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Test 79

Test 78

1. No sooner Mr Smith (leave) the office (than, then, that) the telephone rang. There wasn't (somebody, anybody, nobody) there to answer the call.

2. In 1959 Don Jose, (a, the, -) wealthy Cuban landowner, emigrated to Mexico, where the agricultural reform (begin) a few months earlier.

3. Don Jose (make) his fortune in growing sugar cane, and he brought his experience to his new home in the United States where he moved again in 1965.

4. The population (grow) from 35 million in 1950 (to, at, by) 42 million today.

John (play) football for ten years already. He (play) for the national team in 20 matches. i. Do you like these oranges? They are (delicious) oranges I ever (eat).

We (own) the car for 6 months before we discovered it (steal).

i Crime (rise) to such an extend that it (become) (a, the, -) serious political issue.

(How, what) is your cat called? - Tom. It's the most beautiful pet I ever (have).

10. When the new road (build), I will be able to drive to work in under half an hour. Now I (can, have to, may) spend much more time.

11. For centuries the most inquisitive minds (try) to discover (a, the, -) secrets of (a, the, -) nature.

12. One (can, may, must) see a drop in morals because of (a, the, -) loss of hope that anything can (change) in life for the (good).

13. (A, the, —) history of our land (know) glorious and tragic days in the past, but only recently the Belarusian people (give) a chance to learn some facts of their history and historical fugures.

14. (A/an, the, -) ancient scholars (accuse) of being commanded by the Devil for their incredible power of (know ledge, knowledges).

15. As a rule (some, any) totalitarian regime (spoil) the minds and hearts of people (from, since, off) brave and freedomloving to cautious and obedient and (many, much, few) people begin to feel helpless and hopeless.

16.1 expected about ten guests, but there were much (many, more, the most) people there. It appeared that all of (they, them, their) (invite) by my father.

17. (The, a, —) tendency to make new products available to and affordable for everybody is one obvious reason why average Americans usually (support) American business.

18. By 1850, the (America, Americans) already (establish) state-supported colleges and universities in many states.

19. The tourists arrived (at, to, in) the hotel and (show) (at, in, to) their rooms.

20. What time of the year do you think it is in this picture? Summer? - No, it must be winter. If it (be) summer the people (not, sit) round that big fire.

1. My mother said that if I (take) a warm bath just before I (go) to bed, I (feel) much better soon.

2. The experiment (carry) out by a group of scientists some years ago, but its results (not, announce) yet.

3. We (translate) the article for two hours already and (not, finish) it yet. We (continue) translating it tomorrow.

4. He (be) in (-, a, the) prison for two years already. During this time he (become) interested in politics.

5. If someone (ring) while I (be) out, could you say that I (come) back by 5 p.m.?

6. A new theatre (build) in our city now. They say it (complete) in three months.

7.1 just (meet) two strangers on my way to work. One of them (greet) me, but (another, the other, other) (not, do) it.

8. She (not, leave) Moscow since she (return) from abroad last year.

9. My grandmother (come) to see us next week. I'm sure she (bring) (a, the, -) nice present for my birthday.

10. I'm certain he won't say (a, the, -) word about (a/an, the, -) incident. But if he (do), I'll deny (some, any, every) knowledge of it.

11. If you don't mind the report (discuss) after we (have) coffee during the brake.

12. Ask Alice if she (take) part in the discussion next Saturday. If she (do), we (wait) for her in the reading-hall at 2 o'clock.

; 13. She (study) German for a year, but she can't speak it yet. She (think) that German is (difficult) than English.

14. He didn't earn (much, many, little) money and (live) in(a, the, -) small house somewhere on the (outskirt, outskirts).

15. You'll feel (better, the best, best) after you (take) this medicine.

16. My parents asked me when my guests (come) the next day and if I (be) going to cook the Sunday dinner.

17. (A/an, the, -) most of the (a/an, the, -) stories that (a/an, the, -) people tell about (a/an, the, -) Irish aren't true.

18. I took a quick look at the picture and (be) quite certain I (see) (a/an, the, —) woman before.

19. They (drive) in (a/an, the, -) car (of, since, for) a few hours before they came (at, to, before) the crossroads.

20. If I (be) you, I (ask) a lawyer for some advice.

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