-(3434)-(809)-(7483)-(1457) -(14632) -(1363)-(913)-(1438)-(451)-(1065)-(47672) -(912)-(14524) -(4268)-(17799)-(1338)-(13644)-(11121)-(55)-(373)-(8427)-(374)-(1642)-(23702)-(16968)-(1700)-(12668)-(24684)-(15423)-(506)-(11852) -(3308)-(5571)-(1312)-(7869)-(5454)-(1369)-(2801)-(97182)-(8706)-(18388)-(3217)-(10668) -(299)-(6455)-(42831)-(4793)-(5050)-(2929)-(1568)-(3942)-(17015)-(26596)-(22929)-(12095)-(9961)-(8441)-(4623)-(12629)-(1492) -(1748)

Body Language. From Head to Toe 2


PISCES [′paisi:z] (the Fishes 20.02 20.03)

This sign is extremely receptive, nurturing, compassionate, and other-directed. Pisceans are selfless and spiritual, often strongly intuitive and artistic. The people of this sign are charitable and self-sacrificing, but may sometimes be too passive and gullible. People born under Pisces tend to be idealistic, but sometimes their dreams are vague and impractical. When reality intrudes they can become pessimistic, but they are very adaptive and broad-minded so they can rework their ideals when necessary. Pisceans are compassionate, sensitive, and imaginative; they are sympathetic to the feelings of other people. They tend to be romantic and sentimental, but they may give in to escapism. They are devoted to their goals, but they can be disorganized when things become difficult. People born under Pisces are devoted and gentle, but they are fragile and may become timid if their emotions are abused too often. Pisceans tend to be shy and quiet. They are sometimes elusive, refusing to show their real selves. They are modest and thoughtful, sometimes displaying remarkable musical talent. In their leisure time, Pisces may work to alleviate their emotional stress through exercise. They are very artistic, and may excel at music and drama. In love relationships, Pisces is caring, devoted, and romantic. The great strength of the Pisces-born is in their compassion. They reach out to other people more skillfully than most other Signs, and especially enjoy helping others reach their fullest potential. Their natural sensitivity makes them one of the most understanding characters of the Zodiac. Without balance, Pisces can sink into the whirlpool of emotion. This can bring out hidden fears and insecurities. Lack of ego-strength can make Pisces feel dependent and helpless. Then they can fall into the martyr trap. Pisces benefit by truthfully sharing their own difficulties, feelings, and need. They need to remember that they too have the right to receive all the help and support they are so used to giving! A happy, confident Pisces brightens the world and all our lives.


Some people strongly believe in horoscopes and try always to follow advice given in them. But nevertheless some people think that traditional horoscopes dont reflect their personality. Imagine that you are a famous astrologist. Try to create a new sign of zodiac and think over the personal qualities which a man of this sign can possess. What will be the name of your new sign of zodiac? What is its symbol? What famous people were born under this sign and what qualities do they have?


Exercise 30. Horoscope Game. Are we the kind of people we are because of the time of the year we were born? See if you can complete the adjectives below. Each one has a clue beside it to help you and a dot for each letter that you need to add.

