glass.

7. I see a/the man. A/the man is coming up to the bus stop. A/the man is wearing a/the hat.

8. You have got so many fruits! Can I have a/the peach, please?


9. Circle the correct item:

· This town is situated in a/ the south of a/the country.

· What a/the beautiful picture you have painted!

· My cousin promised to phone me in a/the week.

· The group of tourists arrived in a/the evening.

· There is a modern hotel in a/the centre of a/the town.

· She has always dreamt of such a/the wonderful present.

· «I’ll phone you twice a/the day: in a/the morning and in a/ the evening», the woman said to her daughter.

· There is a/the picture on a/the wall.


10. Complete the joke with the correct articles:


... teacher came into the classroom and said to children, «Pupils, I’d like you to be very quiet today. I have got ... terrible headache».

... youngest girl stood up and said to ... teacher, «Why don’t you do what my mum always does in this case? »

«What does your mum do?» wondered ... teacher.

«She sends me to play outdoors», explained ... girl.


11. Match the pairs:

володіти привабливістю - extremely sociable

тактичний - to add the discription

середнього зросту - appearance of a person

настирливо працювати - a slim woman

дуже товариський - of medium height

зовнішність людини - red hair

додати опис - to work persistently

струнка жінка - to possess great charm

руде волосся - tactful


Unit 4

Rights and Duties of Ukrainian Citizens


1. Learn new words and word-combinations:

сitizens - громадяни

non-interference -невтручання

inviolability - недоторканність

dwelling - житло

rest - відпочинок

trade - вид заняття,


in according with - згідно з…

abilities - можливості

education - освіта

to receive stipends - отримувати стипендію

equal - рівний

sphere - сфера

government - уряд

activity - заняття

obliged - зобов’язаний

to observe - дотримуватись

labour - праця

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