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Serge Trifkovic. The spokesman for Islam in the Western world knows how to play the game

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The spokesman for Islam in the Western world knows how to play the game. They know how to present their cause in a way that is not only regarded as acceptable by the society mainstream but also reasonable and just. They will appeal to democratic institutions and their human rights in the full knowledge that given the power to do so, they will abolish those institutions and deny those rights to others.


Sahih Al-Bukhari – Vol 7, Bk 67, Hadith 427


”By Allah, and Allah willing, if I take an oath and later find something else that is better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.”



Walid Shoebat – Personal experiences around committing “al-Taqiyya”


When I used to work as a translator at the Luc College in Chicago we arranged fund raising events for Jihadi movements, PLO being one of those organisations. We handed out and placed announcements for the event on the walls of the College. And I remember on Arabic it would be basically the facts; bring your friends, we were intending to raise funds to support our Jihadi brothers in Lebanon during the fighting in Southern-Lebanon against Israel. And then comes the English part. In the English part it would be the standard; we would be conducting a Middle-Eastern cultural event, you are all welcome, we will be serving lamb and ”baklava”…


So the West really does not comprehend the magnitude of the “social deceit” that is going on in every aspect of social life, even from moderate Muslims. When we get together as a group our conversations are different. As soon as a Westerner would come into the scene then the whole conversation changes. It becomes compatible to western minds.


When I used to go to work, I worked for an American company during the Gulf war, everyone would be hovering around the TV sets as soon as there was a scud missile hitting Riad or something like that and everyone would be distraught, unhappy if a scud lands in the American camp. And I would be among my American colleagues and say; “oh that’s too bad, I’m sorry that we had loss of life”. Out of frustration from having to keep the truth of what I really felt I would roll down the window on my way home on the freeway and scream as loud as I could; Allahu achbar!, Allahu achbar!


This is the incantation you do when the enemy is killed, when you win. So if it was a victorious day for the Iraqi’s, when they land a scud missile it would be “Allahu achbar” on the freeway where no one could hear me. When I came home to my apartment the rest of the apartment complex were also Arabs from the Middle East. We would get together in my apartment, watch the Gulf war on satellite TV and we would be praising Allah every time there was an incident where Americans got killed. But it wasn’t the same face we put on in an American environment. In an American environment you played a different scenario, you acted as if you were on their side. So this whole façade is in place and the truth is often hidden from the west



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