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UKRAINE. Leaving a message on an answer phone

Leaving a message on an answer phone



Good morning. Can I have extension 321, please?


No, Im sorry, it isnt. Shes just gone out. Can I take a message? Shell be back in a minute.


Hi, Annie. This is er Pete here. Pete Nealy. Er I need to speak to you about your next weekend. Can you give me a ring? Erm Im not at home, by the way Its ten oclock now and Ill be here all morning, er until two oclock. Yes, thanks. Bye.


Thank you very much. Frank? Its me, Diana.


Yes, please. This is Pam Haddon. He rang me earlier and left a message on my answer phone and Im returning his call. Can you tell him Im back in my office now?


Yes, please. Im sure shes got my number but Ill give it to you again, just in case. Its 019245611718.


II. Decide which of the dialogues above sound more like business calls?


6. Read / listen to 3 telephone conversations and say:

who is speaking to who;

what about;

how well they know each other.


1. Hello, 52902.

Hello, Peter. This is John.

Hi, John. How are you?

Fine, thanks. And you?

All right. Did you have a nice weekend? You went to __________ didnt you?

Yes we went to see some friends who live in the country. It was lovely. We had a good time!

Oh, good.

Peter, could you do me a favour. Im playing a squash tonight, but my rackets broken. Could I borrow yours?

Sure. Thats fine.

Thanks a lot. Can I get in half an hour, thats OK?

Yes. Ill be in.





2. Hello, International School of English.

Hello. Could I speak to Ann Baker, please?

Hold on. Ill connect you.


Hello! Can I speak to Ann Baker, please?


Ah, hello. I saw your advertisement about English classes in the magazine. Could you send me some information, please?

Certainly. Can I just take some details? Could you give me your name and address, please?


3. Hello. 755997?

Hello. Is that Mike?

No, Im afraid, he is out at the moment. Can I take a message?

Yes, please. Can you say that Joe phoned and Ill try again later? Do you know what time hell be back?

In about an hour I think.

Thanks, Good-bye.



1. It can be difficult to leave a message on an answer phone! You have to think quickly and speak clearly, and you have to pretend that youre talking to a person, but of course youre talking to a machine.

How to leave a message on an answer phone
introduce yourself This is Hello. / My name is
give the day and time Its three oclock on Monday afternoon.
reason for phoning Im ringing to let you know that to find out if because I need
request action ring me back? Could you / help me?
give you number My number is You can get me on Im on 784567 until five oclock
end Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

2. Work in pairs. Your teacher will give you role cards. Act out a telephone conversation.




Pre-reading Activities

1. Test your knowledge about Ukraine. Finish the sentences:

1) The word Ukraine means

a) borderland c) the country of many rains

b) steppe d) the land of Cossacks

2) The third longest river in Europe is

a) the Desna c) the Dnieper

b) the Danube d) the Bug

3) Kyivan Rus was established

a) 2000 years ago c) in the 1st century B.C.

b) in the 9th century d) in the 5th century

4) The highest body of the legislative power in Ukraine is

a) the President c) the Prime Minister

b) Verhovna Rada d) the Constitutional Court

5) The first university in Ukraine was opened in

a) Kyiv c) Odessa

b) Kharkiv d) Lviv

6) The second largest city of Ukraine after Kyiv is

a) Kharkiv c) Donetsk

b) Odessa d) Dnipropetrovsk

7) The founder of the modern Ukrainian literature was

a) Hryhory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko c) Ivan Kotlyarevsky

b) Taras Shevchenko d) Panas Myrny

8) The Nobel Prize laureates who lived and worked in Ukraine were

a) V. Vernadsky and B. Paton c) L. Landau and I. Mechnikov

b) S. Lebedev and I. Kurchatov d) M. Barabashov and S. Korolyov

9) Ukraine is a Christian country and most believers belong to

a) the Catholic Church c) the Orthodox Church

b) the Greek Catholic Church d) the Evangelic Church

10) The biggest seaport in Ukraine is

a) Yalta c) Mikolaiv

b) Odessa d) Sebastopol


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