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A. Fill in the blanks with the correct word


D. Find out whether the statement is true (T) or false (F) according to the information in the text.

C. Complete the sentence with the best answer (A, B or C) according to the information in the text.

A. Answer the questions to the text.



1 What are the components of a successful advertisement?

2 Why does the writer say about the ‘hook’?

3 According to the writer, what is the difference between features and expectations?

4 What is meant by the phrase ‘trading radius’?

5 Why is the choice of an advertising vehicle important?

6 What examples of wrong timing are given in the article?

7 Why do business owners often say that advertising doesn’t work?


B. Which of the following do you think is more suitable as a title for the article?

A Cheap Advertising

B The Message

C Effective Advertising

D Advertising in the Media

E Timely Advertising


1 About 80% of the advertisements contain flaws that

A can be easily corrected.

B make them an expensive waste of time.

C can’t be improved.

2 A good advertisement captures your attention

A from among a great number of other advertising messages.

B by unusual images.

C because it is placed on a big billboard.

3 It is useful to construct advertising hooks for readers

A by creating attractive décor.

B by promising benefits for customers.

C by listing the features of the business that differentiates it from other businesses.

4 The choice of advertising vehicle is

A especially important to cost-effective management.

B not as important as a well constructed ad.

C based on money you can spend.

5 When business owners say that their ads didn’t work, it means that

A they will not use ads in the future.

B they have the right message on the wrong vehicle or the timing was wrong.

C ads can be considered as an expensive waste of time.


1 A lot of adverts can capture your attention when you scan the pages of a newspaper. ( )

2 A successful advertisement must have the right message, use the right vehicle, and be presented at the right time. ( )

3 A ‘hook’ is a clever headline or graphic that relates to the needs of the reader. ( )

4 A clever headline or graphic relates to the needs of advertiser. ( )

5 A strong business has at list four or five features that make it different from its competitors. ( )

6 A trading radius has nothing in common with the area from which most of the customers come. ( )



1 I believe about 80% of the advertisements contain flaws that render the exercise an expensive _____________ of time.

2 AIDA is an acronym; it stands for: _____________, Interest, Desire, Action.

3 It is useful to construct advertising hooks by listing the features of the business and then converting them into ______________ for the customer.

4 A good ad should go on to ____________ its claims and tell the reader how to respond.

5 The second big issue in a successful ad is the ___________ it uses.


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