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About My Family and Myself

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Reading Activity

Memorise the following word combinations

1. I believe – полагаю...

2. to go in for trade – заняться торговлей

3. to look for a better paid job – искать лучше оплачиваемую работу

4. to try one’s luck – попытать счастья

5. to be similar in character – иметь похожие характеры

6. in appearance – по внешнему виду

7. to devote to the children – посвящать детям

8. a grown-up person – взрослый человек

9. to give up working – бросить работу

10. to enjoy respect from – пользоваться уважением у

11. to keep the house – вести хозяйство

12. to be concerned about – беспокоиться о

13. to be in good shape – быть в хорошей форме

14. according to the latest vogue – согласно последней моде

15. to do well at school – хорошо учиться в школе

16. to make a hell of the house – превратить дом в ад кромешный

17. to be of a strong built – быть крепкого телосложения

I believe that everything has its beginning in the family. Family is very important for every person, because it gives you a sense of stability and tradition, a feeling of having support and understanding. It seems a bit sad that families are getting so small these days. A family with three or four children is not a common thing. More often you will find many families where there is just Mummy, Dad, one kid and may be a dog. I don't know what it feels like being an only child in the family. There are three children in our family. So by modern standards we are considered to be a fairly large family.

I think I'd better start my story with my dad. His name is Ivan Petrovich. He is in his late forties, but he looks powerful and impressive. He is tall with dark hair and brown eyes and is of a strong built. My father is a research worker by profession. But about 10 years ago he had to look for a better paid job to support us. He went in for trade. At present he is trying his luck in several trade aspects. My father is determined, strong-willed, energetic. He looks very businesslike and at the same time he tries not to lose the sense of humour. And though he is very busy, he always devotes his free time to the children, mainly to my younger brother and sister because he takes me for a grown-up person, he trusts me and relies on me. He is even sure that I can be his partner in business translating some business papers and documents for him. Generally speaking my father and me are very similar in character though in appearance I take after my mother.

My mother's name is Larisa Ivanovna. She has turned 40 this year. But if you look at her you won't give her a year older than 30. My mother is a programmer by profession. Though there were no grandparents around to help my mother when we were small, she practically never gave up working. She is very interested in her work, she is a good professional and she enjoys respect from her colleagues. Mum's life is not easy, of course, because she has to keep the house in addition to her work. My mother is a quiet and charming person. She is very kind and she does a good job of being a mother. She is concerned about her appearance, tries to be in good shape, elegant and dressed according to the latest vogue, that's why she looks so good for her age.

My younger brother Sasha is only 7 years old. He studies at school. He does well at school, which makes all of us happy. He is a diligent, kind and intelligent boy. He is tall for his age, sporty and we hope he'll make a good basketball player one day.

As for my younger sister Kate, she is only 4 years of age. She is a very pretty, lively, cheerful and energetic little thing. She is very restless and it's hard for her to stay in one and the same place for more than a minute, so when the two of them are playing they make a hell of the house.

Now a few words about me. My name is Denis. I am seventeen. This year I entered the Belarusian State University. At present I am a first-year student at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty. I have always liked mathematics. My friends say that I am sociable, honest, helpful and cheerful, but my parents think that sometimes I am stubborn and hard to deal with. My favourite occupation is playing the guitar, reading. I am fond of sport as well.

Of course I have many remote relations: two grandmothers and a grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins. But only my grandfather and grandmother on the mother's side live in Minsk. Though my grandma is already an elderly woman, she often visits us, helps my mother to look after the children and always brings something delicious to eat. We all enjoy her visits.

There is no «fathers-and-sons» problem in our family. We all are getting along all right and I think we are a united family. That's all I can say about my family.


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