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Билет 13

1. Let’s talk about shopping. Who does the shopping in your family?
2. Is it easy to buy a good birthday present? Why? Why not?
3. What questions will you ask your friend who has bought an expensive telephone?
4. What can you advise a person who wants to buy many things (clothes, foodstuffs, etc.) but has little time?
5. Parents usually give pocket money to their children. How do you usually spend your pocket money?

Билет №13
1. Let’s talk about shopping. Who does the shopping in your family? 1. My parents do most of the shopping in our family. 2. They usually do their shopping at the supermarket where they buy all the food we need for our family. 3. They usually do it once a week. 4. As for me, I like window-shopping. If something catches my eye and is good enough I usually buy it. 5. You see, shopping is a kind of pastime and even entertainment for me. 6. Nevertheless, I consider everyday shopping boring.
2. Is it easy to buy a good birthday present? Why? Why not? 7. I must admit, buying a good birthday present is not easy. If you want something special, you should think carefully before you make your choice.
3. What questions will you ask your friend who has bought an expensive telephone? 8. Is it a brand new model? How much is it? What does it have inside? Does it have an access to the Internet?
4. What can you advise a person who wants to buy many things (clothes, foodstuffs, etc.) but has little time? 9. The best way to buy many things at a time is to do shopping at a big supermarket.
5. Parents usually give pocket money to their children. How do you usually spend your pocket money? 10. I usually spend my pocket money on different entertainments, such as going to a cafe or a disco or I buy something tasty at our school canteen.
Билет №14
1. Let’s talk about leisure time. What do you do in your free time? 1. Leisure is a period of time spent out of work and domestic activity. 2. I can’t say that I’ve got a lot of free time. 3. Nevertheless, when I have some free time I spend it on my hobby. 4. My hobby is …….. 5. I also like hanging out with my friends. 6. We go to a disco or watch a funny film at the cinema. In winter we go to the skating rink.
2. Is cinema still important? Why (not)? 7. I think that as an art cinema is still important, but it is not very popular nowadays. People prefer to stay at home and watch TV or serf the Internet.
3. What questions can you ask a British friend about his/her hobbies? 8. Have you got a hobby? Do you collect anything? Are you fond of reading? Do you spend much time on your hobby?
4. Can you recommend me to watch one of the films you have seen recently? 9. If I were you, I would watch something relaxing, such as an old French comedy, for example.
5. Many parents complain that children don’t read books. Why do you think children are not interested in reading? 10. It’s a pity, but children don’t read much these days. They find computer games more interesting.
Билет №15
1. Let’s talk about Belarusian customs and traditions. What can you tell me about your favourite Belarusian holiday? 1. Like other countries, Belarus has its own holidays. 2. People in Belarus celebrate May Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Kupalle and other holidays. 3. I like New Year’s Day best. 4. New Year’s Day is a family holiday. 5. On the 31st of December all the family get together to see the New Year in. 6. There is usually a holiday dinner with a lot of tasty things and everyone wishes each other «A Happy New Year».
2. Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions? 7. Yes, I am proud of our national holidays and traditions, as they are unique and are a part of our history and culture.
3. What questions can you ask a friend about his/her last New Year celebration? 8. Did you see the New Year in at home? Did you have a party? What’s your favourite New Year’s dish? What present did you get?
4. What national souvenirs will you recommend a tourist to buy in Belarus? 9. I would recommend a foreign tourist to buy a straw spider amulet designed to protect the house and ensure the well-being of the family.
5. Do you think it is important to follow our grandparents’ traditions? Why? 10. Traditions are a part of our culture, so we should carefully observe them to respect our ancestors and feel that we are a nation.
Билет №16
1. Let’s talk about customs and traditions of an English-speaking country. What can you tell me about your favourite holiday in Britain? 1. The British celebrate such public holidays as Christmas, Easter, Easter Monday, May Day, the Spring Bank Holiday and the Summer Bank Holiday. 2. There are other festivals, such as Pancake Day, April Fool’s day, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, St Valentine’s Day and others. 3. Halloween is a day on which many children dress up in unusual costumes and go from house to house saying, “Trick or treat!” 4. It is my favourite British holiday. 5. It is of Celtic origin and happens on the 31st of October. 6. The symbols of Halloween are ghosts, spiders, skeletons, witches, black cats, and, of course, pumpkins and scarecrows.