ARIES (Mar 21 Apr 20)
You wont find him in the corner at the party. o . t g . i . g
Thats her doing the can-can on the table ex . . . v . rt
She has no problems c . . ef . ee
He never frowns. l . . . t-h . a . t . d
She tells no lies. t . u . hf . .
He has few secrets. o . . n
Hell tell you if he doesnt like your make-up. c . n . id
Shell tell you if she doesnt like your after-shave. f . . . k
Hes the person to ask for that five pounds you are owed. e . . y-g . . . g
TAURUS (Apr 21 May 20)
He knows what he wants and he usually gets it. s . r . n . wi . . ed
She never gives up without a fight. d . t . r . i . ed
He knows hes good s . l . as . u . . d
She knows shes as good. s . l . co . . i . . nt
She likes to be the boss, the one on top. d . m . n . nt
He wants to be even bigger, even better the best am . . t . o . s
and expects high standards of performance from others. d . m . n . i . g
He works 18 hours a day, jogs, and plays squash. e . e . ge . . c
She hates to lose, in business or at tiddlywinks. c . mp . . . t . . e
GEMINI (May 21 Jun 20)
She thinks shes good. p . o . d
He thinks hes superior to everyone. a . r . g . . t
As the most experienced and sensible person present, I p . mp . . s
Of course, I could have beaten him even more easily, but I wanted to give him a chance. b . . stf . l
She wont share her presents with her sister. s . . f . . h
He spends half the day in front of the mirror. v . . n
She thinks the whole world revolves around her. s . . f-c . n . r . d
He thinks hes the centre of the universe. e . oc . . t . . c
She looks down on anyone who hasnt got a heated indoor swimming pool at home. s . o b . . h
CANCER (Jun 21 Jul 20)
She seems to enjoy finding fault with others. c . it . . . l
Hell take off marks if you don dot your is. p . t . y
She can only ever see one side of things. na . . . w-m . n . . d
He always likes the fat taken off his bacon. f . s . y
Hes like a donkey s . u . b . r .
Shes like a mule. o . s . in . t .
He loves money, loves having things. m . t . r . a . i . t . c
Oh, yes, hell help you if you make it worth while. m . r . en . ry
She never lets her husband out of her sight. p . ss . ss . . e
LEO (Jul 21 Aug 21)
You never know what hes going to do. u . p . ed . ct . . le
He never knows what hes going to do. i . d . c . s . ve
There are two things I dont like about her her face! t . o-f . . . d
Be careful what hes saying about you behind your back. h . po . r . t . c . l
Be careful what shes doing while your back is turned. d . sh . n . . t
He behaves like the weather in April. cha . g . a . le
She behaves like the proverbial primadonna. t . mp . r . m . . t . l
He says what I want to hear, not what he thinks. i . s . nc . r .
He never does all the things he says hell do. u . r . l . a . l .
VIRGO (Aug 22 Sep 22)
Other peoples points of view always impress him. i . p . e . s . on . . le
Shed believe you if you told her pizzas grew on trees. g . ll . ble
She lacks will-power. w . . k-w . . . . d
He lacks courage c . w . . d . y
He doesnt do much he just sits back and watches. p . s . . v .
Shell do what shes told. ob . d . . . t
You never know what hes thinking. s . cr . t . . e
It was an honour just to be on the same court as McEnroe. h . mb . e
How I beat him 6-0, 6-0, 6-0? It was just luck. m . d . . t
LIBRA (Sep 23 Oct 22)
He uses his common sense. s . n . i . le
She never does silly things under pressure. l . v . l-h . . d .d
Shes like the Libran symbol of the scales. w . . l-b . l . n . ed
Shed solve all the problems on a deserted island, p . ac . . c . l
and nothing would upset her. c . . m
Hed be a good judge or referee. f . . r-m . . d . d
Shes got both feet on the ground and is really down-to-earth. r . al . . t . c
His heart rarely rules his head. r . t . . n . l
I think, therefore I am. Thats my approach. l . g . c . l
SCORPIO (Oct 23 Nov 22)
Keep out of her way when she loses her temper. a . gr . . s . v .
Hes always the first one to put his fists up, v . . l . nt
and hes quick to use them to the full. b . u . al
He may even a boot or two for good measure. v . c . o . s
She wont let anything stand in her way. r . . hl . . s
He has no principles about hurting other people. u . sc . u . u . ous
He almost seems to enjoy causing trouble. m . l . c . ous
Shes a strong believer in an eye for an eye, sp . t . . . l
and a tooth or, in her case, teeth for a tooth. v . n . i . t . ve
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 Dec 20)
Those with some Latin blood in their veins. p . s . i . n . t .
They are fiery and emotional. h . . bl . . d . d
Shes not afraid to go mountain climbing, b . a . e
or to join a mountain rescue team. c . ur . g . . . s
He wants to go to wild and unexpected places. a . v . nt . r . . s
Theyre vivacious, like champagne bubbles. l . v . l .
She puts her heart and soul into her profession. d . d . c . t . d
On the sinking ship, the dog never left its masters side. d . v . t . d
These friends do not desert you in a crisis. l . y . l
CAPRICORN (Dec 21 Jan 19)
Hed always stop to help a disabled person cross the road. c . ns . d . . . . e
Thats her on the beach wiping oil off the sea-birds feathers. t . nd . .
She wouldnt hurt a fly. g . nt . .
He leaves £10 tips. g . n . r . . s
He wouldnt mind if she dyed her hair green. t . l . r . . t
She lets him sleep when he gets back from a hard days work. u . d . rst . n . i . g
He defends her in any argument. p . o . ect . ve
She kisses him on the cheek every minute or so. a . f . c . i . n . te
She always sends a card on her parents anniversary. th . . g . tf . l
AQUARIUS (Jan 20 Feb 18)
If she likes you, shell fling her arms around you and say so. i . p . l . i . e
He jumps into the bath without testing the water. i . p . t . ous
Lose your way with her in the car? Youd better not! i . p . t . e . t
Hes constantly like a child on Christmas Eve. ex . i . abl .
Hes a typical angry young man. r . b . l . i .us
Shes Trotsky, Castro and Guevara all rolled into one. r . . . lut . o . . ry
Hes got a memory like a sieve. f . . g . tf . .
He thought a double brandy would help the baby sleep. i . res . . . s . ble
If she gets an idea in her head, theres no stopping her. u . c . n . r . l . a . l .
PIECES (Feb 19 Mar 20)
There she is, over there, on her own in the corner. s . y
Hes afraid that the whole world is looking at him. s . l . c . . s . . ous
She peeps round her front door like a mouse. t . m . d
Hes always the last to introduce himself. r . s . . ved
Be careful not to upset her. Its easily done. s . n . i . . ve
He can see beauty in the pile of rubbish. i . . gin . . . . e
He can then turn the pile of rubbish into a work of art. c . e . t . v .
I was moved to tears by the beauty of his sculpture. em . t . . . . l
He doesnt know who he is, where he is, what to do or why. u . sta . le


