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Chapter Text 1 . You idiot, Frank said into his mouth, and then kissed him again, messy and rough


Chapter 12

You idiot, Frank said into his mouth, and then kissed him again, messy and rough. His hands had drifted down, sliding through Gerards hoodie and shirt and touching skin, cool and making Gerard gasp into his mouth. I fuckingGerard, can I? I justI need

Gerards brain fizzled for a second, and when he came back to himself he was shucking off his hoodie and panting and saying, Yes, anything, yes.

Im not Frank panted, and then backed up, watching Gerard hungrily. Im not sure ifI dont know if itll work, but I want to, justlet me, please.

He looked so solid, so fucking real, and Gerard had to pause in scrambling out of his jeans, ignoring the twinge in his skull, to lean over and kiss him. He missed Franks mouth, wound up kissing down the line of Franks jaw instead, along his neck, the scorpion tattoo there. Frank tasted cool and sweet, and nothing like salt or skin. Like spring water, or marble, and Gerard drank it in, got distracted with it, with dragging his teeth along Franks throat, along the still line where the pulse should be, until Frank keened and dropped to his knees, dragging Gerards jeans down with him.

I was so fuckingGerard, I was so afraid Id never, that youd Frank leaned in and nuzzled at the crook of Gerards thighs, and Gerards knees were going to fucking give out, except Franks hands were cupping Gerards ass, the curve of it, holding him up effortlessly.

Gerard had always imagined blowjobs being wet, kind of sloppy and messy, but this was just smooth and perfect and had that chill of October and Halloween and wind and he bucked his hips, moaning, and Frank justjust took it, no resistance. Some distant part of himself observed how he was begging and panting for it, taking Franks hair in his hands, tangling it in his fingers. He was being pretty fucking loud, couldnt help it, and this was probably why Mikey had fled. Sometime later hed be embarrassed that Mikey had known this was going to happen, but not now. Not while Frank was looking up at him, cheeks hollow and god, his hands, squeezing and tracing where Gerards ass met his thighs and drifting tentatively upward.

Oh my god, Gerard groaned, and Frank pulled off for a moment, eyes dark.

You can fuck my mouth, you know, he said, low and dark, and then Gerards eyes rolled back in his head for a second and he heard Frank laugh, the cold air of it brushing against his cock and making it, oh God, that much harder not to come. No gag reflex. Just do it, I want you to. And his mouth closed over the head of Gerards cock and his tongue traced the slit and Gerard did, just bucked his hips up, over and over again, and Frank moaned around him. Gerard could feel it, buzzing through his cock and down into his bones, into his blood, and just like that he was coming and Frank made a startled, hungry sound.

Gerard sank slowly to his knees, Frank easing him down, and leaned his head against Franks shoulder, panting.

Gerard, Frank said, sounding dazed. I can taste you, I canoh, fuck, I can feel it.

Really? Gerard murmured, and tongued the scorpion again. Fuck, tattoos were so hot. Hed never get one himself, but he loved Frankies, so much. I thought you couldnt taste anything

He pondered finding his notebook, but Frank seemed to anticipate this, snorted and flipped Gerard over, easy and smooth, catching the back of his head in his palm to keep it from hitting the hardwood floor.

No taking notes during sex, Frank said firmly, and Gerard couldnt help but pout, just a bit.

Maybe later, Frank relented, giggling, and kissed Gerard again, and this time it was wet, and salty, and Gerard tangled his tongue around Franks and drank in the taste of it, of himself.

So hot, Frankie, he said in between kisses, and Frank made a low noise of agreement.

Is this okay? Frank said, pulling back, cool fingers tracing the knot at the back of Gerards skull, soft and soothing the slight ache. Are you okay? Does it hurt?

No no, Gerard protested, and dragged Franks head back down. No stopping now. Sex. You said. You promised.

Frank rocked his hips against Gerard, and Gerard could feel it, the cold button of Franks jeans against his thigh, so good, and fuck, so real.

Sex, he agreed, and then sat back up on his heels, tugged off his shirt, and Gerards eyes got huge, he could just feel it. Shirtless Frankie. Fuck. Frank was pale and gorgeous and staring down at him, hair falling into his eyes. Ink was curling over his skin and a dark line of hair led down into this pants and Gerard wanted, fuck, wanted even though hed just come down Franks throat. He made a strangled nose and struggled to get his fumbling fingers to work, to undo the button of Franks jeans.