2. Do you find some British customs and traditions special? Why (not)? 7. I do. Some British customs and traditions are very old and you can find them only in Britain. Take, for example, Changing the Guard or the Beefeaters of the Tower of London.
3. What questions can you ask a British teenager about good manners in their country? 8. How often do you say «Please» and «Thank you»? Do you stand in line in Britain? Do you shake hands when introduced? Do you open doors for other people?
4. What national souvenirs will you recommend a tourist to buy in Britain? 9. If I were you, I would buy something connected with the Royal family.
5. Nowadays more and more people are getting interested in customs and traditions of different countries. What do you think about it? 10. It’s very important to know traditions and customs of different countries. It will help you to understand different people and learn their language.


Билет №17
1. Let’s talk about modern means of communication: TV, newspapers, radio, the Internet. Which of these does your family like? 1. To tell you the truth, I’m not really interested in any traditional media. 2. To my mind, television, radio and newspapers are becoming less and less popular. 3. As for my family, my mum likes watching TV, but she says there is too much crime on it. 4. My dad is a computer-user, he watches the news summarized on the Internet. 5. Sometimes he reads newspapers. 6. I neither watch TV nor read newspapers, as I have no free time getting ready for my entrance exams.
2. Is there any means of communication you can’t live without? Why (not)? 7. Yes, there is. I can’t live without my mobile phone. I use it every day to come in touch with my friends or to get information.
3. What questions will you ask the participants of “What? Where? When?» a famous TV programme? 8. How much time do you spend preparing for a game? Where do you get information from? Do you think the Internet is a reliable source of information? Do you read in other languages?
4. My cousin spends a lot of time chatting in “Contact» and it makes all the family angry. What can you advise him and the family to do in this situation? 9. I would advise him to spend more time with his friends outdoors. His parents should demonstrate to him that there are things in life which are more important than the Internet.
5. Can the Internet replace all the other means of mass media? What is your point of view? 10. Maybe yes, maybe no. The Internet is a great source of information and entertainment for many people. But there are always those who prefer going to the theatre or reading a good book. We’ll live and we’ll see.
Билет №18
1. Let’s talk about a healthy way of life. What influences a person’s health? 1 The advantages of a healthy way of life are obvious. 2. If your body and your mind suffer from any disorder you can’t be good either at work or at studies. 3. So nowadays people are conscious about their health more than ever. 4. They understand that a lot depends on their behaviour — their decisions to smoke, to drink, to over-eat and so on. 5. Income, housing, environment and healthy food are also among factors that influence a person’s health. 6. Living a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice and like most good choices it takes effort.
2. Is home-made food better than junk food? Why? 7. Yes, it is. Home-made food is healthy while junk food is harmful being high in fat, sugar, salt and calories.
3. What questions will you ask a fitness coach? 8. How long have you been a trainer? What are you qualifications? Can you advise me some exercises for weight loss? Do I have to change my diet?
4. What activities can you advise a person who wants to have a healthy way of life? 9. Take regular exercises. Eat healthy food. Keep a balance between your work and rest. Be positive in your attitude towards people.
5. Why is a balanced diet important for your health? 10. A balanced diet is important because it helps you to keep healthy by bringing your body exactly what it needs.
Билет №19
1. Let’s talk about sport. What do you do to keep fit? 1. Sport is very important in our life. 2. It is popular with both young and old people. 3. Sport helps people to keep fit and stay healthy. 4. A lot of people do morning exercises and go in for jogging. 5. Some do sports professionally. 6. As for me, I play basketball, volleyball and from time to time I do my morning exercises.
2. Do you agree that bad habits, like smoking, can be dangerous? Why (not)? 7. I agree. Smoking, drinking or overeating are dangerous as they cause lung cancer, obesity, heart disease and other health problems.
3. What questions will you ask a professional sportsman? 8. Why did you choose a sport career? Is it difficult to do sports professionally? What competitions did you take part in? What are your plans for the future?
4. What can you advise a person who doesn’t know what kind of sport to take up? 9. If you ask me, I would recommend you to take up swimming. It helps to be fit and at the same time strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles.
5. Sport develops character and team spirit. Can you add any other points in favour of sport? 10. Sport keeps you healthy and optimistic.
