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Estimating the consequences of a Knights Templar RDD attack

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Considering an alternative dispersal approach


Instead of or addition to a blast, for the intention of effective dispersal, it should be considered to simply use a gasoline/rubber mix as the primary dispersal method. In this context, a Justiciar Knight has to go to the back of the truck and remove the lead containment shell (the protective measures), ensuring that all the radiological material is unshielded. He will then have to ignite the 5-20 barrels of gasoline/rubber mix either via remote detonation or by dead man switch. At that point he will have no chance of long term survival due to severe radiation poisoning. It would therefore be most efficient if he used a remote detonation and established a sniper post close to the fire, and thus effectively preventing the fire corps from putting out the fire for up to a period of 60 minutes (until he is neutralised by a system protector snipers). The fire will generate significant radioactive fumes (radioactive particles carried by the fumes) and the resulting fume-clouds will act as the “dispersal device” transporting highly radioactive particles up to several hundred kilometres away and would be likely to contaminate neighbouring countries and thus causing an international crisis.




The fear of radiation is not always logical. Although the exposure might be minimal, many people find radiation exposure especially frightening because it is something they cannot see or feel, and it therefore becomes an unknown source of danger. The Western European multiculturalist regimes will have great challenges in dealing with public fear after a RDD attack. This public fear of radiation also plays a big role in why the costs of an RDD impact on a major metropolitan area might be equal to or even larger than that of the 9/11 attacks. Assuming the radiation levels are not too high and the area does not need to be abandoned such as the town of Pripyat near the Chernobyl reactor, an expensive and time consuming cleanup procedure will begin which will cost the regime anything from 500 million up to 2000 billion Euros. This will mainly consist of tearing down highly contaminated buildings, digging up contaminated soil/asphalt/concrete and quickly applying sticky substances to remaining surfaces to adhere the radioactive particles before radioactivity penetrates the building materials. These procedures are the current state of the art for radioactive contamination cleanup, but many experts say that a complete cleanup of external surfaces in an urban area to current decontamination limits would be impossible. As such, it is likely that the regime will have no choice but to create a containment zone on a smaller scale than that of Chernobyl. This policy of abandonment will result in a scenario where up to 1 square kilometre in an urban environment is contained/restricted for up to 100 years. The infrastructure “lost” for this period might amount to as much as 1000 billion Euros. In addition there will be massive loss of working hours as the working force in the specified sector is “relocated”. Even if the regime manages to cleanup parts of the area there will still be devastating psychological and economical impact. Because even if they manage to reduce the radiation levels to an acceptable level, there will be residual public fear of the site including unwillingness to conduct business as usual in the area. Tourist traffic is likely not to resume for at least several decades.

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