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Архитектура-(3434)Астрономия-(809)Биология-(7483)Биотехнологии-(1457)Военное дело-(14632)Высокие технологии-(1363)География-(913)Геология-(1438)Государство-(451)Демография-(1065)Дом-(47672)Журналистика и СМИ-(912)Изобретательство-(14524)Иностранные языки-(4268)Информатика-(17799)Искусство-(1338)История-(13644)Компьютеры-(11121)Косметика-(55)Кулинария-(373)Культура-(8427)Лингвистика-(374)Литература-(1642)Маркетинг-(23702)Математика-(16968)Машиностроение-(1700)Медицина-(12668)Менеджмент-(24684)Механика-(15423)Науковедение-(506)Образование-(11852)Охрана труда-(3308)Педагогика-(5571)Полиграфия-(1312)Политика-(7869)Право-(5454)Приборостроение-(1369)Программирование-(2801)Производство-(97182)Промышленность-(8706)Психология-(18388)Религия-(3217)Связь-(10668)Сельское хозяйство-(299)Социология-(6455)Спорт-(42831)Строительство-(4793)Торговля-(5050)Транспорт-(2929)Туризм-(1568)Физика-(3942)Философия-(17015)Финансы-(26596)Химия-(22929)Экология-(12095)Экономика-(9961)Электроника-(8441)Электротехника-(4623)Энергетика-(12629)Юриспруденция-(1492)Ядерная техника-(1748)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Put in these words

Linking words

Reported Speech

Put in the verbs in a correct form.

Sequence of Tenses

Test 5

1. I ….. ( catch) a cold, so I didn`t took part in the seminar.

2. She said she ….. (is going) away for a few days and ….. ( phone) me when she ….. (get) back.

3. He decided to put down the conversation he ….. ( hear).

4. The conversation ended and the people who ….. (are sitting) in the room, …..( leave) .

5. He left in a hurry because the train ….. (leave) in ten minutes.

6. He looked so level-headed that nobody could imagine he ….. (commit) suicide.

7. He came up with the theory that a large asteroid from outer space ….. ( hit) the earth 65 mln years ago.

8. While less than one-third of the world's population ….. (live) in cities in 1950, about two thirds of humanity is expected to live in urban areas by 2030.

9. Urban expansion is also encroaching on wildlife habitats everywhere. Increasingly people live and work in close proximity to wild animals whose native habitats ….. ( lose) or ….. (break up).

10. A cold wind was blowing across the plain, the once green world ….. ( fade) into a lifeless grey.

Rewrite the following passage in Reported speech, using expressions John said, told us, asked etc.

I have been working all night long. I had to write an article, which had to be ready early this morning. I finished at two o`clock and took it to the University. Would you like to see my article? Do you think you will be interested in the bacteriophages? Ok, then, I`ll e-mail it to you today.

Then I went to sleep for a couple of hours. I got up at half past three, had a shower and a cup of coffee and went to the University again. Now, let`s have a quick lunch together and then I have to meet someone for an interview. Is it ok for you?

……..as well…….though…….due to…….while……..except…….yet…….among other things…….in fact…….because of……..however…….despite…….also…….including

1. There's recent evidence, ……., suggesting that over time, sustainably farmed lands can be as productive as conventional industrial farms.

2. This system, with its reliance on monoculture, mechanization, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, biotechnology, and government subsidies, has made food abundant and affordable, ……., the ecological and social price has been steep: erosion; depleted and contaminated soil and water resources; loss of biodiversity; deforestation; labor abuses; and the decline of the family farm.

3. Critics of sustainable agriculture claim, ……., that its methods result in lower crop yields and higher land use.

4. ……. more than one billion people, one-sixth of the Earth's population, actually live in desert regions.

5. And ……. the common conceptions of deserts as dry and hot, there are cold deserts ……...

6. ……. their very special adaptations, desert animals are extremely vulnerable to introduced predators and changes to their habitat.

7. Global warming ……. threatens to change the ecology of desert.

8. Central Eurasian grasslands are referred to as steppes, ……. in Africa they're named savannas

9. …….., most grasslands are located between forests and deserts.

10. Grasslands are generally open and fairly flat, and they exist on every continent ……. Antarctica

11. Some rain forests, ……. the Amazon, began experiencing drought in the 1990s, possibly ……. deforestation and global warming.


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