Билет №20
1. Let’s talk about fashion. What style in clothes do you prefer and why? 1. Fashion, as I see it, is the prevailing style in clothes and behavior. 2. The way to fashion is led by fashion designers, media, celebrities and musicians. 3. Of course, the clothes presented at the fashion shows are usually inappropriate in a day-to-day life. 4. That’s why I don’t pay too much attention to fashion. 5. I believe that it is more important to create your own style. 6. I prefer to wear classic pieces that are comfortable and complement my personality, while at home my outfit is definitely more casual.
2. Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Why (not)? 7. I can’t say that I do, but I think that if you follow fashion trends you have more chances to make a good impression on others.
3. What questions would you ask a fashion designer? 8. What is the difference between fashion and style? What is your favourite trend? What colour is in fashion this season? Is it really important to look stylish?
4. What can you advise a person who wants to change something about his/her style but doesn’t know how to do it? 9. Be confident in your new style. Move forward to colors that appeal to you. Buy only those clothes that you really like. Change your hairstyle if you are sick of your hair.
5. They say that young people pay a lot of attention to their style and want to be fashionable. What do you think about it? 10. It is not surprising that young people pay a lot of attention to their style. I think looking stylish and attractive helps young people to stand out of the crowd and feel more confident.
Билет №21
1. Let’s talk about travelling and tourism. What role do they play in your life? 1. I must admit that nowadays tourism has become very popular and turned into a prosperous business. 2. More and more people travel every year though the motivation for this is different. 3. If you want to experience a whole new environment, to see new places and meet new people, travelling is the right way. 4. Travelling on business allows people to get more information about achievements of other companies and helps them to make their own business more successful. 5. Some people travel for educational purposes, or they visit their distant relatives and friends. 6. As for me, I don’t travel much, but I hope to travel a lot in future.
2. How do you like to travel? 7. I prefer travelling by car. Travelling by car is convenient. You don’t depend on the timetable. You are free to stop and change the direction whenever you want.
3. What questions should you ask a travel agent to learn more about a tour? 8. What documents do I need to carry with me when I travel? Do I need a passport or visa? What excursions do you suggest? What is the best time of year to travel to this destination?
4. What can you advise a person who doesn’t know where to spend his/her holiday? 9. If I were you, I would travel around my own country first and then travel abroad. There are a lot of places to visit in Belarus, such as Mir and Nesvizh castles, Belavezhskaya pushcha, Brest fortress and others.
5. What difficulties can you have when visiting a foreign country? Is it possible to avoid them? 10. Visiting a foreign country, people usually come in touch with culture, traditions and ways different from their own. To avoid possible difficulties one should get acquainted with this or that country beforehand and then follow the proverb “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.
Билет №22
1. Let’s talk about environment. People say that our planet is in danger. Do you share this opinion? 1. Environment is the nature around us: air, water, trees, flowers, animals, birds and insects.2. Nature has served people for many years, but people’s interference in nature has increased and the results are dramatic.3. Nowadays mankind faces numerous problems which threaten our environment. 4.The most serious ecological problems are: noise from cars and buses; destruction of wildlife and countryside beauty; shortage of natural resources; the growth of population; pollution in its many forms 5. People understand that the planet needs their immediate help if they want to survive and they take measures to protect nature.
2. What do you think people should do to protect the environment? 6. People should stop wasting paper to save trees and limit unnecessary car journeys to prevent air pollution. 7. People shouldn’t use gas and water carelessly.
3. What would you like to ask your British friend about measures that are taken to protect the environment in Britain? 8. 1. What measures are taken by your government to protect rare animals and birds? 2. Are there any civil societies in Britain that aim at nature protection? 3. What does your government do to protect marine species? 4. Do your mass media share knowledge on nature protection?
4. A friend of yours wants to develop a programme to protect the city where he lives. Give him a piece of advice. 9. If I were you I would carry out a research on the use of private cars and their bad influence on the atmosphere and then, with the results, I would draw people’s attention to the problem.
5. Green School of the Year contest is held in the country and you want your school to enter it. Give ideas for some ’green events’. 10. I think shooting a 2-minute video about animals in danger and people’s help to them would be a good idea.
