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Working with words


Unit 6

Choose any of the following ideas (or propose your own), find information and write an essay (150 - 250 words).


Shark`s family tree.

How many fishes are there?

Do sharks really threaten people?

Sharks and Dolphins.

Fish – Importance to Human.

“ Eating fish is good for the brain”. Comment on this statement.


Тема урока: Birds текст 1 Birds текст 2 Eagle текст 3 Пингвины


1. chamber n. a cavity in a plant, animal body, or organ
2. keen adj. sharp or penetrating
3. feather n. one of the light soft things that cover a bird's body
4. down n. the soft fine feathers of a bird
5. shell n. the hard outer part that covers and protects an egg, nut, or seed
6. vocalization n. the musical vocalizations of a bird or birds, typically uttered by a male songbird in characteristic bursts or phrases for territorial purposes
7. nestling n. a bird that is too young to leave its nest, a baby bird
8. chick n. a young bird, especially one newly hatched
9. rely (on ) v. to trust or depend on someone or something to do what you need or expect them to do
10. extinct adj. an extinct type of animal or plant does not exist any more
11. fossil n. an animal or plant that lived many thousands of years ago and that has been preserved, or the shape of one of these animals or plants that has been preserved in rock
12. radiation n. a form of energy that comes especially from nuclear reactions, which in large amounts is very harmful to living things
13. paddle n. a short pole that is wide and flat at the end, used for moving a small boat in water
14. perch n. a branch or stick where a bird sits
15. innate adj. an innate quality or ability is something you are born with, inborn
16. vital adj. extremely important and necessary for something to succeed or exist, crucial
17. insulation n. the action of insulating something or someone
18. consequent adj. happening as a result of a particular event or situation
19. forage n. food supplies for horses and cattle
20. preen v. (of a bird) to tidy and clean its feathers with its beak
21. brood n. a family of birds or other young animals produced at one hatching or birth
22. flock n. a group of sheep, goats, or birds
23. beg v. to ask for something in an anxious or urgent way, because you want it very much
24. elaborate v. to give more details or new information about something
25. scrape v. to remove something from a surface using the edge of a knife, a stick etc
26. decay n. the natural chemical change that causes the slow destruction of something
27. line v. to cover the inside surface of (a container or garment) with a layer of different material
28. bill n. a bird's horny projecting jaws, a beak
29. woven adj. made by interlacing items such as cane, stems, flowers, or leaves
30. diurnal adj. happening or active in the daytime
31. conspicuous adj. clearly visible


What birds are these?



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