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Reading Comprehension Questions. Vocabulary Notes on the Text safety standards требования к безопасности bumper standards требования к безопасности при аварии

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Vocabulary Notes on the Text

safety standards требования к безопасности
bumper standards требования к безопасности при аварии
emission requirements нормы газовыделения (выброса в атмосферу продуктов сгорания)
to bring into compliance (with) приводить в соответствие (с)
pursuant to regulations в соответствии с порядком
port of entry порт ввоза; порт таможенной обработки
freight forwarder экспедиционное агентство, организующее перевозки партий грузов
to send imports in bond отправлять импортные товары, не оплаченные пошлиной
to handle entry производить обработку импортного груза

1. Do you think that a vehicle obtained abroad will meet all relevant standards?

2. What can and must be done for the vehicle to meets these standards?

3. Where can the information on the standards be obtained?

4. What kind of information is contained in leaflets and pamphlets obtained from the Customs?

5. What other agencies’ regulations do U.S. Customs enforce?

6. Where are the detailed automotive facts for imported vehicles described?

7. According to the text, what kind of importations is generally prohibited?

8. Whose regulations do generally prohibit them?

9. What arrangements should the owner make for shipping a vehicle?

10. Do you think Customs officers can act as agents for an importer?

Vocabulary Exercises

Find an appropriate word for each blank space in the text

1. You’d better not trust a foreign dealer who assures you that a vehicle meets these standards or can readily be ......

2. Vehicles entering the United States that ... with U.S. safety standards must be brought into compliance, exported, or destroyed.

3. The information for those who are importing a vehicle into the United States can be obtained from the nearest Customs offices, as well as from ...

4. Some important data of the Customs requirements is contained in the well-known ... and ....

5. The Environmental Protection Agency manual describes ... for imported vehicles.

6. Importations of vehicles from a certain number of countries is generally... by the Treasury Department.

7. One should contact the Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control in order to enquire about the ....

8. You will have to make .... before shipping a vehicle.

9. Shipments are cleared at ... unless you arrange for freight forwarder abroad to have the vehicle sent in bond to a Customs port.

10. You will have to employ a ... to act as agent for you as Customs officers are prohibited by law from ... for an importer.



Complete each sentence using an appropriate form of the word in the italics

1. In Australia, it is recommend that you do not ship your vehicle until you receive your Import Approval.

2. The vehicle not be hand over to you without this approval, and any delays may prove costly.

3. Import Approval be grant if a number of requirements meet, for instance, you own and use the vehicle overseas for a period of not less than twelve calendar months, you be of driving age, etc.

4. Before import a vehicle you should make sure you meet the import requirements, or you may have to export the vehicle, or face a fine of up to 120 penalty points.

5. At the time of first registration in Australia, road vehicles must be fit with a compliance plate which indicate that the vehicle comply with the Australian Design Rules.

6. Any documents in a language other than English must be accompany by an official translation.

7. Under the Motor Vehicle Standard Act 1989 (the Act) it is an offence supply a new or used vehicle to the Australian market for the first time unless it meet the safety, emissions and anti-theft standards.

8. The application for Import should be complete and send to the Administrator of Vehicle Standards before the vehicle arrive in Australia.

9. Duty must pay at the most convenient Customs office before the sale complete.

10. Conforming vehicles may remain in the U.S. indefinitely once a formal entry make for EPA purposes.


Match the words and their definitions

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