Билет №23
1. Let’s talk about weather and climate. What is happening to weather and climate nowadays? 1. Climate is the weather a certain place has over a long period of time. 2. Some scientists think that nowadays the world is becoming hotter. 3. The term «global warming» has been introduced to describe the changes in the world’s climate. 4. Man’s activities result in producing a lot of carbon dioxide and this, in its turn, leads to the greenhouse effect. 5. The atmosphere becomes warmer and we no longer have severe winters, we have rain and mud instead of snow. 6. Such changes can be dangerous for our planet, because to a certain degree our life depends on the climatic conditions we live in. 7. Scientists from different countries are working to understand the processes in the atmosphere and to reduce the harm being done to nature.
2. Do you have a favourite season? Yes, I do. I like spring best of all. I share the opinion that spring is the season of love, hope and happiness.
3. What questions would you ask a meteorologist? Is it difficult to forecast weather? Is the climate really becoming hotter? What tools do you use to collect data? Why isn’t the weather always predicted accurately?
4. What can you advise a person who is weather dependent? In fact, the weather influences not only such people’s mood and emotions, but their physical state. I would advise weather dependent people to follow weather forecasts and take measures beforehand.
5. They say there’s no bad weather, there are bad clothes. What do you think about it? They also say, “Be thankful together whatever the weather”. If you have proper clothes on, no season and no weather is bad.
Билет 24
1. Let’s talk about the Republic of Belarus. What can you tell me about our Motherland? 1. Belarus is my Homeland. It is a country with unique history and rich cultural heritage. Officially it is called the Republic of Belarus, a sovereign independent state with its own government, constitution, state emblem, flag and anthem.2. Belarus is situated nearly in the centre of Europe and borders on Poland Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and the Ukraine. 3. The territory of Belarus is 207.6 thousand square kilometres. Its population is about 12 mln people. The largest cities are Minsk, the capital, Gomel, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Grodno and Brest. 4. Belarus is a country of rivers, lakes and forests. The longest river is the Dnieper. The largest lake is Lake Naroch. The largest forest is Byelovezhskaya Pushcha. The climate of Belarus is temperate and mild. 5. My country is a developed industrial state. Its enterprises produce tractors and automobiles, motor-cycles, TV-sets and many other goods. 6. Beautiful Belarusian scenery and unique history attract a lot of tourists.
2. What famous Belarusian people do you know? 7. There are a lot of famous people among Belarusians: writers and poets, politicians and cosmonauts, artists and sportsmen. They are historic figures and our contemporaries. I would like to mention the names of Kolas and Kupala, Masherov and Gromyko, Domrachova and Mirny.
3. What questions about Belarus do you expect to hear from a British teenager? 8. 1. Where is Belarus situated? 2. What city is the capital? 3. Do people of Belarus speak Belarusian? 4. What places are worth seeing in Belarus?
4. What Belarusian sights would you advise a foreigner to visit? 9. If I were you I would visit the National Library of Belarus, Mir and Nesvizh castles and Lake Naroch.
5. You are to write a short article about Belarusian people for a foreign newspaper. How would you describe our people? 10. Our people are talented, hard-working, patient and peaceful.
  Билет №25  
  1. Let’s talk about Great Britain. What do you know about this country? 1. The official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.2. It is situated on the British Isles and includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.3. The climate of the country is mild and changeable. British people joke that they have no climate, they have weather.4. Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country. The biggest industrial cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. The capital of the country is London. 5. The United Kingdom is a parliamentary monarchy with Queen Elizabeth at the head, but in fact the country is ruled by the Prime Minister. 7. Great Britain is a country with old cultural traditions and customs. Two intellectual centres of Europe, Oxford and Cambridge universities, are situated there.  
  2. Would you like to visit Britain? Why (not)? Of course, I would like to visit Britain. I’d like to see with my own eyes its famous places of interest and to improve my English.  
  3. What would you ask a British teenager about national holidays in Britain? 1. What national holidays have you got in Britain? 2. What is your favourite holiday? 3. How do you celebrate Christmas? 4. What are bank holidays?  
  4. Give me a piece of advice on what sights to see in London. If I were you, I would first of all have a view of London from the London Eye. Then I would visit Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, the Tower and others.  
  5. Do the British differ greatly from Belarusian people in character? Why? We speak different languages, have different customs, traditions and historical development. So, yes, we do, but we have much in common, too.  


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