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The words below are connected with labour law. Divide them into six groups. Make one sentence with a word from each group

Choose the best word from the brackets to fill in the gaps.

Find in the text the word combinations with the terms below and make up your own sentences.


Match the terms with their definitions.


1. Are the following statements true or false? Find reasons for your answers in the text.

1. Trade unions have powers to conclude a collective agreement on behalf of the employees.

2. Collective bargaining is a process of negotiation between the representatives of local power and trade unions.

3. An applicant should be employed only on a full-time work as provided for by the law.

4. The monthly wage of an employee shall not be less than a minimum wage established by law.

5. Trade unions may represent employees in individual and collective disputes with an employer.

6. The particulars of an employment agreement should be done only in oral form.



2. Explain the meaning of the following words according to the text:

o trade union

o full-time work

o termination

o contract of employment



1. collective bargaining a. payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries.


2. family leave b. association of workers for the purpose of improving their economic status and working conditions through collective bargaining with employers.


3. labour law c. an arrangement by which people work at home using a computer and telephone, transmitting work material to a business office by means of a modem and telephone lines.

4. pension d. social policy permitting workers to take a specified amount of time off from the job to attend to pressing family needs.

5. Stakhanovism e. procedure whereby an employer or employers agree to discuss the conditions of work with representatives of the employees, usually a labour union.

6. telecommuting f. periodic payments to one who has retired from work because of age or disability.

7. union g. movement in the Soviet Union aimed at increasing industrial production by the use of efficient working techniques.

8. workers' compensation h. legislation dealing with human beings in their capacity as workers or wage earners.




Договір; початок; право; закінчення терміну; спілка; постійний; платня; умови; процедура; колективний



I work in a small law firm in Kiev. I …………… 8 Hr an hour. (earn/to be paid)

It’s not a lot, but it’s more than the………………wage. (maximum/minimum)

My sister works in a bank and her……………..is 3.000 Hr a month. (salary/wages)

The bank also provides her with a good…………..package. (bonus/benefits)

When she is 55 she will be able to give up work and live on her……………….(package/pension)


Salary, post, end, prospective employee, work, redundancy, arrangement, competitor, dismissal, bargain, closing, candidate, service, contract, discharge, stopping, job-hunter, notice, employment, conclusion, profession, earnings, quit, stipend, job, finish, hiring, occupation, fee, deal, job-seeker, firing, position, cancellation, labour, interviewee, agreement, wages, termination, payment, ending, income, applicant.


1.Salary ------     2.Post --------     3.Dismissal ------------   4.Contract ---------     5.Termination --------------     6.Employment ----------------    


4. The extract below is a skeleton contract of employment for a full-time employee. The key words/phrases from each section have been removed. Complete the text using the words/phrases from the box.

date of commencement ; duties and responsibilities; grievance; commencing salary; holiday entitlement; notice; pension; probation period; sickness pay; terms and conditions; position

Example: You have been appointed to the position of a judge assistant.


1. Your____________________ will be detailed in the labour contract.

2. The_____________________ of your service with this organization is 1 January 2008.

4. Your specific_____________________ are contained in the collective agreement negotiated by this organization.

5. Confirmation of your appointment will be finally decided after your 3 months’________________________.

6. Your__________________ is Hr 2000 per month, paid monthly.

7. Your________________entitlement is 30 days in any calendar year.

8. Your annual___________________ is 25 days.

9. The minimum period of _____________ to which you are entitled is 3 month.

10. Your position with regard to__________ is set out in the labour contract.

11. If you have a ________________ relating to your employment, you should refer to the complaint procedure outlined in the collective agreement.

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