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Identity status

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Ideal self


Hypothesis testing



Hypercomplex cell



Horizontal cell


Home range

in environmental psychology, the particular area through which any animal species will move, on both a daily and seasonal basis, in order to gain the resources it needs.

that quality of ego functioning, as defined by Erik Erikson, which enables the infant to differentiate between trust and mistrust and develop a capacity for viewing life with optimism.

a type of retinal neurone that collects the responses of many receptor cells and relays them to a bipolar cell.

the correct term for what is generally called colour. Scientifically, colour is broken down into hue, saturation and brightness.

the complete set of several hundred thousand cells in the primary visual cortex responsible for the preliminary analysis of one small region of the image.

a type of cell in the visual cortex, also known as end-stopped cell, that is orientationally selective, having a relatively large receptive field, and which responds best to stimuli that end within its receptive field. See also simple cell, complex cell.

a small structure located inside the brain which is important in numerous motivational processes such as hunger, thirst and sex and which also plays a role in controlling emotion, sleep and bodily temperature. In addition, it can exert certain physical and emotional effects by directing the release of hormones from the pituitary gland.

a set of predictions gathered as the basis of a theory that can themselves be tested with respect to evidence.

a procedure for testing the truth or usefulness of a hypothesis, by deducing specific consequences from it and finding out whether those consequences are true.



in Freudian psychology, one of the three fundamental components of the personality; the id is present at birth and is entirely unconscious, and is responsible for the basic sexual and destructive-aggressive instincts. See also , super-ego.

in the perception of self, that view of the self which implies 'Me as I would like to be'. The perfect self that we would each like to be. See also ought self, possible self.

feeling that you are almost the same as, or very like, another person, and that this gives you something special in common with them.

four categories of reaction in young people to certain questions posed them in a semi-structured interview and which have been defined as 'confusion', 'foreclosure', 'moratorium' and 'achievement'.

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