Exercise 31. Describing people: Moods and feelings. Match the following adjectives 1-15 with the correct meaning a-o to form complete sentences. Write your answers in the boxes below.

People who are/feel:

1. annoyed a. are feeling sad and depressed.
2. apprehensive b. find it hard to think clearly or move steadily. You can often feel like this after drinking alcohol.
3. baffled c. are nervous and cant seem to relax or behave in a calm way.
4. complacent d. are unable to say anything because they are angry, upset or shocked.
5. down e. are so frightened that they cant move.
6. edgy f. feel slightly angry.
7. furious g. are confused and unable to decide what to do. This is often because of personal or emotional problems.
8. homesick h. are angry and bitter about something they think is unfair.
9. light-headed i. are worried and nervous about the future or something theyre going to do.
10. mixed-up j. are extremely angry.
11. paranoid k. are too sensitive and are easily offended or annoyed.
12. petrified l. are completely unable to explain or understand something.
13. resentful m. are unhappy because theyre away from home and missing their family, friends, etc.
14. speechless n. are constantly convinced that people hate them or that bad things will happen, even though this isnt true.
15. touchy o. are so pleased with their achievements or the situation theyre in that they dont think theres any need to worry or make an effort.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Exercise 32. Answer the following questions, using the topical vocabulary.

1. What traits of character would you appreciate in a wife? 2. What traits of character would you appreciate in a husband? 3. What traits of character do you think are necessary to a perfect mother? 4. What traits of character should a good father have? 5. What traits of character would you appreciate in a son (daughter)? 6. What traits of character are necessary for a bosom friend? 7. What traits do you detest more? 8. What traits of character are required to make a good teacher (doctor, interpreter, lawyer, journalist)? 9. What traits might prevent one from becoming a good specialist in this fields?


Exercise 33. Describing people: Moods and feelings. Match the following adjectives 1-16 with the correct meanings a-p to form complete sentences. Write your answers in the boxes on page 33.

People who are/feel:

1. amazed a. feel bitter and disappointed because theyve lost their belief that someone is good or that an idea or plan is right.
2. anxious b. are frightened.
3. bad-tempered c. feel very ashamed and upset, especially because theyve been made to look weak or stupid.
4. cheerful d. are very unhappy.
5. contented e. are very easily affected by emotions such as sympathy, love or sadness.
6. disillusioned f. are happy and in good spirits.
7. fed up g. are easily annoyed and tend to get angry at small things, often because they already feel bad-tempered about something.
8. heartbroken h. like remembering happy events or experiences from the past, often because they are not so happy with their lives now.
9. humiliated i. are unhappy and feel dissatisfied or bored.
10. irritable j. are so surprised that they find it hard to believe what has happened.
11. miserable k. dont really believe what other people tell them.
12. nostalgic l. get angry very easily and behave in a very angry and unfriendly way.
13. scared m. are extremely pleased, happy and excited. It could be because theyve been told some good news or are going to so something that theyve always wanted to.
14. sceptical n. are feeling very worried and nervous about something that may or may not have happened.
15. sentimental o. are very sad because they have been upset or deeply hurt by something that has happened.
16. thrilled p. are satisfied and quite happy with their lives.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.


Exercise 34. Fill in the missing words in the sentences below. They are to be found in the previous exercises.

1. They were really when their daughter told them she was expecting a baby. At last they would have their first grandchild. 2. She was when she heard that someone else had been given the job she was after. I dont think Ive ever seen her so angry before. 3. We were all when she told us she was nearly seventy-three. She really didnt look a day over sixty. 4. My parents have a burglar alarm, locks on every window, large bolts on the doors, an Alsatian dog and security lights outside. Theyre about being burgled, which is strange as they live next door to the police station. 5. When the mugger put a knife to her throat and asked her to hand over her money she was and for a minute she thought she was going to die. 6. After so many years under Margaret Thatcher many people became with politics in general and the Conservative Party in particular. 7. When his dog died the old man was . It had been his friend and faithful companion for over sixteen years and it felt as painful as losing a child. 8. When they first moved to France they were very . They missed Britain, their family, and their friends. They even missed complaining about the weather! 9. The police are as to how the thieves managed to steal the painting from the gallery without the alarm going off. 10. Dont mention work tonight at dinner. Johns become about things like that since he lost his job. 11. Listening to old Beatles records always makes me feel and wish I was still living in the 60s. 12. The young man felt as he sat in the waiting-room before his interview. It was the first time he had ever applied for a job.


