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Primary colour

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Primary appraisal

Pretend play

Preoperational stage


Predictive validity

Pragmatic reasoning schema

Power Law of Practice

Postural echo

Possible self

Population norms




the mating or marriage of one female with two of more males.


the mating or marriage of one male with two or more females.


an enlarged section towards the top of the brain containing groups of neurones that are involved in processes like sleep and arousal, motor control, and pain sensation and control.

tables of typical results for psychometric tests, which are used to judge whether one single individual's score is typical for their population group or not.

in the perception of self, that view about what the self might be like in the future. See also ideal self, ought self.


a channel of communication, often evident in interview situations, where the interviewee will unconsciously shift position as the interviewer does.


the theory which states that performance at a particular skill will improve as a simple 'power' function of the amount of practice one has had at the skill.


an explanation of the effects of content in the selection task which suggests that people use context-dependent rules of inference, such as a permission schema, to solve problems of this kind.

a method of assessing whether a psychometric test is valid (i.e. really measures what it is supposed to) by seeing how well it correlates with some other measure, which is assessed later, after the test has been taken.


the negative evaluation of another person, based on some general attribute such as sex, race or disability, rather than on their individual personality and worth.


the period of human development between the ages of two and seven, described by Jean Piaget, during which children are not able to perform various cognitive tasks. The second of Piaget's four stages of cognitive development, characterised by an ability to focus on only one attribute of an object at a time, and an inability to 'decentre'.


one of the stages of play amongst children, described by Jean Piaget and Sara Smilansky, which children engage in from 15 months onward and which develop from simple acts of 'feeding' dolls into elaborate role-play episodes. Play which involves the use of the child's imagination.

one of two appraisal processes applied in the study of physiological stress, when an individual appraises the threat inherent in a situation. See also secondary appraisal.


one of a small set of coloured lights which, when added together in different proportions, can produce a wide range of perceivable colours.


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