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Considerations and evaluation of strike

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The European Resistance Movements will have to re-evaluate our future assault methods closely and based on our ideological success as a result of using conventional weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).


What if a majority of our future cells are annihilated by EUSSR agents or if they somehow manage to pacify us through harsh monitoring laws? What if they succeed in their pursuit to suppress and persecute us? Based on our success or failure in using conventional weapons, we might end up in a situation where we will have to consider the possibility to use drastic measures in order to financially devastate our enemies. Pragmatical operational reasoning involves using methods which will yield the maximum results for a minimum of invested resources (euro by euro, hour by hour, requiring a minimal number of sacrificed martyrs).


If we are unsuccessful in achieving concession from them and they continue with the indirect ongoing genocide of Europeans we will have to consider using methods which were deemed too extreme in the past.


The Chernobyl disaster broke the back of the Soviet Union. A new Chernobyl disaster in the heart of Western Europe will break the back of the EUSSR, have no doubt. Causing a new Chernobyl disaster on a multiculturalist regime would completely cripple them and might eventually lead to the collapse of the EU altogether or any targeted individual regime. However, it would potentially cause massive civilian suffering and/or hundreds of thousands or even millions of internally displaced individuals (refugees). A new Chernobyl disaster in the heart of the EU will not be as devastating (civilian suffering) as that in Ukraine/Belarus. Western European regimes will not wait a week before informing and evacuating the public so the number of individuals affected will be significantly less (estimated to less than 10 000-50 000).


It may be required to make such sacrifices in order to end this experimental multiculturalist nightmare and genocide. Sometimes, the situation requires us to be cruel and kill a limited number of civilians (indirect casualties in shock/sabotage attacks) in order to prevent much more severe long term atrocities against our peoples. In fact, from a pragmatical viewpoint, it would be inhuman not to act in a cruel manner when the alternative is much worse. Just focus on targets that can be morally justified and accept casualty numbers that are far from exceeding the alternative future atrocities.


The resettlement of millions, mass building of new housing units, financial compensation for up to several millions will bankrupt any multiculturalist European country and will force them to halt all Muslim immigration. Furthermore, it will cause the regime to cut all funding of minority groups and foreign aid and instead focus on rebuilding. The costs will be astronomic and in today’s currency amount to as much as 1000-5000 billion Euro which is enough to bankrupt any regime. The regime will have no choice but to drastically reduce their over-inflated public sector resulting in hundreds of thousands of unemployed. All Western European countries will be forced to immediately halt all Muslim immigration as they are forced to help the internally driven European “refugees”.


People who are already suffering will finally be freed from the ideological shackles (political correctness) that prevented them from standing up and fight for what they believe in. Standing up for their ideals will involve suffering. However, at this point the suffering is already prevalent so they will have nothing to lose. These conditions will be favourable for further consolidation and for the creation patriotic armed militias. Eventually, the conditions will be there for a military coup and we will fully take advantage of this window of opportunity.


If we successfully manage to seize political and military control of at least one Western European country in phase 1 (as a result of a regime collapse caused by the nuclear power plant attack) we may actually manage to deport all Muslims before they become a majority, and by doing so we potentially save millions of European lives from the war that most certainly awaits us when the Muslims in any given country become the dominating force and grow overconfident. Inflicting cruel cancer deaths on 1000 - 10 000 Europeans (in P1) might actually be the most humane thing we do, if their sacrifice contributes to prevent a bloody Christian-Muslims civil war (in P3) resulting in millions of deaths. And what if we lose the Christian-Muslims civil war in P3? A worst case scenario will be a repetition of the Hindu Kush genocides (80 million massacred Hindus, 100 million enslaved) resulting in the massacre and enslavement of an equivalent amount of Europeans should the Muslims dominate us one day.



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