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Intensity cue

Intelligence scale

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

Integrated internal representation

Instrumental conditioning

Instinct theories

Insecure attachment


Information processing

Inferential explosion



the process, generally experienced in the transitional period between early and middle adulthood, whereby an adult becomes more reflective about his/her life and increasingly compassionate, accepting and more loving of self and others.

a non-deductive type of reasoning where, even if a person knows the premises given are true, and knows that they have reasoned as they intended, they cannot be sure that their conclusion will be true, the end result being a hypothesis.

the point arrived at when the use of rules to reason about a representation become vulnerable and therefore unsustainable.

a way of thinking about perception, usually associated with the indirect approach, that views it as a process of creating and manipulating internal representations.

in social psychology, the restraining effect on the individual of the presence of others when they are performing certain tasks, which stems from their apprehension at being evaluated by the other

the lack of attachment by an infant to a particular care giver, so that it does not use the attachment figure as a secure base and when distressed will show some ambivalence to or avoidance of that attachment figure. See also secure attachment.

the name given to the old-fashioned idea that the reasons why people do things or act in certain ways is because they are driven by some kind of inborn pressure, or 'instinct'.

an experimental procedure in which reinforcement takes place only after the subject has made the appropriate response and which is used almost interchangeably with the term operant conditioning.

the method applied by a blind child for building up an awareness of a particular area, which is relative to the amount of lifetime freedom it has been allowed to explore space by its parents or carers.

the ratio of intelligence in an individual, calculated by dividing their mental age by their chronological age and multiplying by 100.

a scale devised by Binet and Simon, which was based on already-existing tests of memory, comprehension, vocabulary and reasoning, the selection being based on items which generated good performance from children rated as bright as well as poor performance from children considered less able

one of the main sources of information in locating the direction of sound sources. Sounds coming from the left, for example, will be more intense in the left ear than in the right. See also timing cue.

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