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Object permanence

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Normative development

Normative beliefs

Normal distribution curve

Non-verbal vocal tone

Non-verbal communication

Non-common effects

Non-accidental property

Nomothetic research

Nodes of Ranvier








the 'nerve glue' which holds neurones together.

a chemical that alters the general sensitivity and responsivity of neurones.

a nerve cell which conveys and processes information in the nervous system.

see extroversion-introversion

a chemical specific to a particular neurone which is secreted by it in order to influence and communicate with other nerve cells.

in the study of ecology, the environmental slot containing all the determinants of survival into which a particular species fits after going through a period of adaptation.

in environmental cognition, a place where routes intersect in the mental images people develop of maps.

a bare portion of uncoated axon on the myelin sheath and which cause nerve impulses to 'jump'.


research which compares large groups of people in order to uncover general rules and principles of human behaviour.

a property of the image that probably reflects the same property of the world, such as a straight line in an image which is almost (but not quite) certainly produced by a straight edge.

in the process of determining a dispositional attribution, the number of very specific effects caused by an action.

a form of communication without speech developed between babies and their carers, which makes use of faces, voices, body movements and touch, but which adults and the disabled continue to use throughout life to supplement and to support speech or act as its substitute.

in channels of communication, the reinforcement of words by gesture.

a pattern of scores, distributed on a graph, which appears on that graph as a bell-shaped curve. Also known as the Gaussian distribution, this has mathematical properties which mean that the probability, or likelihood, of a given score can be calculated simply by knowing the value of the mean and the standard deviation.

in attitude functions, those beliefs about whether specific others would approve of the person performing the behaviour which determine the subjective norm component.

a typical pattern of development common to many children used as the basis for descriptive work by psychologists.


the idea posited by Jean Piaget that objects which are no longer visible still continue to exist even though they are out of sight, which although taken for granted by adults requires the forming of a mental representation on the part of the infant.

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