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Questions for discussion

Useful language

May I introduce you to … ? … this is … How do you do? How do you do?
Do you know … ? … this is … Hello./Hi. Nice to meet you.
Good morning. My name is … I have an appointment to see …
I don’t think we’ve met. I’m …
Excuse me. Are you Ms Peterson? I’m …

Ex.8. Read the text. Some parts of the text have bееn taken out. These extracts аre given below. Complete each gap with the appropriate extract.

Having trouble introducing yourself? While introductions come easy to the extrovert, the introvert will go as far as feeling anxiety when surrounded by people whom they do not know. Some tips to try: 1. Look people straight in the eyes - eye contact is important because __________ and also shows self confidence. 2. Smile - it is important to keep a __________ (and fresh breath too). 3. Your smile is your icebreaker, it draws people to you because you will look __________ . 4. Handshake - a firm handshake, once again, demonstrates your __________ , but be sure you don't break the other person's arm or hand. 5. Just __________ hand shake you will definitely gain your confidence. 6. Say your name and immediately ask for theirs - __________ - "It's a pleasure to meet you, John" or "Nice to meet you, Jane" - repeating the person's name will help you remember their name and, again, will also show you care. 7. Have a great conversation. Make sure you introduce yourself with both __________ . 8. Giving a nickname is absolutely ok, but __________ is your nickname. 9. It is an awkward joke if __________ . 10. Always give notice it's a nickname, i.e. "My name's Mike, but they __________ . 11. You may tell a little bit of your background in order to start your conversation.

a)like a happy, stable person

b)then repeat their name while saying

c)never appropriate to say your name

d)call me 'The Stunner'

e)it shows that you care

f)first and last names

g)you consider it a joke

h)nice, bright smile

i)a squeeze and control


1. Express your opinion: what were business cards created for?

2. Why do you think people exchange business cards with each other?

3.Imagine you have to design a business card, how would you do it?

Ex.9. Choose the most suitable verb to complete the sentences:

May, bring, can, choose, use, show, give, forget.

1. It ______ be as simple as deciding to ______ 5 or 10 cards away every day. 2. It ______ mean printing labels describing your current promotion, sticking them to the back of your cards, and pinning them to bulletin boards. 3. Whatever! The point is that if you consciously figure out a way to ______ your business cards to ______ in business, you're much less likely to ______ them. 4. Invest in a quality business card case, one that you're proud to______off and ______5. Business card cases______ be conversation starters themselves. 6. There are so many unusual, classic and artistic choices available to ______ from.

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