-(3434)-(809)-(7483)-(1457) -(14632) -(1363)-(913)-(1438)-(451)-(1065)-(47672) -(912)-(14524) -(4268)-(17799)-(1338)-(13644)-(11121)-(55)-(373)-(8427)-(374)-(1642)-(23702)-(16968)-(1700)-(12668)-(24684)-(15423)-(506)-(11852) -(3308)-(5571)-(1312)-(7869)-(5454)-(1369)-(2801)-(97182)-(8706)-(18388)-(3217)-(10668) -(299)-(6455)-(42831)-(4793)-(5050)-(2929)-(1568)-(3942)-(17015)-(26596)-(22929)-(12095)-(9961)-(8441)-(4623)-(12629)-(1492) -(1748)

C. Find an appropriate equivalent for each modal verb in the articles from the contract below and translate them faithfully into Ukrainian

  1. A) Match the English word combinations to their Russian equivalents.
  2. A) Scan the text and fill in the table below.
  3. A) Work in groups. Read four texts below.
  4. A. In the box below you can see the names of the crimes. Match the crimes with their definitions.
  5. Appropriate ATS authority, the lowest safe altitude.
  6. B) Suggest the methods of translation into Ukrainian of the names of English and foreign companies in the sentences below.
  7. B) Translate into English.
  8. B. Translate the articles of The Charter of the United Nations below. State the way in which the meaning of the modal verb shall is to be expressed in Ukrainian.
  9. By Choosing Absolute/Complete Equivalents
  10. C) Translate this extract from English into Ukrainian.
  11. Check the meaning of the words in the box in your mini-dictionary. Then write the words in the table below.


B. Read carefully the Release Form below. Identify the meaning of the modal verb will in it and translate the document into Ukrainian.

Exercise II. Identify the meanings expressed by the modal verb will in the sentences below and translate them into Ukrainian.

A. 1. - we will now seriously devote ourselves to a little high tension. 2. Now I know you're tortoise. You thought I wouldn't. Now I will. 3. I've never seen a Jaguar ... An' I 'spose I never will. 4. ...butwe, Best Beloved, will call him Tegumai. 5. We will still call her Taffi. 6. I will go away and get help for him from his tribe. 7. I will make a Magic and I will play your play. 8.1 will go up and look and say: I will guard your cave. 9. I will come, I will be your servant for the sake of the wonderful grass. 10. I will do so, said the Woman - but I will not thank you for it. 11. I will ever be grateful to you. Now we will make our bargain. 12. I will hunt you till I catch you. I will bite you. I will be kind to the Baby while I am in the Cave. (Kipling) 13. None are so blind as those who will not see. (Saying) 14. As you sow, so will you reap. (Saying) 15. Say, will you do me a favour? Will I? 15. I will prove that he lied. (Kipling)

16. I will now read you a little tale that I wrote last night. (M.Twain)

17. I will never marry without my father's warrant, she added. (Leacock) 18. Will you be going to the dance tonight? he asked. (Macken) 19. Get this prescription made up and come and see me. Thanks, Doc, I will. (Maugham) 20. But I think I will say no, if you don't mind. 21. I am an Englishman, and I will suffer no priest to interfere in my business. 22. They're crazy. The Sheriff won't let them. (Saroyan) 23. I am perfectly willing to wait. 24. I will go out of the room if you do. 25. Then I will not marry him. I will not go abroad. (B.Shaw) 26. Tomorrow I will be a man, For Tomorrow I shall fight, And Tomorrow I will die. (Olga Oddes) 27. I will, Leister, I will, she exclaimed, I will tell you everything when I come back. (Dreiser). 28. We will let him go to school next year if we can. (Ibid)

I agree that during this trip I will not smoke cigarettes nor use alcohol or drugs. I will not visit relatives and friends living in the United States, nor arrange or participate in private or public business or activities unrelated to the program of the International Leadership Conference. I will not engage in any promiscuous relationships or dating relationships during my entire stay in the United States. I will follow the program as scheduled and I will return to Ukraine on the scheduled date of departure. I will take full personal and legal responsibility for all my actions while in the United States.


10.1. Company shall set up a capital fund, a reserve fund and such other funds that are required by the effective Ukrainian law or stipulated by the Company's Statutes, or considered necessary by a decision of the Participants Meeting.


11.1. The Participants shall set up a capital fund of the Company to the value of [?] Hryvnias, which sum according to the currency exchange rate established by the National Bank of Ukraine at the date of this Agreement (1 Deutsche Mark [?] Hryvnias).

11.2. The Participants' contributions to the capital fund of the Company may consist of monetary means in Ukrainian and foreign currency, buildings, erections, equipment and other material valuables, securities, rights to use land, water and other natural resources, as well as other proprietary rights, including rights to intellectual property.

11.3.1. The Ukrainian Participant shall contribute to the capital fund of the Company monetary means in Ukrainian currency, [material valuables and proprietary rights] to the aggregate value of [?] Hryvnias, which sum according to the currency exchange rate established by the National Bank of Ukraine at the date of this Agreement equals to [?] 1 Deutsche Mark, and his share shall constitute [?%] of the Company's capital fund, including: Monetary means in Ukrainian currency in the amount of [?] Hryvnias, which sum according to the currency exchange rate established by the National Bank of Ukraine at the date of this Agreement equals to [?] Deutsche Marks.


15.5. A Participant's share, after he has made his contribution to the capital fund in full, may be acquired by the Company itself. In such a case the Company must transfer the share, if so acquired, to other Participants or to third parties in no later than 1 year of the date of acquisition. Within that period distribution of Company's profits, determination of quorum and voting at the Meeting of Participants shall be made without regard to the share acquired by the Company.


16.1. In case of reorganization or liquidation of a Participant (a legal entity) or death of a Participant (natural person) their successors (heirs) shall have the priority right to join the Company.

16.2. In case the successors (the heir) refuses to join the Company or the Company objects to his admission to the Company, such a successor (the heir) shall be given in cash or in any kind a part of all of the Company's property, owing to the reorganized or liquidated entity (died person), evaluated as on the date of reorganization or liquidation or death of the respective Participant. In such a case the Company's capital fund shall be decreased.


18.1. The Company's governing bodies shall be: Meeting of Participants; Director; Auditing Committee.

18.2. The Meeting of Participants shall be the highest governing body of the Company. Each Participant shall have at the Meeting the number of votes proportionate to his share in the Company's capital fund.

18.3. The Director shall be the one person executive body of the Company and shall manage the Company's current activity. The Director shall be appointed by a decision of the Meeting of Participants.

18.4. The Auditing Committee shall be the body for maintaining control over activities of the executive body. Members of the Auditing Committee shall be appointed by a decision of the Meeting of Participants.

18.5. Powers, responsibilities and procedures of functioning of
the Meeting of Participants, the Director and the Auditing Committee
shall be determined by the company's Statutes and the effective law
of Ukraine.

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