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B. Read the article again and mark the following statements true or false. Correct the false statements


Car boot sales


Task 24

Task 23 Complete the text with the best

When a buyer ………………… (1) an order with a seller for the first time, they usually have a lot of questions.

First, they want to …………. (2) prices, of course.

Then, they want to know what kind …………………. (3) the seller can offer.

Very often, the buyer also asks if the seller has the goods in ………… (4), and if they can deliver on ………….. (5).

Sometimes, the buyer will ask if it is possible to pay in ……….. (6). If the seller agrees, they will often expect the buyer to pay a …………… (7).


1. a) puts b) takes c) places
2. a) compare b) offer c) say
3. a) commission b) discount c) feature
4. a) shop b) stock c) delivery
5. a) delay b) speed c) time
6. a) installments b) parts c) shares
7. a) deposit b) cheque c) guarantee


A. Read the article about consumer habits and match the underlined words in the text with a word or phrase from the box.


  display get a good price friendly kinds totally   suggested price want  


Car boot sales are very interesting places to go shopping. There are all (1) sorts of things for sale. People pay between £ 5 and £ 10 to sell things at the car boot sale. They then open up their car boot to (2) show all the things they are selling. People often have a lot of things to sell, so they use a table next to the car to put things on.

People decide what price all their things are. Usually customers try to (3) bargain and offer a bit less than the price. They are usually successful! Here’s a list of some things you can buy at car boot sales: clothes, pictures, gardening equipment, baby clothes, toys, plates, records, CDs, books and even furniture!

Some people go to buy things at a car boot sale every week. They only spend about £ 2 or £ 3 but get some good bargains. It is a good way for people to sell things they do not use. It can be very (4) sociable as well, and even better if the weather is good!

eBay is another way of shopping, (5) completely different to car boot sales. You sit at home on your computer and search the eBay website for something that you (6) need. When you find it, you can look at some pictures of the product and then put in an (7) offer for it. If nobody else puts in a higher offer, you get the product! Sometimes the products are new and sometimes not. People usually buy things for a cheaper price than in the shops.

1 You pay over £ 10 to sell things at a car boot sale.

2 People only sell from their car boot.

3 The prices of products at a car boot sale are all set prices and cannot change.

4 You can buy things to use in the garden at car boot sales.

5 You can get some good bargains at car boot sales.

6 Car boots sales can be good fun as well as a good place to sell things you don’t want from your house.

7 Before you buy on eBay, you see the item in a shop.

8 All items on eBay are new.

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