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Long-term store (LTS)

Long-term potentiation

Long range motion system


Locus of control

Local optimality

Literacy skills


Linguistic relativity

Linguistic determinism


Lightness contrast

Lightness constancy

Life-span development perspective

see cycle

the perceptual phenomenon by which surfaces appear to have the same reflectance despite changes in illumination.

the perceptual phenomenon by which the lightness of one region of the image is affected by nearby regions, such as how a given region will look darker when surrounded by a bright region than when surrounded by a light region.

in environmental psychology, the qualities accounting for preferences of place and location.

the theoretically 'stronger' version of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, that language must determine thought, i.e. that what one says causally affects what one thinks. See also linguistic relativity.


a theoretically 'weak' version of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that language must influence thought, but which does not take account of the fact that if a language has no word for something, then it cannot be thought about.

in the study of genetics, the link between the genetic basis of characters which results from both genes lying on the same chromosome.

the acquisition of grammar leading to the ability to read and write.

in the study of evolution, the optimization by natural selection on a local scale, of animals living within a particular habitat.

where control of what happens is perceived to come from. An internal locus of control means that the person sees it as coming from within themselves - so they are largely in control of what happens to them, or at least in a position to influence it. An external locus of control means that it is perceived as coming from sources outside of the person, and so is not something which the individual can influence.

in speech act theory, the literal speech act, i.e. the utterance itself.

one of two systems thought to underpin human motion perception which operates indirectly, by inferring motion from the change in image position of a given feature over time. See also ,b>feature tracking.

an increase in postsynaptic potential caused by repeated stimulation of a cell, which is thought to occur in many structures, providing the basis for much of learning and memory, probably in the form of long-term modification of neural pathways.

the permanent store of knowledge which is of infinite capacity and which is often referred to as secondary memory.

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