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B) Comment on the given information and speak about the financial aspect of getting a higher education in the US A

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Average College Expenses

Average Academic Fees per Quarter

C) Summarize the text in three paragraphs.

B) Find in the text the factors which determine the choice by in individual of this or that college or university.



2. Use the topical vocabulary and the material of the Appendix (p. 262) in answering the following questions:


1. What steps do students have to take to enroll in acollege/ university for admission? Speak about the exams they take — PSAT, SAT, ACT. 2. What financial assistance are applicants eligible for? What is college scholarship, grants, loan? Explain and bring out the essence of student financial aid. 3. Speak about the academic calendar of a university. How does an academic year differ from the one in Russia? 4. How many credit hours does a student need to graduate? What type auricular courses and how many does a student have to take to earn a degree? 5. What is a GPA (grade point average) ? 6. What is there to say about a college faculty? What is a tenure? 7. What is the role of a student's counsellor? Specify the function of career develop­ment and job placement within a university. 8. Should there be an age limit for university full-time students? What are your attitudes to mature students? 9. What are the sources of funding for universities and colleges (both public and private)? 10. What is an undergraduate student ? A graduate student ?


3. a) Study the following and extract the necessary information:


(public university)



non-residential residential

students students


Two Year Colleges $ 753 $ 1796

College of Applied Science $ 753 $ 1796



University College $ 63 $ 150

(part-time rates per cr. hour)

Baccalaureate Colleges

Art & Science, College- $ 753 $ 1796


School of Education, Evening

College, Business Administra- $ 63 $ 150

tion, etc.

(part-time rates per cr. hr.)


Graduate and Professional Programs

Medicine (M.D.) $ 2188 $ 4204

(part-tame per cr. hr.) $ 182 $ 350

Law J.D.) $1192 $2323

(part-tame per cr. hr.)/ $ 99 $ 194

Graduate programs $1171 $2303

(part-tame per cr. hr.) $98 $ 192


Room $642

Board (10 meals a week) $ 1045


(University of Pennsylvania — private)

Tuition and General Fee $ 11,976

Room and meals $ 4,865

Books and supplies $ 380

Educational Technology Fee $ 200

Personal expenses (e. g. clothing, laundry, $ 1,009



Total: $ 18,430



4. Read the following dialogue. The expression in bold type show the way people can be persuaded. Note them down. Be ready to act out the dialogue in class:


Molly. Yolanda, I have big news to tell you. I've made a very big decision.

Yolanda: Well, come on. What is it?


M.: I'm going to apply to medical school.

Y.: You're what? But I thought you wanted to teach.

M: I've decided to give that up. Teaching jobs are being cut back now at many universities.

Y.:Yes, and I've read that a number of liberal arts colleges have been closed.

M: I have a friend who finished his Ph. D. in history last year. He's been looking for a teaching position for a year, and he's been turned down by every school so far.

Y.: I suppose a Ph.D. in the humanities isn't worth very much these days.

M: No, it isn't. And even if you find a teaching job, the sala­ry is very low.

Y.: Yeah, college teachers should be paid more. But, Molly,it's very difficult to get into medical school today.

M.: Iknow. I've been told the same thing by everyone.

Y.: How are you going to pay for it? It costs a fortune to go to medical schools now.

M.: Maybe I can get a loan from the federal government.

Y.: That's an interesting possibility but it doesn'tsolve the financial problem entirely even ifyou get the student financial aid. You will graduate owing money. Medical students, espe­cially, acquired heavy debts. Recently I read of one who owed $ 60,000. Won't you be facing sufficient other problems with­out starting life in debt? Aren't many college graduates having trouble even finding jobs? When they find them, don'tthey be­gin at relatively modest salaries ?

M.: I don't know, but...

Y.:It's foolishfor a student to acquire debt, a negative dow­ry, unlessit's absolutely imperative. Students sometimes be­come so excited about college that they forget there's life after­wards.

M: Maybe you're right. Life is a series of compromises, I'll have to consider career possibilities in the light of college costs...


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