Let me, Frank giggled, and snuck his cold fingers beneath Gerards, popped the button, and fuck, that wasthat was Franks cock, taut and thick and perfect. Gerard traced it with his forefinger, eyes wide, and Frank closed his eyes for a moment, humming, before cursing and leaning back, rummaging in a pile next to Gerards dresser.

I gotI stole this from the pharmacy. Its so fucking awesome being able to go places now; Im like a ninja, Frank panted.

You were always like a ninja, Gerard said absently, and fuck, if it wouldnt be such a goddamned effort, hed lean up and try to taste Frank, right now, except he didnt think his stomach muscles could handle it, and thered be time later. How do youhow do you have an erection, how does that work? he mused, letting his fingers dance down, cup Franks balls. You dont have blood, right?

Oh my god, shut up, Frank groaned, and leaned back down and bit at Gerards lower lip, and, well, it was an effective argument. Gerard shut up and opened his mouth, let their tongues play together, wet and smooth, and then he heard the faint snick of a cap opening. Franks fingers played gently around the base of Gerards cock, wet and cold, and then, startlingly, warm, and tingling, and Gerard gasped into Franks mouth, eyes flying open.

Warming gel, Frank said smugly, and started working Gerard open, his fingers slick and careful and perfect. Gerard made a choked noise and fuck, he was getting hard again, already. Itd only been, like, a minute. It should have been totally embarrassing, but all he could think was yes, yes, yes. Hed done this to himself in the shower a couple times, but this was so different: Frank leaning back and watching, eyes dark and intense, as his fingers slowly disappeared inside Gerard. And Frank hadhad sort of been inside Gerard before, the way their flesh melted together, the way Frank could walk through walls, but this was different. Gerard could feel it, feel himself stretching to accommodate Frankit was so different from how Frank had pushed his fingers through Gerards wrist. It was cold and hot and intense, and it was Gerard letting Frank inside, actively responding, not just passive, not this time. Franks mouth had fallen open slightly, dazed.

Gerard, he said, low and husky, and the lights flickered. Fuck, youre letting meoh, fuck, look at you.

Frankie, Gerard panted, and moved his hips upward, fucked himself on Franks finger, and it felt so much better than when hed fingered himself, which had just been awkward and uncomfortable and kind of gross. This wasthis was filthy and intimate, and every nerve he had was tingling. It burned, almost, and Frank was so cold, and the gel was hot, and it wasnt quite pain, it was something better than that. He couldnt stop moving, making helpless noises.

I thought Gerard managed, and then Frank added another finger and he lost his train of thought, shuddered and spread his legs wider. God, okay, Frank was way better at finding his prostate than Gerard had been. Oh, fuck yeah, just like that, Frank.

Like that? Frank said, practically purring, so fucking pleased with himself, and Gerard tried to glare, but didnt think he quite managed it based on the way Frank was smiling at him, shark-like, all teeth. This works for you?

Yes, but, Gerard tried again, Im justoh, I just thought you didntdidnt want to do this, and I thought you were mad at me

I want to do this, Frank cut him off, leaning in. He cupped Gerards cheek with his free hand and kissed him, cool and sweet and God, Gerard felt like he was burning up. Fuck, I always wanted to do this.

Gerards eyes had fallen shut at some point, but he snapped them open at that. Yeah? he stuttered, almost feeling shy, which was kind of ridiculous given that he was writhing around naked and erect with Franks fingers in his ass. Really?

Frank rolled his eyes, looking fond and annoyed, and said, Well, obviously. And Gerard was going to point out that it hadnt been obvious at all and that he hadnt been sure if Frank would want him, or just want him because Frank was all lonely and trapped away from all other possible sexual possibilities in the woods, orand then Frank twisted his fingers, and Gerard just wound up hissing, Oh, fuck me instead.

On it, Frank agreed, and pulled his fingers free. He shucked his jeans off and god, he was naked, fuck. Gerard pressed a hand against his cock and thought, not yet not yet not yet. Wait. God, Frank was beautiful. Fuck, what'd I do with the goddamnedoh, Im standing on it. Okay, okay. Hey, baby, you ready? Gerard, I gottagod, look at you, youre ready, right?

