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Answer the following questions

Choose the necessary word and put it into the gap.

Translate the following sentences into Russian paying attention to the words in bold type.

a) 1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

2. He's been out of work for a month but now he's found a very good job in New York.

3. A doctor, a teacher, a journalist, and an architect are very good professions.

4. He comes from a professional family.

5. He took up journalism as his career.

6. A job is something you do to make money but career comprises your interests, abilities and ambitions.

7. I could never do an ordinary nine-to-five job.

8. It's important to find a job that offers good career prospects.

9. Nursing is hard work and often low paid but for many people it is a vocation.

10. Medicine has always been a male-dominated profession.


b) 1. The car industry is one of the biggest employers.

2. The number of people in employment has fallen.

3. The new contract will enable us to employ about 50 extra people.

4. I wrote five applications for jobs but didn't get a single reply.

5. Anyone under 30 need not apply.

6. Have you got any income apart from your pay?

7. Bob is on a very good salary now.

8. Her teaching experiencegave her abigadvantage over the other applicants for the job.

9. We will need to havereferencesfrom your formeremployers.

10. We still have vacancies for drivers but all the other positions have been filled.

1. We are going to interview three ... for the position.   1 advertise
2. If you need applicants for this position, ... in a special section of the local newspaper.   2 curriculum vitae
3. Personnel office will help you to find a new ...   3 employee
4. All the information about the staff of the firm can be found in ...   4 applicants
5. She has a good ... for the position: a college degree, good work experience.   5 personnel office
6. I want to find a new secretary, so I'll call an employment ...   6 qualification
7. If you are an applicant for the position, you have to write your ...   7 agency
8. Don't ask him ... questions, it will be impolite.   8 personal


a)1) Have you ever had a full-time or part-time job?

What was your job?

How did you get it?

What was your salary (wage)?


2) Is it difficult for a NSTU graduate to find a well-paid job?



b)What qualities best describe people who want to succeed in work or study? Add some more. Use the following words in your answers.

dependable abmitious critical
thruthful accurate responsible
independent decisive quiet
Patient broad-minded reserved
indifferent enthusiastic quick-minded
strong-willed reliable  
Careful/careless persistent  


c) What qualities do you have to get a good job in future?


patience energy
Courage experience
determination talent
goodwill creativity
Charm intelligence
reliability training


d)Think of preferences concerning your future job. Put a cross on each line to indicate your opinion.


prefer to work alone prefer to work in a team
like taking risks plan to avoid risks
like variety like routine
like to work in one place like travelling
prefer to talk prefer to listen
prefer to manage prefer to be managed
like pressure dislike pressure
prefer to think prefer to act
take a long-term view take a short-term view


e)Analyse the previous answers (in b, c, d) and assess your qualities and abilities using the scheme.

  Personal strengths Personal weaknesses Suggestions for further development
I'm independent I'm not persistent I should work
I prefer to work alone I dislike pressure to improve my ...
    I should be more ...


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