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Settlement noun

1. (accounting) the payment of an account, debt, bill, etc: We offer a discount for settlements in cash. 2. (stock exchange) the payment of debts on the stock exchange. 3. (industrial relations) an agreement between two parties involved in a dispute: Most union members are happy with the pay settlement. 4. (law) (a) the terms on which property or money is given to somebody: The family met to hear the settlement of the will. (b) the document relating to this: marriage settlement. (c) the money itself: receive a settlement of £20 000.

share noun

one of many portions into which a company’s capital is divided. The owners of shares become members or shareholders of the company, in which they can vote. They also have a right to part of its profit by payment of a dividend: He shares in British Gas.


a situation where there is enough of something: Trains are not running because of staff shortages.

single marketnoun

1. a free trade association with a common currency and unrestricted movement of capital goods and people between countries: A single market leads to greater economic and monetary integration. 2. the Single Market a free trade association between members of the European Community: the creation of the European Single Market.

spot marketnoun

the buying and selling of goods, currency or securities that are available for immediate delivery: They run out of oil and had to buy on the spot market.


1. stocks a supply of raw materials or resources for sale or use: Grain stocks are high after this year’s harvest. 2. a quantity of goods for sake or distribution in a shop, warehouse, etc: The shop had its entire stock of televisions stolen.

stock noun

1. (UK) a fixed-interest security issued by the government of local authority 2. (US) an ordinary share.

stock verb

to keep a supply of something (in a shop, etc): We stock all sizes.

surplus noun

1. (manufacturing) an amount that is more than is needed: Farmers have produced a surplus of milk. 2. (accounting) the amount of income that is more than expenditure; profit: This surplus will improve the net value of the business.

tax noun

a sum of money that a government takes from people’s incomes, company profits, the sale of goods, etc to be used for public spending: The government has increased the tax on cigarettes.

tax verb

(of a government) to demand a sum of money from a particular source, eg people’s incomes, company profits, the sale of goods, etc to raise money for public spending: un

The government always taxes sales of alcohol.

taxable incomenoun

the amount of a person’s income on which tax has to be paid: She has a taxable income of $50 000 per year.

tax allowancenoun

an amount of money that a person is permitted to earn without paying tax on it: The level of personal tax allowances has been raised.

tax and price indexnoun

a measure of how more taxed income people have to earn in order to compensate for rising prices: According to the tax and price index, I need a wage rise of £1 500 to keep up with inflation.

taxation noun

the system of raising money for public spending: The government promises to cut taxation.

tax avoidancenoun

action that is taken in order to pay as little tax as legally possible, eg by making sure that all possible expenses are claimed: Accountants advise on tax avoidance.

tax basenoun

a particular source and amount of money that is taxed, eg a person’s taxable income, a company’s profits or the sales of a particular item, eg tobacco: The government aims to broaden its tax base with the aim of shopping tax evasion.

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