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Read the extract from a magazine article on the declining role of fathers in the family today and answer the questions below

Read the short extract and fill in the gaps with the words below. Say how mother raised Jessica.

Choose the best answer.

Find the words or phrases in the text which match the definitions below. The words are in the order that they appear in the text.

1) hit repeatedly with something hard

2) move around because you nothing else to do

3) drop or allow to fall

4) hidden corner

5) heavy material carried by a ship to make it steady

6) endanger

7) cloth wrapped round a corpse before burial

8) crazy

9) try to persuade by saying pleasant things which you do not mean

1 According to the writer, his mother was (a) sensitive, (b) self-mocking, (c) self-conscious, (d) sensible

2 The writer implies that his mother (a) was not consistent in her behaviour, (b) behaved like a servant girl, (c) was too serious in her manner, (d) was high-handed in her treatment of others.

3 According to the writer, none of the children (a) realised at the time what their mother was trying to teach them, (b) gained anything from their mother's teaching, (c) had the patience to learn anything from their mother, (d) were taught a deep appreciation of nature by their mother.

4 On the whole, it seems as if his mother collected things because (a) she wanted to show them to the children's father, (b) they reminded her of her absent husband, (c) she was superstitious about losing things, (d) it was something she was addicted to.

5 The writer's main feeling when he remembers his mother is one of (a) bewilderment, (b) admiration, (c) irritation, (d) amusement.

The trouble was that Jessica had been brought up by a strong, clear-minded and independent woman and (1) ______________ with the expectation that she would be the same. This had meant that at the earliest (2) _________________she had been encouraged to fly the nest and (3) _________________her wings. At no time had she considered marriage or ever having children; the two things didn't (4) ________________ into her thinking. As a child there had been no bed-time stories of young girls being rescued by handsome princes. “Whatever you want to do,” her mother would say when kissing her goodnight, “believe you can do it and you will.” And more important than anything else, make sure you enjoy what you do. Which

might have (5) ________________ some children into becoming (6) __________________ achievers, but not Jessica.

What it did was convince her from an early age that whatever she did would be because she wanted to do it, and for no other reason.

1 A raised В grown С produced D reared

2 A occasion В possibility С opportunity D moment

3 A spread В open С flap D try

4 A come В go С move D get

5 A caused В provoked С incited D incensed

6 A great В tug С huge D high

“A father is more than a male parent. Fathering a child is easy – being a father is not. Many people say that fathers no longer have a clear role in the family. They spend most of their time outside the home and never really get to know their children. Without models to follow, how can today's boys understand the concept of “being a father”? Are there no real fathers left?”

What role do you think fathers should play in a family today? Is it taking financial responsibility, feeding and clothing a child, teaching a child how to behave, or something different?

6) Discuss the questions:

What are your memories of the parents when you were a child?

Who do you think played a bigger part in your upbringing and influenced your character and personality? Was it a positive or negative influence? What would you thank your parents for? What would you like to change?

In your opinion, is it important that a girl should be brought up by a mother, and a boy – by a father? Why? Why not?

1) Express your opinion about the following statements:

Parents should support their children.

Parents should leave their children alone.

Parents shouldn’t criticize their children’s appearance.

Parental guidance is very important.

Parental advice is very valuable and helpful.

Children should obey their parents.

Children shouldn’t care for what their parents say.

Children should share their problems with parents rather than with their friends.

Children should show respect towards their parents’ views.

Children think that the views of the older generation are old fashioned.


2) Answer the questions using the expressions of opinion (I believe / guess/ assume/ presume/ consider/ suppose/ doubt/ suspect; in my opinion/ to my mind/ frankly speaking/ as for me/ to be perfectly honest with you/ my views on.. are/ I am convinced/ I have (strong) doubts about…/ I am in favor of../ I am for (against)…)

What are your views on equality in the family?

What do you think of religious up-bringing nowadays?

Are you in favor of parental criticism?

Do you believe in a compromise as a means of solving the generation gap problem?

Are you against punishment in today’s family life?

Are you convinced that these are the parents who must meet the interests of their children?


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