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Answer the following questions. Human body and mind health

Human body and mind health

Module 5

Health is above wealth.

Part 1

How often are you ill? 2. When do people more often fall ill? Why? Have you got any aches and pains at the moment? 3. When was the last time you visited a doctor? Why did you go there? Are you afraid of doctors? 4. Have you ever had an operation? Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? 5. Would you like to work in the medical profession? Why / Why not? 6. How important is it to know first aid? 7. What is the health system like in your country? Can you think of any ways to improve health system in your country?


2. What do you think of it?

When a doctor doctors a doctor,

does the doctor doing the doctoring

doctor as the doctor being doctored wants to be doctored or

does the doctor doing the doctoring doctor as he wants to doctor?

3. a)Match the two halves of the sayings. What do they mean? Are there similar sayings in your language?

  1. Healthy body … a) by bread alone.
  2. The eyes … b) no gain.
  3. You are … c) healthy mind.
  4. Man does not live … d) what you eat.
  5. No pain … e) are the window to the soul.

b) Put the words in the right order to make a proverb. Which sayings do you think are true?

a) a, away , a , keeps , apple, an, doctor, day.

b) in, a sound , body, mind, sound, a.

c) is, cure, prevention, than, better.

d) is, man's, man's, meat, poison, one, another.

e) and, rise, to, wealthy, to, and, early, man, bed, healthy, wise, early, a, makes.


4.Read these texts. Which do you agree with?

Looking after yourself. 1. We should look after ourselves properly. We know it's dangerous to smoke, we know we shouldn't drink too much, and we know that diet is important. If we eat good food and take enough exercise we enjoy life more, and we enjoy it for longer. It's common sense.

2. It's ridiculous - people spend their lives worrying about what they eat and drink, going to the gym, and being unhappy about the way they live. And it doesn't make any difference. Eat what you want to eat, drink what you want to drink, and enjoy yourself. My granddad lived on fish and chips and Guinness, and he lived to 94.


5.What do you do to keep healthy? Think about these things.

· food

· exercise

· cigarettes

· sleep

· alcohol

· work

· medical check-ups

What’s the matter?

6.How many parts of the body can you name?

Complete the word web with as many parts of the body as possible.

  head _______ _______ _______ Remember!   arm _______ _______ _______   body _______ _______ _______   leg _______ _______ _______    
  What’s the matter? What’s wrong? - ache I’ve got backache, toothache, stomach ache, headache, earache, and heartache (an emotional condition, not a physical one). For all other parts of the body: I’ve got apain in (my/ the) feet, knee, leg, etc. I’ve got a sore foot, sore feet,sore knee. My feet hurt / ache. My knee hurts / aches. - bad:I’m feeling bad,I’ve got a bad back / stomach / cough /chest.

7. a) Match the complaints to the reasons.

Complaints Reasons
1.I've got sore feet and my knee hurts. 2.Ouch! I've burnt myself. 3.I've cut myself. Get me a plaster! 4.I've got stomach-ache, and I feel sick. 5.Oh, my back aches. 6.I've got toothache. 7.I've got a temperature. I think I'm getting a cold. 8.My arm hurts and I've got a pain in my shoulder. A. I've had too much to drink. В. I was cooking sausages and I touched the grill. С. I've been painting all day. D. I've been carrying heavy boxes all day. E. I was cutting flowers and I was careless. F. I got very cold and wet yesterday. G. I've just run a marathon. H. I've just bitten into a hard apple

b)Listen and check.

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