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Acquiring the ECA stack stimulant in Europe - ephedrine (E), caffeine (C) and aspirin (A) combination stack

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After the EU and US ban on ephedrine products it is now practically impossible to acquire the ECA stack legally (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirine combination stack). They have even banned these products in Thailand. So unless you have some hardcore globetrotter bodybuilder contacts you will want to consider making this ECA stack yourself using base materials. Trust me when I say; you WANT this enhancer for your operation as it will significantly increase your strength, agility and focus with up to 30-50% for 1-2 hours after taking 1 capsule. This enhancer, in combination with a steroid cycle, will increase your physical and mental abilities by up to 100% transforming you into an unstoppable one man army when used in combination with proper training and a full range of body armour and weapons.


Tips and tricks when creating your own ECA stack (tips credited to Swathorne):


It is important to emphasize that you should purchase pure ephedrine and not ephedra. Be wary of products sold over the internet that contain the natural ephedra extract. These may also be advertised as containing Ma Huang. Ephedra products could contain toxins or defects especially considering that the products may have been produced in countries with little to no regulation on ephedrine products. Pure ephedrine is less likely to bring about negative side effects due to its lab produced nature and the regulation placed upon its distribution.


Any product containing ephedrine hcl that is sold as an over the counter drug in a pharmacy is pure ephedrine. I strongly recommend purchasing pure ephedrine and doing so in person at a pharmacy or from a reputable pharmaceutical company and merchant online. As always I remind the readership that you use ephedrine hcl at your own risk and even though it is an over the counter drug it can still be dangerous if used irresponsibly. Remember to always drink a lot of water when using and never use ephedrine if you have a heart condition!


It is often advisable to create your own simple ECA stack using pure ephedrine and pure caffeine that you can physically see and administer themselves rather than buy a magic pill off the internet that contains some blend of ephedra products and whatever other questionable supplements or herbs the manufacturer put into a capsule. Caffeine aids ephedrine by enhancing the body’s thermogenic response to ephedrine.



How to aquire pure ephedrine, pure caffeine and aspirin


Many bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other individuals are now creating their own ECA stack for the intention of using it as a weight loss supplement. Ephedrine hcl, this over the counter nasal decongestant, is simply a purified form of the ephedra found in many of the well thought of weight loss pills before the ban. You create your own ECA stack by purchasing ephedrine hcl, caffeine, and aspirin online or at convenience/drug stores.



- Ephedrine hcl tabs can only be bought legally in the US, the UK and Finland. It is very hard to acquire in all other Western European countries. Ordering online will therefore be the most convenient way to get it. Popular brands of ephedrine HCL include Vasopro, Bolt, and Primatene. Typically ephedrine HCL comes in doses of 8 mg, 12.5mg, 25mg, or 30mg. For ephedrine weight loss 25mg is recommended. If you have problems acquiring ephedrine in Europe, it is sold in Walgreens in the US so you might want to visit the store if you are going to the US for any other purpose (to buy body armour or AP-light projectiles for self loading.


- Buy 200 mg caffeine pills from your drug store/vitamin/herb shop


- Buy aspirin from any store



Abuse of ephedrine can result in serious side effects so please use caution when choosing the right dosage. Remember to test your tolerance for the ECA stack so that you are guaranteed a proper dose during your operation (not too much, not too little). Taking too much ephedrine in you ECA stack too early on can result in dangerously high blood pressure and if you fail to drink anything after taking a stack you may feel you are about to faint. You may want to use the ECA stack for a whole week before the operation in order to ensure you can measure your exact tolerance level. Start out using half the recommended dose of ephedrine hcl and work your way up. Never overdo it as it’s not worth risking.


Just ensure that you research proper dosing. Personally, I would take one dosage 20 minutes prior to the initiation of the operation and another one 1,5-2 hours after that based on my condition.