Theres a bed, over there. Were on the floor, Gerard said, sort of dazed, and but then Frank was already guiding his cock inside and oh fuck, this was way different than fingers. Frank made a noise like he was dying and pushed all the way in, and wow, that was, okay, that was so perfect Gerards toes were curling. He could be anywhere: the floor of the forest, a fucking cave, a gym locker, he didnt care. His eyes fell closed as he canted his hips and hissed out a long, pained breath. God, it felt so

I love you, Frank said, and pulled all the way out, and then slammed back in, and Gerards cock jerked again, and oh god, he couldnt come again, not yet. Frank had barely started fucking him.

What? he managed, and Frank kissed him, and pushed his hips forward. Oh. Ohhh. Yeah, Frankie, like that, oh fuck. Fuck!

I dont careI dont care if you get old and dont dont want me anymore, Frank murmured into Gerards cheek. I love you, right now, and I wantI dont want to miss it, just becauseI was scared. I love you, you fucking crazy motherfucker. Oh, god, you feel so good, Gerard, Ive never, not like this.

He sounded so fucking wrecked with it, and Gerard couldnt fucking stand it, how much he felt right now, physically and mentally, and he still wanted more, and he was going to fucking explode, and also, Frank was insane.

Id never not want you! Its more like you would Gerard started indignantly, and then arched his back, scrabbling at the floor with his hands. Oh my god, like that, whatwhat are you, oh fuck, Frank.

This is, Frank said, and sucked on Gerards nipple, slid his hands beneath Gerards back and held him up, thrust in again and made a pleased, low noise when Gerard thrashed. This is where you say you love me back, asshole.

Well, obviously, Gerard managed, smirking up at Frank, and then felt his face go slack as Franks cock went deeper, fuck, deeper thanoh god.

Not good enough, Frank laughed, and his eyes were so bright, and fuck, Gerard loved him, he did.

I do, I fuckingI love you so fucking much, youFrank, Gerard choked out, and came again, in a slow, painfully bright pulse that seemed to go on and on and on. When he could focus again, Frank was staring at him, at his face, and Gerard hoped his wasnt too stupid and ridiculous, and then Franks eyes went huge and he said, I think Ioh god and collapsed on top of him with a shocked, rough moan.

Dont disappear this time, Gerard mumbled blissfully, wrapping a leg around Franks and closing his eyes.

Oh my god, Frank said into his neck. I justsex. Wow. You.

Articulate, Gerard teased. Frank didnt move his head, just lifted a hand and flipped Gerard off, then snuggled closer, humming contentedly.

Frankie, Gerard said after a moment, running his hands up and down Franks back. I thinkyoure totallyfuck, dude, thats cold, youre inside me.

Sort of the point, Frank mumbled, and then said, sheepishly, Oh, and pulled off a bit, so that his chest wasnt quite so melded into Gerards own. Sorry.

Sok, Gerard said, smiling up at him. Its pretty awesome. Just, you know, chilly.

We need to get you some electric blankets, Frank laughed, and kissed him lazily, their tongues tangling.

Come on. Bed, Gee. Pillows, he coaxed, tugging Gerard to his feet. Gerard staggered around, feeling like a baby deer for a moment, and then collapsed in the blankets. His head hurt, vaguely, but not enough to pay attention to, and his ass felt well, sort of awesome, actually, each movement sending off tiny sparks and reminding him whatd just happened. He rolled his hips experimentally and oh, fuck yeah, he was going to want to do that again, like, yesterday.

Frank was staring down at him, eyes half-lidded, like maybe he agreed.

Hi, Gerard said, biting his lower lip and smiling helplessly, and reached up a hand to drag Frank down next to him, wrapping himself around Franks body. Being naked was awesome if the other person was naked, too. Or maybe it was just awesome with Frank.

Hey, did you come this time? he remembered to ask. Can ghosts come?

If that wasnt an orgasm, I dont know what is, Frank said, nuzzling him. Gerard fought the urge to purr, and then, well, what the hell. He gave in and made a delighted noise that got deeper and huskier when Frank bit down, just a bit. He arched his neck, hoping for more attentionhe was discovering he really, really fucking liked it when Frank bit him, when he could practically feel himself bruising.

But instead Franks head popped back up, eyes evil and mouth curled in smirking delight. Lets just hope you dont get pregnant with my ghost babies, right? Maybe I shoulda stole us some condoms.

uh, Gerard managed, brain immediately flashing to the zombie baby eating its way out of its mothers stomach from Dawn of the Dead, and Frank laughed, loud and bright.