Exercise 35. Study the results of shyness among Americans by Stanford University psychologist Philip Zimbardo. Discuss with your group-mates the questions below.

Of the Americans surveyed

5% tend to be shy in most situations

15% used to be shy as children, but are not shy as adults

40% have never experienced shyness

40% are shy in certain situations

1. Do these results surprise you? Why or why not? 2. Why do most non-Americans believe Americans are outgoing? 3. In your opinion, is shyness a positive or negative quality? Explain.

Are you shy or not? Take the quiz. Add up the points to find out!

Discuss the results of the shyness quiz with your group-mates. How did your groups scores compare with the results of Zimbardos study? When you speak English, do you feel shy or bold? Explain.

What does it mean to be shy? For some people, it may simply mean being introverted, or quiet and cautious. In the sense, shyness can protect us from moving into new experience too quickly. However, for other people, it may mean not being able to do or say what they want. In these, shyness can be a serious obstacle to social and professional growth.

A shy person experiences high anxiety in social situations. The heart races, the hands perspire, the throat feels dry, and the stomach may get butterflies. Some very shy people may avoid social situations or cling to dead-end jobs.

Shyness exists universally, although it may be experienced or defined differently in every culture. In the United States, however, shyness is perceived as a problem that needs to be overcome. Books with such titles as Overcoming Shyness, Beat the Shyness Trap, or Shyness: What to Do about It, crowd the shelves of libraries and bookstore. Garrison Keillor, a famous radio host and comedian, is shy. On his radio program he advertises a fictional product, Powdermilk Biscuits, which shy people can eat to overcome their shyness. Powdermilk Biscuits, the ad claims, Help shy people stand up and do what needs to be done.

Working with a partner, read the factors that psychologists believe make people shy. Decide how important each may be in causing shyness. Write V (very important), S (somewhat important), or N (not very important) next to each factor. Then discuss the reasons for your choices.

1. heredity

2. cultural values

3. birth order (oldest, middle, or youngest)

4. life experiences (moving, changing schools, divorce in family)

5. gender

6. competition

7. electronic revolution

8. parents behaviour

9. lack of social skills

10. physical attractiveness

Exercise 36.Preparing to Listen

Read the following sentences. Try to determine the meaning of the underlined words from the context of the sentences. Then write a definition or similar expression.

1. In the English class, some students tend to speak out a lot. Others are somewhat reticent.

2. A public-speaking phobia, called glossophobia, prevented the businessman from delivering formal presentation at work.

3. If people cannot explain their ideas well, others may assume those ideas have no merit.

4. One of Philip Zimbardos students indicated that Israelis were not shy and introverted. On the contrary, they were outgoing and extroverted.

5. Some shy people are comfortable with their personality. However, for others, shyness had adverse consequences.

6. Some psychologists describe shyness as a syndrome with patterns of physical and emotional symptoms.

7. Chronic shyness that persists from childhood to adulthood can have negative consequences such as low self-esteem and loneliness.

8. My friend and I regard each other as kindred souls. We are both painfully shy.

9. People often make terrible misattributions about those who are shy. They assume shy people are cold and unfriendly instead of merely bashful.

10. Of the Indian students surveyed, 82% reported that shyness was a problem or handicap that made them unhappy and unfulfilled.

11. Many employees thought the company president was aloof and unfriendly. But in truth, she was just painfully shy.

12. It was not her intention to be rude or condescending toward her staff. She behaved this way in order to cover up her extreme shyness.

Now match the words 1-12 with a definition or similar expression a-l. Write the appropriate letter in the boxes on the left.

  1. reticent   a. condition   1.  
2. phobia   b. distant   2.  
3. merit   c. very strong fear   3.  
4. extroverted   d. negative   4.  
5. adverse   e. disadvantage   5.  
6. syndrome   f. silent   6.  
7. chronic   g. false assumption   7.  
8. kindred souls   h. very sociable   8.  
9. misattributions   i. people having similar traits   9.  
10. handicap   j. value   10.  
11. aloof   k. treating others as inferior   11.  
12. condescending   l. continual (in medical sense   12.  



You will hear an interview from the radio news program Morning Edition aired on National Public Radio in the United States. The interviewee, Philip Zimbardo, comments that many of the shy people he interviewed say, shyness is undesirable, it has adverse consequences. Work with a partner. Predict some of the problems that you think shy people may have as a result of their shyness (for example: staying in a dead-end job, avoiding social situation, etc.) Read the questions. Then listen to Part One of the interview and write short answers to the questions. Do the same for Part Two.

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