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Read and translate the text. Following the 1998 crisis, trade is reviving between the RFE and the U.S

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  1. A. Transform the italicized parts of the sentences using Active Voice forms instead of the Passive ones. Translate them into Russian.
  5. B) Translate the sentences choosing the proper meaning of the words in italics.
  9. C) Translate into English.
  10. Choose and fill in the necessary form of the Participle. Define the function of the Participle in the sentence. Translate the sentences into Russian.
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  12. Compose a few sentences using the terms from the table. Ask your partner to translate them.

Following the 1998 crisis, trade is reviving between the RFE and the U.S. West Coast, resulting in increased cargo flows through RFE ports, which are the major eastern transportation hubs of Russia. The East-by-West corridor project will decrease time and reduce costs for U.S. West Coast - China transit shipments via RFE ports. To prevent disease penetration, plants and animals contamination, and avoid threat to state security, customs check vessel particulars, Bills of Lading for the shipped cargo, dwelling and technical rooms aboard, cargo, and crew and passenger luggage and personal belongings. Russian Customs suggests installing cryptography software on an international vessel to provide an e-copy of required documents for advanced customs clearance.

Before calling at a RFE port, the ship's Master or his agent company must inform the port authorities no less than 48 hours in advance or one hour after departing for a RFE port. An agent company in the port of entry should provide onboard inspection commission that includes marine sanitary quarantine inspection, frontier check point guard, customs, and state quarantine inspection for agricultural plants protection. After the quarantine inspection clears the ship and the quarantine flag is down, customs starts its procedures.

Rooms on a vessel with cargo and items not unloaded at this port, as well

as arms/weapons/explosives/ narcotics, are sealed by customs. Cargo unloading is in accordance with the cargo manifest and Bills of Lading. Cargo is subjected to customs examination if it is damaged, lacks required documents or information, or cargo documents differ from marks/weight of the cargo. Cargo lacking any required documents is re-located from the vessel to a customs warehouse and can not be released without customs allowance.

FESCO Pilot Project

To facilitate and hasten customs clearance, the Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO) and the Russian Federal Customs Committee developed a project of advanced electronic notification to customs of a vessel's arrival information. According to the Russian Federal Customs Committee resolution dated May 28, 1999, an e-copy of all documents required for customs clearance of a vessel is valid. The ship's Master has to use cryptography to place a digital signature on an e-copy. The pilot FESCO project is to be implemented in November 2000.

To reduce delays required for processing the East-by-West Corridor transit cargo data, the FESCO project (different from CLEAR-PAC) can be successfully applied. The cargo invoice and packing list should be attached to the transit cargo manifest to avoid cargo location to a customs warehouse and to immediately re-load it on rail road/truck platform before customs clearance. If a foreign shipper plans to participate in the FESCO project, it must install the cryptography software.


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