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II. Прочтите, следуя интонационной разметке, данные вопросительные высказывания

а) общие вопросы

1. ˈ Is she O´K?

2. ˈAre you a ˊmanager?

3. ˈAre they in Jaˏpan now?

4. ˈIs it ˏyour dictionary?

5. ˈIs it ˊJane’s photograph?

6. ˈIs this hoˈtel ˏgood?

7. ˈHave you ˈgot a com´puter?

8. ˈIs it a de´licious pie?

9. ˈDo you ˈlike ˊpop music?

10. ˈIs there any ˈcheese in the ˊfridge?

11. ˈDo you ˈstudy ˊFrench?

12. ˈDoes Peter ˈlike his ˏjob?

13. ˈHas Betsy ˈgot her ˈown ´car?

14. ˈDoes he ˈplay ˈfootball ˊevery day?

15. ˈDo your ˈchildren ˈhelp you about theˏ house?

16. ˈDo they ˈhave any ˈfree ˏtime?


б) специальные вопросы

1. ˈHow ˋare they?

2. ˈHow is your ˋfather?

3. ˈWho is that ˋgirl?

4. ˈWhose ˋpen is this? ˈWhere is ˋmine?

5. ˈWhose ˋcar is this?

6. ˈHow do you ˋcook it?

7. ˈWhat ˈbooks does she ˋlike?

8. ˈWho has ˈgot any ˈbooks about ˋSpain?

9. ˈWhy do you always ˈstay at that hoˋtel?

10.ˈWhen is ˈSam’s ˋbirthday?

11.ˈWhere does ˈMonica ˋcome from?

12.ˈWho can ˈspeak ˋGerman?

13.ˈWhy do they ˈlive in the ˋcountry?

14.ˈWhen does the ˈtrain to ˋLondon ˌleave?

15.ˈWhy is this comˈputer so ˋcheap?


в) альтернативные вопросы

1. ˈDoes she ˈstudy ˊEnglish | or ˋGerman?

2. ˈHas Kate ˈgot a ˏdog | or a ˋcat?

3. ˈIs your ˈmother a ˊmanager | or a ˋshop-assistant in that ˌsupermarket?

4. ˈAre these ˈpictures ˏhis | or ˋhers?

5. Does ˈJack’s wife ˈwork in a ho´tel | or in a ˋsupermarket?

6. ˈHave you ˈgot a day-ˈoff on ˊTuesday | or ˋWednesday?

7. ˈIs Grace’s ˈdaughter ˊ5 | or ˋ6?

8. ˈAre they at ˊwork | or at ˋhome now?

9. ˈCan you ˈplay ˏbaseball | or ˋfootball?

10.Is ˈGlasgow in ˊEngland | or ˋScotland?

11.ˈAre there ˊthree | or ˋfour ˌcinemas in your ˌtown?

12.ˈIs he ˏsingle | or ˋmarried?

13.ˈIs there a ˈmug of ˊtea | or a ˈcup of ˋcoffee on the ˌtable?

14.ˈDo you ˈlike ˊpop music | or ˈhard ˋrock?

15.ˈDo you ˈlike ˏblack coffee | or ˋwhite coffee?


г) разделительные вопросы

1. It’s ˋcold toˌday, | ˋisn’t it?

2. They are at the ˋparty, │́aren’t they?

3. She is ˋbeautiful, ǀ ˋisn’t she?

4. He ˈcan’t be an ˋactor, ∣ ́can he?

5. You ˈlike this ˋfilm , | ˋdon’t you?

6. This ˈdress is very ˋfashionable , | ˏisn’t it?

7. She is a ˈgood ˋcook, | ˊisn’t she? I ˈdon’t ˋknow.

8. There is a ˈgood ˋrestaurant over ˌthere, | ˊisn’t there? ˈNo iˋdea.

9. You haven’t ˈgot any iˋdea , | ˊhave you?

10.There’s some ˈinteresting ˋnews in the ˌpaper, | ˋisn’t there? I ˋthink so, but I’m not ˋsure.

11.ˈBobby has ˈgot a new ˋcar, | ˊhasn’t he?

12.ˈParis is a ˋbeautiful ˌcity, | ˋisn’t it?

13.ˈTerry doesn’t ˈmake any misˈtakes in his ˋtests, | ˋdoes he?

14.ˈMary can ˈplay ˈtennis very ˋwell, | ˋcan’t she? ˋYes, she ˈalways ˋwins.

15.ˈJacky likes ˈchocolate very ˋmuch, | ˋdoesn’t she?

16.ˈPeter isn’t ˋmarried, | ˊis he? He ˋisn’t. He is ˈtoo ˋyoung.

17.ˈAnn cooks deˈlicious ˋapple pies, | ˋdoesn’t she? Oh, ˋyes, she is ˋgood at it.



III. Прочтите вопросительные предложения, используя изученные интонационные модели.


1. Does Ann live in Moscow? 2. How are the children? 3. Are you with me? 4. The hotel is in this street, isn’t it? 5. What time does the plane leave? 6. Can I come in? 7. Let’s have some music, shall we? 8. He can’t really help it, can he? 9. Who’s there in the car? 10. Is the swimming pool on the ground floor or on the first floor? 11. How many foreign languages can she speak? 12. Is the weather dry or wet here in winter? 13. Is it Jane’s or Monica’s doll? 14. Have you got any favourite book? 15. The children look really happy, don’t they? Oh, yes, they like their presents very much. 16. Sara has got her own restaurant, hasn’t she? No idea. 17. Is their son a journalist or an engineer? 18. How old is your Granny? 19. Do you speak French? 20. Japan is an interesting country, isn’t it? 21. Do you do sports in the afternoon or in the evening? 22. Whose dictionary is there on the desk? 23. Does your friend like his ice-cream with fruits or chocolate? 24. Why are you so sad? Is something wrong? 25. This music is very beautiful, isn’t it?


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