Архитектура-(3434)Астрономия-(809)Биология-(7483)Биотехнологии-(1457)Военное дело-(14632)Высокие технологии-(1363)География-(913)Геология-(1438)Государство-(451)Демография-(1065)Дом-(47672)Журналистика и СМИ-(912)Изобретательство-(14524)Иностранные языки-(4268)Информатика-(17799)Искусство-(1338)История-(13644)Компьютеры-(11121)Косметика-(55)Кулинария-(373)Культура-(8427)Лингвистика-(374)Литература-(1642)Маркетинг-(23702)Математика-(16968)Машиностроение-(1700)Медицина-(12668)Менеджмент-(24684)Механика-(15423)Науковедение-(506)Образование-(11852)Охрана труда-(3308)Педагогика-(5571)Полиграфия-(1312)Политика-(7869)Право-(5454)Приборостроение-(1369)Программирование-(2801)Производство-(97182)Промышленность-(8706)Психология-(18388)Религия-(3217)Связь-(10668)Сельское хозяйство-(299)Социология-(6455)Спорт-(42831)Строительство-(4793)Торговля-(5050)Транспорт-(2929)Туризм-(1568)Физика-(3942)Философия-(17015)Финансы-(26596)Химия-(22929)Экология-(12095)Экономика-(9961)Электроника-(8441)Электротехника-(4623)Энергетика-(12629)Юриспруденция-(1492)Ядерная техника-(1748)

Заполните пропуски притяжательными местоимениями, соответствующими личным местоимениям, данным в скобках

I. Grammar and vocabulary

At home with SUPERMAN

II. Reading

Перепишите и письменно переведите текст на русский язык. Сделайте лексико-грамматический анализ текста:

1) Выпишите из текста существительные, употребленные с неопределенным артиклем, переведите их.

2) Выпишите предложения с глаголом `to be' в роли сказуемого во временах группы Simple.

3) Подчеркните предложения, где используются местоимения some, any, no и их производные.

Dean Cain, the 28-year-old actor who plays reporter Clark Kent and Superman in the TV series ‘The new adventures of Superman'’, told us about his typical day.

'I wake up at 5.00 a.m. and ten minutes later I have breakfast, which is usually five or six eggs (for protein) with onions. I leave home at about 5.30 a.m. and drive to the studio - it's an hour's drive. When I get there, at 6.30 I have a shave. Then they do my hair and make-up and I learn my lines for that day - there's never any time to read them before that.

When I'm filming I always eat rice, chicken, and vegetables two or three times a day. I finish work at about 7.30 p.m., and get home an hour later. Then I look at my mail and check my answerphone for messages. I usually have meat and pasta for dinner. I go to the gym for half an hour before I go to bed at 10.00 p.m. It isn't easy - I work hard, play hard, and sleep hard - you need discipline in my job.'

Вариант 3

1.Вставьте артикль a/an или the там, где необходимо.

1....tennis is my favourite sport. I play once or twice ...week, but I'm not ...very good player.

2.I won't be home for dinner this evening. I'm meeting some friends after ...work and we're going to ...cinema.

3....unemployment is very high at the moment and it's very difficult for ...people to find ...work.

4.Carol is ...economist. She used to work in ...investment department of ...Lloyds Bank. Now she works for ...American bank in ... United States.

5.I don't really like staying at ...hotels, but last summer we spent a few days at ...very nice hotel by ...sea.

1.(Не) ... composition is very interesting.

2.(We) . . . son goes to school.

3.(You) . . . sister is young.

4.(They) . . . knowledge of the subject is very poor.

5.(She) . . . friends often visit her.

3.Выберите нужную форму личных местоимений.

1.I often see (they, them) in the bus.

2.(We, us) always walk to school together.

3.I always speak to (he, him) in English.

4.He explains the lesson to (we, us) each morning.

5.I know (she, her) and her sister very well.

4.Употребите глагол have got /has got в нужной форме (Past or Present).

1.Why are you holding your face like that? ...you ...a toothache?

2....a bicycle when you were a child?

3.When you did the exam, ...you ...time to answer all the questions?

4.I need a stamp for this letter. ...you ...one?

5.'It started to rain while I was walking home.' 'Did it? ...you ...an umbrella?'

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