Kidding, Gee, he giggled, collapsing back on top of Gerard and kissing his nose, then his cheek and the corner of his eye, and then finally his mouth. You loser.

Shut up, Gerard said. Anyway, now that hed thought of it, Frank still hadnt actually gotten to see the new remake yet. He fumbled around in the sheets to see if the remote was where hed left it. Hey, wanna watch some zombies?

Best boyfriend ever, Frank hummed, and then leaned off the bed, scrounging around, and emerged triumphant with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

Fuck yeah, Gerard said, making grabby hands, and Frank lit one up and passed it over, and Gerard beamed at him. They snuggled down together, using one of the many abandoned coffee mugs on the nightstand as an ashtray, watching as the opening credits rolled.

There was still a lot of stuff they had to talk about, Gerard knew. Like what it meant to be dating a dead guy, and how the trial over Franks murder was going to go down, and how he was pretty sure Frank was still freaked out about Gerard being kidnappedfuck, Gerard was pretty goddamned freaked out about it himself. But for now, he was pretty content to cuddle down in the bed with his boyfriendFrank had called Gerard his boyfriendand watch a group of blood-splattered seven-year olds charging a sedan.

Dude, Frank said, eyes wide. That kid just tore out that mans throat.

I know, right? Gerard replied sleepily, curling his arms around Franks back. Its awesome.

And it was, awesome and perfect, like a dream. Frank continued to exclaim excitedly about the zombie speed and blood spatter, and Gerard eventually drifted to sleep, sound and deep and content for what felt like the first time in years.


His mom knocked on the door softly what must have been a few hours later, because the movie was over, the menu screen just replaying itself over and over again on the screen. Frank was running his fingers through Gerards hair, and it felt amazing. He made a pleased noise, and then the knock came again.

Gerard, you want some dinner? his mom asked. You should probably get up and eat, honey.

Gerard came completely awake with a start at the sound of her voice. Oh, fuck, he was naked, and not a virgin anymore at all, and now he had to go make small talk with his mom. Jesus. He managed to tumble out of bed and scramble into some clothes, wincing a bit and flushing, and oh God, it was going to suck to sit still at the kitchen table, wasnt it?

Frank was completely unsympathetic, the dick, just giggling at him and then giving him a really distracting sort of considering look, like maybe he was remembering why Gerard was sore, too, and he liked it, a lot. Then he kept craning his head around the door and making ridiculous leering faces, while Gerard poked at his casserole and tried not to blush too obviously. Mikey totally didnt help with the way he kept waggling his eyebrows at Frank.

At least he could beg out of dinner pretty easily, claiming he was still tired, and his mom bought it instantly, just ruffled his hair and said they could work on his dye job another night. Maybe blue or green streaks this time, if he wanted. Fucking awesome.

Man, he said happily as he followed Frank up the stairs towards what would hopefully be a really awesome reprise of earlier that afternoon, I should get kidnapped more often.

Frank went stiff and stopped for a moment at the top of the landing, looking back at Gerard, and Gerard replayed what hed just said and blanched.

Not fucking funny, Frank bit off, and stomped soundlessly off into Gerards bedroom.

Thats notI didnt mean it like that, Gerard protested, embarrassed, because, well, obviously he didnt want to fucking get kidnapped again. That shit had been awful. He was just looking at the silver lining, that was all. But Franks shoulders were still tense, and he wasnt joining Gerard on the bed now, not even after a couple minutes had passed. He just stood scowling at Gerards bookshelf, hands behind his back.

You know, Gerard started tentatively, feeling a bit stung, you dont have to stick around all the time if you dont want. Frank turned his head and stared at him, and Gerard flinched. I mean, ifif you want to go hang with Bob or Ray for a while, Id totally understand. You dont have to just, I dunno. I mean, it has to be boring watching me sleep, at least.

Yeah, no, I think Ill stick around, Frank said icily. Youve got the self-preservation instincts of a fucking lemming. Someones gotta watch out for your ass, since you sure as hell arent going to do it.

Thats not fair, Gerard protested, sitting up and glaring. I didntIm not that bad. Dont act like ImIm some fucking incompetent. I can take care of myself.