Typically the ECA stack is consumed two or three times per day in a 1:10:10 or 1:10:15 ratio of ephedrine:caffeine:Aspirin. Usually, no more than 25 mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine and 325 mg of Aspirin is consumed in a single dose. It is not recommended that the stack be taken past late afternoon as this may contribute to insomnia. Never take ECA stack daily for more than 4 consecutive weeks.


Using pure caffeine pills is recommended but ephedrine free diet pills like Stacker or Stacker 4 can be used in conjunction with ephedrine hcl and make a very effective ECA stack.


Status in the United States


In the United States, it is illegal to market products containing ephedrine or ephedra alkaloids as a dietary supplement. However, ephedrine itself has never been illegal in the United States and is currently available over-the-counter.


Status in the EU


Ephedrine and ephedra-containing supplements are currently banned in the European Union (exceptions are the UK and Finland). However, Ephedrine is currently available by prescription in several EU countries (it is bought in pill form as a nasal dongestant).


Alternative source:





End note:


I first tried buying ECA in Sweden unsuccessfully (tried 2 bodybuilder stores who where rumoured to sell it under the counter). After a lot of research, I ended up ordering the products from the following site:



- 150 ephedrine 8 mg tabs – 29 Pounds http://centurysupplements.com/ephedrine-hcl-150-tabs


- 100 caffeine 200 mg tabs – 5 Pounds http://centurysupplements.com/caffeine-200-mg-flat



I ordered the products separately and did a test order with the caffeine tabs in order to confirm that their logistical method was safe. The caffeine shipment came flat-packed (vacuum packed, no noise and only 5 mm thick) in a discrete envelope (they look like a letter and are marked as natural herbal product/gift on the customs note on the backside of the letter.


I was concerned that the envelope shipment of ephedrine would also state: “natural herbal product” as this would be an invitation to open the package. However, the ephedrine envelope came completely without any notes.


So ultimately, both “letters” came through without any problems. Ordering online always involve some risk though. If the ephedrine shipment had been stopped in customs I would get a 750 Euro fine and the Norwegian customs would automatically press charges (although the case would be dismissed due to lack of police capacity), as ephedrine is labeled as a narcotic substance in Norway. The risk is minimal though (less than 3%) as the envelope shipment looks like a regular letter with absolutely no indicators.


When you have acquired the caffeine and ephedrine tabs just buy the aspirin at your local drug store, and buy empty gelatin capsules from your nearest herbal/health store (vegetarian gelatin capsules are common, buy the largest ones measuring 11-13 mm). Alternatively, you may order gelatin capsules from: capsuline.com.


Since I now have my ECA ingredients I’m going to test it using the following dosage:



· 8 mg ephedrine = 1 tab (NEVER take more than 25 mg in a single dose)

· 200 mg caffeine

· 250 mg aspirin



It should be noted that I am not unfamiliar with using the ECA stack. I used it a few years ago, when it was legal in Sweden, during my 12 hour work hours (“financial phase” from age 21 to age 25). Needless to say; they helped me endure a few years of 10-12 hour work days which facilitated and subsidized my subsequent “sabbatical years” which were dedicated to travel, writing this compendium and prepare for the later phases of the operation.


As for the final phase; as I have already acquired the ingredients for the ECA stack I made the capsules in the above mentioned dosage (I first tried with 8 and 16 mg but ended up with 3 tabs of 8 mg each. Test and increase/decrease dosage as suited for your body type. Keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of ECA stack tabs. You should test out your tolerance beforehand, but limit your use to include the few days prior to the operation or else you risk building up a partial immunity to the substances. At the same time; you should ensure that you use it for a few days prior to operation so that you know that your body will tolerate your selected dose well.


If you don’t feel like mixing your own ECA stack you may order pre-mixed stack tabs from the same site (centurysupplements.com). All of their ephedrine products and most of their ECA stacks are shipped flat packaged, except for the Lipodrene, Stimerex, ECA Xtreme and the Firestarter.



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