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I. Read and translate the text. IX.Write down sentences with the following idioms

IX.Write down sentences with the following idioms.

VIII.Write down the forms of the irregular verbs.

VII.Translate the sentences paying attention to the Passive Infinitive.

VI. Write and read the following numerals in English.

286; 406; 1,001; 1,250; 2,235; 4,000; 100,000; 1,234,376; 1,000.000.

1. The foodstaffs to be produced must be of good quality.

2. He spoke of the problems to be settled in the nearest future.

3. The report to be written by the manager must include all the facts collected during the opinion survey.

4. The article to be discussed by the students is about the private enterprise system.

5. The shopping centre to be constructed is much spoken of in our city.

6. The contract to be negotiated by business partners must include ethical norms.

7. The theft to be investigated by the police occurred in the wholesale store.

8. The person to be interviewed to have witnessed the crime.


To seek, to have, to do, to make, to run, to win, to hold, to keep, to see, to go.


1. to be Jack of all trades and master of none — за всё браться и ничего толком не уметь

2. in the long run - в конечном счёте, в конце концов


Unit 15


We all know how essential innovation is to business success. If Apple Corp. had not innovated, we would not have iPhones. If Microsoft had stopped innovating when they released DOS, we never would have seen Windows operating systems. If manufacturers had stopped innovating, we would all be driving Model T's and calling each other on candlestick phones that need operator assistance; there would be no television to watch and you wouldn't be reading this because the Internet would never have been created.

Small business entrepreneurs are frequently innovators for new products in both consumer and industrial markets. The independent entrepreneur may have ideas for new or better products, processes, or services that would not be encouraged in the large corporation. A single new product that could bring success for a small enterprise might be so insignificant to a large corporation that it would not be developed. Corporations such as McDonald’s, Apple Computer and others are examples of enterprises that started small but provided creative innovations and won the approval of consumers.

Small businesses tend to have close communications with their customers, suppliers, and employees. The small business may succeed because the owner-manager knows the firm’s customers and their special needs. Sales can be based on quality and service rather than quantity and price, as is frequently the case in large business operations. Managers can be given freedom in decision making and provided with a variety of responsibilities. Lines of communication are direct between owners and employees.

Although the advantages and rewards of a small business may be substantial, many problems confront the owners of small enterprises. These problems may be summarized as an inadequate management, insufficient financing, and inability to cope with growth.

Your company (or department, group, or team) has a lot of smart people. Encourage them to be imaginative, give them permission to make mistakes, and give them time to just sit and think. Build a culture that is "flat" and works across organizational lines easily. Build the individuals into a team that enjoys being together at work. Do these things and you will get the innovation you need to succeed.


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