Oh, yeah, of course you can, Frank laughed. How stupid of me, its almost like I think you almost died just because you couldnt keep your fucking mouth shut around a goddamned meathead you knew was a psychopath. Oh, wait.

That wasnt fucking fair. I was mad, he hissed. I just wasnt thinking, its not the same thing! I can take care of myself, its notI mean, Im fine, now, and youre acting like Im not.

Franks fist were clenched and he lowered his head, and then reached out and shoved a stack of books to the floor, braced his hands on the bookshelf and looked like he wanted to knock the whole thing down. Well, fuck.

Fine, he said tightly, and Gerard watched him warily. You know how fucking close you were to not fine? You know what that would have done to me?

Yes, I fucking know that, Gerard said, and fuck, his voice was shaking and stupidly thick, because he didnthe didnt want to think about that, okay. It made him feel like he was going to throw up and like there wasnt enough air, and he shouldnt feel like that, because he was okay now. He fucking hated it, the way his voice wobbled, but then Frank turned around and finally got on the bed, wrapped himself around Gerard.

Im so fucking angry, he confessed, and then buried his face into Gerards hair. I couldntit was my fault, this never would have happened if it wasnt for me, and you were gone, and I didnt think Id ever see you again.

Its not your fault, Gerard said immediately. That doesnt even make any sense.

Yeah, well, it feels that way anyway. Doesnt have to make sense. Just fuck. I was so fucking mad at you for not having that fucking bone of mine with you, you know? And then even after I knew you were okay, I still was stuck in that hospital as a fucking--I couldn't even talk to you, couldnt say a fucking thing. And all I could think was, why the hell, Gerard, why wouldnt you have it with you?

It seemed like a bad thing to have on school property, Gerard said in a small voice. He remembered Frank in the hospital, the misery you could see radiating out from him, even when he was as insubstantial as a shadow. But IllI mean, I wont do it again. Ill get a necklace, or whatever. Duct tape it to myself. I dont know.

Duct tape, Frank scoffed, but he was finally smiling again, and hed relaxed, was nuzzling Gerards neck. If I thought making you eat a finger bone would be a long term solution, Id feed it to you in a fucking heartbeat, you know?

Kinky, Gerard murmured, and then Frank tilted his head back, smirking, and rubbed his knuckles over Gerards lips, and Gerard made a little involuntary pleased noise, pressed his mouth to the double L and the O. God, Frankie, your hands. Did I ever tell you that? I love your fucking hands.

Yeah? Frank said, sounding startled and delighted, and he felt so real, so fucking solid and cool and everywhere, cradling Gerard against him. That why you told me to go for a hand bone? Whos the kinky one now, hmm, Gee?

Did you know some animals have a penis bone? Gerard said dreamily and burrowed into Frank's shoulder. An os baculum. Uh, whales have it, and raccoons, and

Frank cut him off with a kiss, sweet and slow, and then pulled back, giggling and shaking his head.

Youre so fucking weird, he said fondly. Wish I had one of those. Thatd be hot. If I had a cock bone, Id give it to you.

Gerard sort of wanted to make an innuendo and then flip Frank and pin him to the bed, but he was getting tired again, physically and emotionally, and this was really nice, just lying together.

Maybe in the morning, he mumbled, and flapped a hand around until Frank seemed to get what he wanted and drew the blankets up around them. You wanna put a movie on? I dont want you to be bored. Im just really tired.

Nah, Frank said, and tucked his chin against Gerards shoulder. Maybe later. Go to sleep. Ill be here when you wake up.


Fucking awesome, Frank corrected, and Gerard had to agree.


When the doorbell rang shrilly the next morning, Gerard was totally confused . Bob never rang the doorbell, and Gerard didnt have school this week anywayhe was still recovering. What was going on? He sighed and stretched a bit, rubbing his face against Franks shoulder. Waking up with Frank here was awesome.

They were tangled together beneath the covers, and it was totally perfectGerard usually liked having a ton of blankets and pillows and shit to burrow in, but then itd get too hot and hed get grumpy and shove them all off, only to have to gather them back up again later. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum. But now Frank was keeping everything the perfect temperature, and he was running his hands through Gerards hair, which was one of Gerards favorite things on the entire planet.

The television was on now, volume turned low, and Frank was watching, rapt, as Christian Bale shoved Heath Ledger up against a table.

