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State-business relations, focusing on Vietnam’s general corporations

The politics of corruption

Cross-border relations

Существуют, как кратко отмечалось ранее, и различные национальные и интернациональные организации, которые объединяют исследователей Вьетнама. Например:

Vietnam Studies Association of Australia
The Vietnam Studies Association of Australia is a non-political, academic organisation affiliated to the Asian Studies Association of Australia for contact, communication and scholarly activities among scholars resident in Australia concerned with the study of Vietnam. Members of the Association currently include a substantial proportion of the students, scholars and professionals based in Australia with expertise on Vietnam.


Vietnam Studies Group

Annual Meeting April 7, 2006



The chair then reported on the 2006 SEAC meeting.

Christoph Giebel (also on SEAC) confirmed this and noted VSG is now the largest and most active of the Southeast Asian groups.


Judith Henchy then reported on the list serve and website.


Lien Hang Thi Nguyen then made a report as the VSG liaison to Texas Tech. She noted an upcoming conference at Texas Tech on intelligence in the Vietnam War on October 22-21, 2006 and a conference entitled, “The Impact of Culture, Ethnicity, Race and Religion in the Vietnam War” on March 23-24, 2007, and the successful March 2006 conference on ARVN.


The chair then moved on to announcements and awards. She noted that Ed Malesky won a prize from the American Political Science Association for his dissertation, and that Shawn McHale was shortlisted for the Benda prize this year. The chair noted an upcoming Nom conference meeting in June in Hue, and that the Nom Preservation Foundation would be having a meeting on Saturday of the AAS. The chair also reported on the recent medical history conference in Cambodia which had several papers focusing on Vietnam as did the meeting of ISHEASTM in Munich. Wynn Wilcox reported on a Dec 2005 conference on New Approaches to Vietnam and the West, and Lien Hang Nguyen reported on a March 2006 conference at the Vietnam Center of Texas Tech. The topic was ARVN and nearly 120 people attended and transcripts are available on the Texas Tech website. Ed Miller reported on the Berkeley conference titled ‘Vietnam Studies: States of the Field’ which was held before the AAS on Thurs, April 6. He noted there were panels on politics, women and gender studies, a debate on the Vietnam war with Keith Taylor, Vietnamese American studies and Confucianism. Pam McElwee reported on a March 2006 conference on Agent Orange held in Hanoi and said that the papers at the conference would probably not be published or put online but that anyone interested in a copy should contact her. Dan Duffy reported on the Vietnam Literature Project and noted there was new content on Vietnamese literature in translation on the websites to make it more teachable to non-experts. Other announcements from members included a note that a book by Nhung Tuyet Tran and Anthony Reid on Vietnam was in proofs and for sale by the University of Wisconsin press. Irene Norlund asked if anyone had information about the upcoming International Vietnam Studies conference to be held in Vietnam. George Dutton said he had heard it would be in 2007 or 2008 in Danang. Irene noted the second conference had not seen much attendance from outside. Chris Giebel announced a workshop series at the University of Washington on ‘Alternative Voices in Modern Vietnamese History’. He said the series would include workshops on ‘Beyond Teleology: Alternative Voices to 1960’ ‘Beyond Dichotomies: Voices from 1950-on’ and ‘Beyond Borders: Diasporic Voices’. The first part will begin in 2007 and extend to 2008.




Такие организации, наряду с университетами, периодически проводят конференции по Вьетнаму, охватывающие разнообразные области знания или сфокусированные на какой-то одной научной сфере (антропология, урбанизм, архитектура, экономическое развитие, лингвистика).

Также, как и университеты они иногда поддерживают публикации вьетнамоведческих исследований.

Views of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam: Christoforo Borri on Cochinchina and Samuel Baron on Tonkin
Now taking advance sales; Publication date November 30th

Olga DROR and K. W. TAYLOR (introduced & annotated)

SOSEA-41, 2006.4, 290 pages. 9780877277415 paperback $23.95, 9780877277712 hardcover $46.95

This volume introduces two of the earliest writings about Vietnam to appear in the English language. The reports come from narrators with different interests who are viewing different parts of Vietnam at an early stage of European involvement in the region.


Industry of Marrying Europeans, The

Vu Trong Phung, translated and introduced by Thuy Tranviet

Translated and Introduced by Thuy Tranviet

SEAPS-22, 2006, 74. 0877271402 paperback $13.95, 0877271704 hardcover $20.95

This work by Vu Trong Phung, written in the 1930s, reports and expands on the author’s meetings with North Vietnamese women who made an industry of marrying European men. “The Industry of Marrying Europeans” is notable for its sharp observations, pointed humor, and unconventional mix of nonfictional and fictional narration, as well as its attention to voice: Vu Trong Phung records the French-Vietnamese pidgin dialect spoken by these couples. This prolific writer died at the age of twenty-seven, leaving behind one of the most impressive bodies of work in modern Vietnamese literature.

Possessed by the Spirits
Mediumship in Contemporary Vietnamese Communities

ed. Karen FJELSTAD and Nguyen THI HIEN.

SEAPS-23, 2006, 194. 0-877271-41-0 paperback $20.95, 0-877271-71-2 hardcover $41.95

Essays examining the resurgence of the Mother Goddess religion among contemporary Vietnamese following the economic “Renovation” period in Vietnam. Anthropologists explore the forces that compel individuals to become mediums and the social repercussions of their decisions and interactions.

· The End of the Vietnamese Monarchy. by Bruce McFarland Lockhart

Author(s) of Review: Mark W. McLeod
The Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 53, No. 3 (Aug., 1994), pp. 1010-1011


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