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On the Phone

On the Phone


"Good morning, 'Legend Hotel'."

"Morning, this is Peter Hanks from Express Ltd. I need accom^0^11011

for our partners from abroad. I'd like to know a little a^oUt your


"Legend is a 3-star hotel. We are located 10 minutes from the town


"Are you in a busy street?"

"Yes, but there are quiet rooms here too."

"What about a restaurant?"

"Our restaurant is famous for its cuisine. Our guests find it very good.

There is also a bar here."

"Fine, have you got a swimming pool and a sauna?"

"I'm afraid, we haven't. But there's a swimming pool quite near the


"Thank you for the information."

"Good-bye, Mr Hanks."

"Hotel 'Old Park'. Can I help you?"

"Good afternoon, I'd like to reserve a room."

"What room would you like?"

"A double room with a private bath."

"Your name, please."

"Jerald Hurrell."

"Sorry, could you spell it?"


"Hurrell, I see, Mr Hurrell. When do you want to move in?"

"Next Monday."

"OK, how long will you be staying?"

"For three days."

"Very good, sir. A double room with a private bath from next Monday

for three days."

"Thank you."

"I am checking out tomorrow morning. Can I have my bill ready by

7 a.m.?"

"Very good, madam."

"Can I pay by credit card?"

"Of course you can. Your bill will be here."

"Thanks a lot."

3. а) Расспросите своего друга о гостинице, в которой он останав­ливался.

1. Was the (местоположение) convenient?

2. Was the (парковка) available?

3. Was that а (трех- или пятизвездочный) hotel?

4. Did you (бронировал) the room (заранее)?

5. Was there а (собственная ванна) in the room?

6. Was the room (хорошо обставлена)?

7. What other (удобства) did they (предлагались)?

8. Did you have the (доступ к Интернету)?

9. What about the (кухня)? Were there (местные) dishes on the menu?

б) Составьте свой диалог.

4. а) Прочитайте и переведите рекламы гостиниц.

1. The Horizon [hs'raizn] Hotel is a comfortably furnished 3-star hotel located within easy reach of interesting places to visit, the coast and the beautiful countryside. Extra Bed Policy is convenient for families with children. All children under 2 years old stay free of charge. Free Internet is available in public areas. Full English breakfast is included. Free park­ing. The hotel restaurant is designed to create a warm informal atmo­sphere. Local and European cuisine. The cocktail bar serves various cock­tails. The hotel is an ideal place for business and leisure. We are thinking about your comfort. Welcome to our hotel!

2. Make the best choice: the Golden Lion [laran] Hotel! A 5-star hotel with a focus on service, situated on the bank of the river with easy access to both main sights of the city and business centre. Only a short distance from the airport. High in-room technology: high-speed Internet access, TV Web browsers, two-line cordless phones with voice mail, cable TV. Coffee maker and mini-bar in every room. The 3 restaurants and bars of­fering local and international cuisine. Free parking. Private cars to hire. Fitness centres. Private swimming pool.

б) Сделайте свою рекламу гостиницы.

5. Опишите гостиницу, в которой вы хотели бы остановиться. Ис­
пользуйте следующие фразы для начала предложений.

1. I would like...

2. It would be fine to ...

3. I'd prefer...

4. I like it when ...

5. I'd be pleased to have ...

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