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Worldwide Recognition

In the United Kingdom, these facilities have been developed over several centuries, and have lead to both a wide spectrum of professional bodies and a powerful education system designed to satisfy the ever-changing and ever-demanding needs of the engineering community. The excellence of UK universities and their technical prowess are recognised worldwide, providing the full spectrum of education required for those needing to run and maintain the systems of today, and for those who must undertake the research and development to provide the understanding and systems for tomorrow.

The need to develop people able to work beyond the limits of current knowledge and to cultivate a medium and long-term perspective has led to well-established research education programmes leading to Masters and Doctorate degrees. The premise for UK universities is that the most effective method of research learning is achieved by working in the field, and that the best educators are experts practising their subject. The academic staff in electrical engineering departments of UK universities are invariably engineers, and most are heavily engaged in state-of-the-art research.

Students are given access to this work at a variety of points in the educational process. Taught degrees will invariably include a project, many of which consist of elements of the supervisor's research work. Research degrees, either at Masters or Doctorate level, will be based on exploring a new area of study, allowing students the opportunity to learn the disciplines of the research world as well as making a personal contribution to the field. For their Doctorate, the student is expected to make a unique contribution.

Electrical engineering in all its guises is both essential for the future and rewarding for those involved. Opportunities abound for those interested in getting involved, and the spectrum of activities ensures that personal satisfaction is guaranteed.

Author: Dr Miles A. Redfurn, Universty of Bath




What is Mechanical Engineering?

Engineering affects every aspect of human activity - work, leisure, health and education. Engineers are involved in the design and manufacture of almost everything, from cars to computers, from web pages to wings, from microchips to motorways. Many recent medical advances have been made as a result of work done by engineers, ranging from brain scanners to the drug dispensers used by asthma sufferers.

Training as a mechanical engineer will lead you into one of the broadest areas of engineering. There are jobs for mechanical engineers in nearly every area of industry. As a mechanical engineer you could become involved in design, manufacture, research, development, management or marketing.

Mechanical engineers are expected to constantly improve, re-design and invent equipment, not just maintain and process. There have been a multitude of mechanical engineering advancements that don't make the headlines that are crucial to our everyday lives, making them easier, faster and more efficient. A recent, well-known project is the London Eye - the massive mechanical marvel by the River Thames. Mechanical engineering played a vital part in the design, manufacture and installation of the Eye, something that was originally believed to be impossible. Now it is both an extremely popular tourist attraction and an inspiration to future engineers.

Other examples include medical engineering companies now developing surgical robotic systems for orthopaedic, spinal and dental surgery. Environmental engineers in the UK are producing world-leading technology in emission control, while UK based mechanical engineers in the defence industry are creating an innovative protection system for the International Space Station, amongst other things. This is just a selection of the exciting, innovative and challenging projects that mechanical engineers are involved in.

There is a shortage of engineers the UK, therefore there are excellent job prospects for mechanical engineers, and currently 70% of graduates go into full-time careers associated with engineering.

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