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Look at the picture and label parts of the fish

Working with words

Make sure you know these words


Unit 5

Choose any of the following ideas (or propose your own), find additional information and write an essay (150-250 words).

Speaking and writing

13.Make a report about any insect you find interesting and unusual. Write a plan first and do not forget to mention insect`s



feeding habits

way of reproduction.


- Ants can lift and carry more than three times their own weight. Why?

- Do you know the difference between insects and spiders? If no – find out.

- Why is insect blood green , yellow or colorless?

- What opinions do most people have about insects? Why do you think they feel this way?

- Discuss the pros and cons of organic versus chemical insect controls.


Тема урока: Fishes текст 1 Fish текст 2 Flying fish текст 3 White sharks текст 4Фрагмент из книги Дэвида Эттенборо "Мадагаскарские диковины"
1. range n. the area over which a plant or animal is distributed
2. fin n. one of the thin body parts that a fish uses to swim, flipper
3. scale n. one of the small flat pieces of skin that cover the bodies of fish, snakes etc
4. diverse adj. very different from each other
5. apply v. to use something such as a method, idea, or law in a particular situation, activity, or process
6. share n. the part of something that you own or are responsible for v. to have or use something with other people
7. feature n. a part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical
8. gill n. one of the organs on the sides of a fish through which it breathes
9. slit n. a long straight narrow cut or hole
10. supply v. to provide with something needed or wanted
11. overlap v. if two or more things overlap, part of one thing covers part of another thing
12. broad adj. having a distance larger than usual from side to side; wide
13. alteration n. a small change that makes someone or something slightly different, or the process of this change
14. curb v. to control or limit something in order to prevent it from having a harmful effect
15. otherwise adv. in a different way, apart from that
16. unfamiliar adj. not known to you
17. provide v . to give something to someone or make it available to them, because they need it or want it, to supply
18. indulge v. to let yourself do or have something that you enjoy, especially something that is considered bad for you


1. operculum (pl. opercula)  
2. cartilaginous  
3. dorsal  

What fish are they?



The anatomy of Lampanyctodes hectoris

(1) - operculum (gill cover), (2) - lateral line, (3) - dorsal fin, (4) - fat fin, (5) - caudal peduncle, (6) - caudal fin, (7) - anal fin, (8) - photophores, (9) - pelvic fins (paired), (10) - pectoral fins (paired)



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О гусеницах | Match the beginnings and endings of the sentences

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