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Exercise 3 Study these sentences


Unit 2

‘Be not afraid of growing slowly; be only afraid of standing still’

Chinese proverb

Exercise 1 Discussion

1) Are you ambitious? Do you have a career plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time?

2) Would you prefer to work for a big or a small company? Why?


Read the following statements, and decide whether they are about the advantages of working in a big or a small company.

a) The atmosphere is friendlier and you know everyone.

b) You are often responsible for a variety of different tasks.

c) You can actually see the result of your contribution to the company.

d) You can be proud of working for a company with a national or international reputation.

e) You have more independence, and you don’t always have to wait for permission from a superior.

f) You may be able to go and work in a foreign subsidiary.

g) You’ll probably get a higher salary.

h) Your company will be in a better position in an economic recession.


Exercise 2 In your opinion, which three qualities below are the most important for a successful career in business?

Being on time, having ambition, working hard, getting on with people (being friendly), being adaptable (open to new ideas), knowing about computers, having a sense of humour, looking smart.


I’m afinancial controller. (a/an + job)

I work for ATT. (for + employer)

I’m in marketing (the chemical business). (in + type of work)

Complete this conversation. Use a, an, for, and in. Role play your own dialogues using the information from the table below.

A: What do you do for a living?

B: I’m … computer programmer.

A: Really? Who do you work …?

B: Olivetti.

A: What’s your position in the company?

B: I’m … product manager. What about you?

A: I work … Balfour Beatty.

B: So you’re … the construction business?

A: Yes. I’m … engineer.


Jobs Industries Divisions/Departments
I’m a/an I work in Finance
assistant manager railway engineering Advertising
сomputer programmer telecommunications Public Relations
Managing Director electronics Logistics
logistics agent construction R&D
train conductor advertising Production
station dispatcher traffic management Human Resources


Exercise 4 The phrases below all include the word career. Match them to their correct meanings. Use a dictionary to help you.

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