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Use the information given in it while speaking about you your family.

Ex.4. Read the following text. Try to understand it.

Ex.3. Read the following dialogues and make up your own using the examples.

Ex. 2. Put each of the following words in its correct place in the passa

widow, stepchildren, fiancé, brother, widower, mane, younger, close, spinster, get married, cousins, bachelor, stepmother, distant

My … is Tom Smiles. I’m the eldest of all the children. My second … is Jack. The youngest is Michael. My … sister is two years younger than me. Some time ago she got engaged. Her … is Mr. Brown. They are going to … next month.

I have many relatives. My grandparents are dead. But I have a number of … and … relatives: two uncles, four aunts and about a dozen cousins. One of my … has lost her husband. She is a … . An uncle of mine has been a … for many years but he married recently. His wife is very kind to her … and treats them as a real mother. One of my aunts remained unmarried and therefore she is what the English call a … or a single lady. An uncle of mine has also remained single. He is an old … .

- Where were you born?

- In London. But my parents come from Manchester.

- How interesting! I come from Manchester too.

- Oh, it’s a small world, isn’t it?

- Look Jake, have you got a family of your own?

- Oh, no, I’m not married yet. I live with my parents.

- Is your family large?

- I don’t think so. My parents have got only two daughters.

- And which of you is the eldest?

- It’s me. I’m twenty.

- How old is your younger sister? I wonder what her name is?

- Susan. She’s a lovely girl. She is ten.

- It’s a pleasure to have such a young sister, isn’t it?

- Certainly. She’s the apple of my eye.

scruffy ['skrAfI] неряшливый, нечесаный
to tower ['tauq] выситься
morose [mq'rous] угрюмый
sullen ['sAlqn] сердитый
to mutter ['mAtq] бормотать
hem   рубец на платье
tights ['taIts] колготки
bluish ['blu:IS] голубоватый, синеватый
to splash ['splxS] брызгать(ся), шлепать(по грязи)

My brother is 22 years old. He is of a medium height and build, a bit stocky, but strongwith it. He has long, curly fair hair. It is fashionableat the moment for men to grow their hair. His hair nearly reaches his shoulders. My mother is always telling him to get it cut. He doesn't takemuch care overhis appearanceso he often looks quite scruffy. He hates having to wear a tie for work. When he's at home he wears comfortable clothessuch as T-shirts and jeans. He doesn't care very much what he looks like.

My other brother is much taller- he towers above me, even though he is only 15. He doesquite a lot of sport so he's quite strong and has well developed muscles. He has straightbrown hairwhich refuses to lie flatand is always stroking up. He has bluish grey eyesand a little nose.

He is cleverand quietand spends a lot of time at his computer. People sometimes think that he is moroseand sullenbut I don't think that's the case - he just prefers to think rather than to talk. When he does talk he has a deep voice. He doesn't pronouncehis words very clearly, but just muttersthem - he can't be bothered to speak clearly. This is typical of'boys of his age I think.

My mother turned 50this year, although she doesn't look it.She has agedquite wellI think. Only now she is beginning to show signs of old age ~ her hair has started to go greyand her skinis drier. She is also thinner - she used to have a tendency to put on weight. She is quite tall - it's a cha­racteristicof her side of'the family. She is usually well dres­sed. She is the sort of personwho always looksquite smart- I'm the exact opposite - it doesn't matter how much time, money and energy I devote tomy appearance, I usually look scruffy. Even if I leave home looking goodby the time I reach my destination I look a mess - my tights are splashed, my hem has come down and I generally look untidyas if I'd never bothered.

My father is quite shortand a bit plump. I take aftermy father's sideof the family. My father is nearly bald and the hair that remains is grey. He wears sensible, practical clothesmost of the time, but for work he has to look smarterso he wears a suit and a tie. He has a grey and a blue suits which I think look good on him. When he puts his glasses onand he wears these suits, he looks every incha teacher. My father is not a pleasantman. He gets angry and loses his temperquite often.

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