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Choose the correct form of Past Simple or Continuous

B. Change the sentences above into negatives and questions.

1. I met / was meeting a friend while I did / was doing the shopping.

2. I paid / was paying for my things when I heard / was hearing someone call my name.

3. I turned / was turning round and saw / was seeing Jim.

4. She wore / was wearing a bright red coat when I met her.

5. We decided / were deciding to have a cup of coffee.

6. While we had / were having a drink the man rushed / was rushing into the café saying that someone was running / run after him.

7. The waiter phoned / was phoning the police and asked / was asking for help.

8. At that moment another man entered / was entering the café.

9. He addressed / was addressing the first man and said / was saying he had found that man’s wallet in the street.

10. Everybody sighed / was sighing, smiled / was smiling and relaxed / was relaxing.


7. Write some sentences about: 1) your ordinary day in school;

2) some adventure that happened to you;

3) your last summer.

8. A. Insert the correct form of the verb to be (is or are).

1. There ______ libraries in every university building.

2. There ______ full-time and part-time students in our University.

3. There ______ 3 academic terms in a year.

4. There ______ a lot of merited teachers of Ukrainian among the graduates of our university.

5. There ______ a few people who don’t know English nowadays.

6. There ______ a monument to the first teacher in front of the University.

7. There ______ usually 25 students in a group.

8. There ______ a memorial sign on that building.

9. There ______ a bed, a wardrobe, a table and some chairs in my room.

10. There ______ a TV set in the corner.

11. There______ some chairs, a table and a bookcase there.

12. There ______ a library on the first floor.


B. Make up some questions using the structure there is / are.

Model: Are there any flowers in the room?

Is there a picture on the wall?

How many students are there in the classroom?


Use the words: furniture, a table, a book, water, an exercise-book, a pen,

a blackboard, a friend, a group-mate, a notice, a recipe

C. Describe the room you live/are in using the structure there is /are.

9. A. Look at the words and word combinations and tell the group what you can do and what you can’t do.

Model: I can work on the computer. I can’t ski.

speak German ride a bicycle

speak English play the piano

dance cook

sing knit

skate sew

make music drive a car

play chess play badminton

B. Say what you could do and what you couldn’t do when you were 4, 10, 15.

C. Use have to or must in the sentences below.

1. Don’t forget you’ve got exams soon. I think you ______ start revising.

2. He’s a security guard so he often ______ work at night.

3. I haven’t been to the dentist for ages. I ______ make an appointment.

4. You don’t ______ be qualified to work for us.

5. You ______ be the right age to apply.

6. You always ______ show your passport at the frontier.


10. Put an appropriate verb in its correct form into each gap (can, could).

1. In my country you ______ get married when you are 16.

2. Women _____ vote in England until 1922.

3. Last night I ______ get into my house because I had forgotten my key.

4. ”Hello. Is that the dentist? ______ I make an appointment to see you, please?”

5. Many night animals ______ see very well.

11. Write what you would say in the following situations.

1. You are in a crowded café. You see a table with one chair free. What do you ask the other people at the table before you sit down?


2. You are at a friend’s house. You have to make an urgent phone call. What do you say?


3. You borrowed some money from your friend and promised him to pay it back this day. Apologize and offer to pay tomorrow.


4. You have to fill in a form, but you haven’t got a pen. Ask to borrow one.


5. You don’t have a watch but you need to find out the time not to be late for a meeting. What do you say?


6. You have to do some task and you are to go to the library. But you don’t know where it is. Ask somebody how to get there.


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