Good movie, Gerard rasped, and Frank nodded, humming, then leaned down and pressed a kiss to the corner of Gerards mouth, never taking his eyes off the TV.

Morning, baby, he said distractedly, and then slapped Gerards hand away when Gerard tried to find out if ghosts got morning wood, too. Hold up, in a second. Man, who is this fucking actor? Goddamned genius.

Then the bell rang again before Gerard could decide whether or not to be offendedit was Batman, after all.

You gonna answer that? Frank said around a cigarette. Gerard huffed, stretching. Hed really been looking forward to morning sex, dammit.

But the house was empty at the moment, and it wasnt like Frank could get up and get the door for him. Mikey was back at the Center getting a check-up and another round of treatment, and Gerards mom was at work. That left Gerard, and potentially the visitor could be someone important, a cop or something wanting to ask some questions, so Gerard really probably shouldnt ignore the bell in favor of getting laid. Which meant he had to get out of bed . Ugh.

He shuffled down the stairs, yawning, hoping it wasnt another reporter, or Bob checking up on him or some shit. Fuck, he wanted acoffee, but Frank had already vowed to withhold sex for weeks if he caught Gerard touching caffeine. This was cruel and unusual, but Gerard figured as long as he was getting a steady supply of orgasms, he could make it another thirteen days and seven hours without caffeine.

He opened the door and blinked in the bright lightfuck, it was gorgeous out. Bright blue sky, red leaves blowing down the street, chill in the air. Winter would be here soon, he thought.

There was a woman on the front step, and she looked oddly familiar. She didnt have a badge or a uniform or anything, though, which meant probably Gerard could have stayed in bed. Dammit.

Gerard Way? the woman asked. Her eyes were shadowed, and hazel-green. Gerard hesitated a moment before answering.

Yeess? he admitted, biting his lower lip. But Im not talking to any reporters, sorry

The woman smiled, suddenly, and Gerard blinked. He knewhe knew that smile.

No, she said, shaking her head. No, of course not. I dont blame you. Its justIm Linda Iero. I wanted to see you. I hope its not a bother.

Gerard clutched the doorframe and stared. She was small. She looked like Frank, had his nose, his chin. It was Franks mom, and Gerard had no idea what to do.

Um, she said, blinking at him. Gerard supposed he sort of looked like someone had slapped him upside the head with a shovel. A shovel made of panic. May I come in?

Oh, Gerard said, forcing himself to let go of the door. Oh, of course, sorry!

He showed her into the sitting room, to the uncomfortable upholstered chairs with the doilies everywhere that none of his family had ever used, and hovered uselessly, fingers twisted in his hair. Frank had twisted his fingers in Gerards hair yesterdayfuck. Dont think of that, dont think of that, he told himself, feeling his cheekbones get hot. Not now. Fuck, he was pretty sure he had a hickey blooming on his neck, and he wasnt even dressed, still wearing a ratty t-shirt and pajama bottoms with a hole in the crotch.

I, uh, Gerard offered weakly. Can I get you something to drink? Tea? Coffee?

Frank was upstairs, watching The Dark Knight, and Franks mom was down here, staring at Gerard likelike Gerard didnt even know what. Gerard was about to vomit.

No, she replied quietly. Thank you. Theythey told me you were the one who found him. I justI wanted to say thank you. Gerard sucked in a breath, becauseit wasnt right; he hadnt done anything. He hadnt found Frank, not for her. Hed found Franks body. Something on Gerards face made Linda breathe in quietly, look down at her folded hands.

Im sorry. I shouldnt have come.

No, Gerard said automatically, and sat on the footstool, fought a wince, because wow, awkward. But that wasnt the point. Noits okay. Im glad. II would want my mom to know what had happened to me, if he fell silent, unable to say it. The knot at the back of his head was throbbing again; he should probably have taken some painkillers when hed woken up.

There was a noise from the hallway, and Gerard couldnt help but glance over. It was Frank. He was blending in with the wallpaper, his face peering out between the painted vines and paper fruits, eyes huge and hurt. His hand curled around the corner of the doorframe, fingers clenching and unclenching.

Franks mom was staring at her feet, breathing carefully, so Gerard took a chance she wasnt going to look up and met Franks eyes. He jerked his chin towards her, raised his eyebrows. What are you waiting for? Frank shook his head vehemently. Gerard frowned, and Frank shook his head again, slower, face set.

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