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1. Despite much angry and sometimes ignorant talk about Japanese burying their guilty secrets, there is a great deal of Japanese literature that deals honestly with the war. 2. The scandal has resulted in the local station chief of America's CM giving warning that America might stop sharing intelligence with South Korea. 3. The U.S. State Department faulted the Muslim fundamentalist fac­tion known as the Taleban for publicly beating women for not being ac­companied by a close male relative. 4. Nominal sovereignty is no longer the valuable commodity it once was, and independence may actually lead to people having less control over decisions that crucially affect them. 5. Foreign exchange analysts, despite all the fanfare and pep talk about the United States reasserting its leading role as a bastion of free enterprise, remain extremely skeptical that the dollar's strength can be sustained without the support of high interest rates. 6. With consumer prices in the euro area only 1% higher than they were a year ago, there is little risk of currency depreciation causing a dangerous surge in inflation. 7. The next bad step will be to say that the WTO's (World Trade Organisation) test is wrong: instead of the importer having to prove that a product is dangerous, let the exporter show that it is safe. 8. The continued success of voluntary mass vaccination depends on governments providing accurate information about the risks and benefits. 9. The Europeans suspect the Americans of cheating on the deal by funneling indirect subsidies to Boeing, in contravention of the agreement to limit subsidies to 30% of a project's cost. 10. The supremacy of EU law over national law is also implicit in the treaties. Nor could the court's powers be repatriated by Britain or anyone else, without a country leaving the Union altogether. 11. The unions sought discussions with the company on supervisory grade matters, about which no understanding agreement existed with the unions, and insisted on shop-floor employees being present during these discussions. 12. Those trade unionists who believed the propaganda about the freeze benefiting the lower-paid workers got a shock just before Christ­mas, when agreements affecting farm workers and shop assistants were referred to the Prices and Incomes Board. 13. France is the largest contributor to the offensive after the US and is fully committed to success. Yet at the same time politicians on both the left and right are profoundly wary of France being so closely involved in a military venture that is US dominated and orchestrated through NATO. 14. But if this experiment fails then it is obvious that, far from there being an improvement in the standards of life of the British people, there will be a steady diminution. 15. Jobs and living standards depend on the industrial capacity of the nation being used to the full. 16. The drift in the EU towards virtue should mean a better deal for taxpayers, and a more efficient commission, even if the spectacle of the European parliament seizing the high moral ground takes some getting used to. 17. America is still a place where most people react to seeing a man in a Ferrari by redoubling their own efforts to be able to afford one, rather than by trying to let down his tyres. Great wealth is generally seen as the by product of cool ideas being put into practice. 18. It is not the critics of the Minister of Economy who are cynical. That is a word which could be more accurately applied to a Minister who says he is for prices being kept down, and then supports a Budget which puts them up. 19. It is the considered opinion of the Government and people of India that to disturb the status quo must lead to the forces of disorder being unleashed in the entire sub-continent. 20. The Prime Minister said there might not be any question of neonazis or fascists getting power in Britain, but they could not be under­estimated. They should be attacked and isolated from the rest of the community. 21. It is tiresome for outsiders to keep being called upon to put a lid on Cyprus. In any event, Russia had no justification for what it did in in­tervening for gratuitous, pseudo-historical nationalist purposes, in playing with fire. 22. They gathered to discuss the injustices of foreign trade as they af­fect the chances of the poor countries ever becoming less poor. 23. Another important American statement shows that the military chiefs object to any idea of each country having its own independent forces and are opposed to the idea being discussed at an international forum. 24. A shadow minister is to challenge the government over reports that prescription charges may be increased next April. An opposition front bench spokesman in health said: «It is evidence of people being de­nied medicines on their doctors' advice by the price being charged, and is a tragic breach of the idea of the National Health Service.» 25. Harm comes not from people taking measures to control their lives and destinies, but from government and corporate policies which threaten all forms of life, and mock our potential for human creativity and noncoercive problem-solving. 26. One hundred and thirty recruits have also joined the party since October without any sort of recruiting campaign being needed. 27. What police described as «appalling» weather conditions pre­vented the two helicopters borrowed from the Army taking part in the search. 28. The whole system was nothing but an alarm system designed to go off in case of raw materials being illegally removed or utilized. 29. One contributor to a debate on the Internet calls for Hong Kong to stop being treated as «a diplomatic football or a fin-de-siecle floor-show». 30. The latest snapshot has forecasters raising their next year's growth estimates yet again and ordinary Americans pondering some of the likely consequences of that strength such as higher interest rates and a stronger dollar.

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