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Work in pairs

Medical problems.

What do you do when you have these problems?

A. I see a doctor.

В. Oh, I carry on as normal.

C. I take an aspirin.

a headache flu sunburn travel sickness a sore throat food poisoning toothache indigestion a cold backache hiccups stomach-ache a mosquito bite a sprained ankle a temperature a cut finger


9. How many of these problems have you had in the last year?


10. a) Listen and complete the missing parts of the dialogue.

What’s wrong?

Hellen: Hi, Nick. You _______________ too good.

Nick: No, I feel _____________________ .

Hellen: _____________________________?

Nick: I ‘ve got a _______________ and my body ______________ all over.

Hellen: Oh, dear. It sounds like flu to me. _________ go home ?

Nick: ________________________…

b) Practise the conversation.


11. Useful language.

Look at these sentences. Connect the ones that mean the same thing.

1. I feel ill. 2. What's the matter? 3. You don't look too good. 4. Oh dear. 5. Are you OK? 6. I think you should ... 7. I've got stomach-ache. a) Are you all right? b)My stomach hurts. с) Why don't you ... ? d) What's up? e)I feel awful. f)I'm sorry (to hear that). g)You don't look very well.

12.Listen to these sentences. Which words are stressed? Repeat them and try to sound exactly the same.

• You don't look very well.

• Are you all right?

• Oh dear.

• I've got a splitting headache.

• My back hurts.

• I feel terrible.

• I've got an awful cold.

Giving advice

13. Now listen to these three dialogues. What's the problem, and what does thefriend suggest?


problem friend suggests


14.In pairs. a) Make a dialogue using these cues.


not look too good No /terrible
What / matter? awful toothache
dear / Why don't / dentist? Yes / go tomorrow


b)Have similar conversations about these things.

a bad cold a high temperature terrible backache indigestion


15.Match the phrases below.

1) I have a horrible headache. a) Have a cup of tea with honey.

2) My back hurts. b) You will work better after it.

3) I have a sore throat. c) I ate something bad in the


4) I’ve got a stomach ache. d) Take an aspirin.

5) Take a short break. e) You should lie down.

6) I have a high temperature. f) I worked too much yesterday.


16.Give advice to a person. Use the following phrases.


I think you should + Verb. My advice is to + Verb. If I were you, I’d + Verb. Why don’t you + Verb?

1) I’ve got a toothache. If I were you, I’d take an aspirin.

2) I don’t feel very well.

3) My temperature is going up.

4) I think I’ve caught flu.

5) My back hurts all the time.

6) My eyes get tired very quickly.

7) I usually sit at work for a long time.

8) My nose is running.

Part 2

Vocabulary work.

1.Read these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.

a) When I broke my leg playing rugby, I was in plaster for six weeks.

b) Mum, I've cut my finger! Have you got a plaster?

c) She's sprained her wrist, so her arm's in asling at the moment.

d) Award is a room in a hospital with beds for patients.

e) I hate injections! I feel faint if I just see a syringe!

f)When you have a cold, your nose runs and you sneeze a lot.

g)When you have(the) flu,you feel weak and have a fever.

h)Knowing first aid can be really useful if you are ever involved in an accident.

i)My dad is desperate for a cure for baldness.

j)I hope you get over your cold soon.

k)My mum put abandage round my broken arm until we got to the hospital.

l)I went to my GP / general practitioner to ask her for something for my stomachache.

m) We're going to visit my sick aunt in hospital so I'd like to get some flowers.

n) The doctor gave me a prescription for painkillers.


1. My grandfather's in a _________ with eighteen other patients.

2. When Karen’s arm was _______, she had to learn to write with her left hand. She said it was very difficult.

3. The doctor said that, after the operation, I've got to keep my arm in a __________ for a couple of days.

4. It's quite a deep cut. I don't think a _______ will be enough. You might need stitches.

5. The dentist used a ___________ to anaesthetise my mouth before he started drilling.

6. The doctor asked the ______ man to remove his shirt.

7. Come on, go to school - you've only got _______.

8. I took the ______ to the chemist, who gave me the medicine I needed.

9. I felt helpless when I found the old man on the floor and wished I had known some _______.

10. Maybe one day they will find a _______ for cancer.

11. You've got ________. I suggest you stay in bed and keep warm and phone me if it gets any worse.

12. Why have you got a ______ round your head?

13. My sister has been quite ill, but she's starting to __________it now.

14. My _________didn't know what the problem was and referred me to a specialist.


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