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Test 81

Test 80

1. (The, a, -) tea, which (grow) in India and China, (be) the national drink (of, off, at) Britain.

2. Mrs Green (wait) for the doctor for half an hour. When he (examine) the boy, he said, "(The, a, -) child must stay in (a, the, -) bed (as, just, until) he (get) (good)".

3. Hijackers (still, hold) twenty passengers in a plane at (a, the, -) Manchester Airport.

4. The hostages (sit) in the plane without (a, the, -) food or water for two days already.

5. As you (can, must, may) see from the letter, I (change) my address and live in the suburbs now.

6. Living in the country is (expensive) than in (a, the, -) big city nowadays.

7.1 decided to change from la, the, -) central London to the suburbs because it (become) so expensive to live there.

8. Members of (the, a, -) British Parliament (pay) salaries since 1911.

9. (The, a, —) hereditary principle still operates in Great Britain and the Crown (pass) on to the sovereign's (older, elder, eldest) son.

10. If (many, a few, few, any) news comes in while I (be) away, let me know.

11. Henri Nestle, who was Swiss, (develop) the process of making (a, the, —) milk chocolate.

12. This week the police (arrest) a couple in (the, —, a) Switzerland, where they (try) to sell chocolate secrets.

13. I think that people (be, only) (interested, interesting) in news which (happen) near them or which (affect) them (economical/economically).

14. The word chocolate, which (come) from (the, a, -) Aztec language, is (a, the, —) only Aztec word in (the, a, -) English.

15. (The, -, an) Incas (discover) popcorn. They (live) in (-, the, a) South America in (a, the, -) fifteenth century.

16. People who live in (the, a, -) Netherlands (call) (the, a, -)


17. The policeman asked me if the car (park, parking, parked) near the office (belong) to me.

18. I'm staying there until he (return) from his holidays. Then I (go) (on, in, at) holiday to Scotland.

19. Remember that even if you (have) the right qualifica tion, you (may, could, should) have to fill in lots of application forms before you (ask) to attend an interview.

20. You are working slowly. - If I (have) a calculator, I (car, • work this out a lot quicker.

1. Fishing always (be) an important industry, especially in the east of England.

2. There (be) (little, much, few, a few) heavy industry in London, but there is a wide range of light industry in Greater London.

3. (A, the, -) Welsh literature is one of (old) in Europe.

4. The UK (inhabit) by the English, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish who constitute (a, the, -) British nation.

5. Welshmen living in England often (call) by the nickname 'Taffy'.

6. Great Britain (not, have) a written constitution, so there are (not, no, none) constitutional provisions for education.

7. Schools in England (support) from public funds paid (to, for, at) the local educational authorities.

8. One (can, must, can't) hardly say that high quality secondary education (provide) for all in Britain.

9. Many people tend to talk too (much, many, a lot of), some are in the habit of talking to (them, themselves, himself).

10. Oxford and Cambridge often (call) collectively Oxbridge, and they (consider) the intellectual centres in Europe.

11. The North of Ireland is still part of (a, the, -) UK, while the Republic of Ireland, in the south, (be) an independent state since 1921.

12. The Republic of Ireland (have) three and a half million inhabitants and two official languages, English and Gaelic (speak) in the country.

13. It is well-known that twins are (close) to each other than most brothers and sisters - after all, they probably spend far (much) time with each (other, another, the other).

14. Before the Revolution 1776 the Americans already (open) nine colleges in the colonies, most of them (late, later, lately) became universities.

15. By 1850 the Americans already (establish) state-supported colleges and universities in many states.

16. In so-called "Golden Age", all decisions (make) by citizens collectively; even military leaders (elect) and crimes (try) by juries of between 101 and 1001 citizens.

17. (A, the, -) Nile is (long) river in the world at 6,741 kilo-' metres'- slightly (long) than (a, the, -) Amazon, which is

(a, the, -) second (long) river at 6,440 kilometres.

18. Being attractive is like being rich - it (can, must, might) ' help you find happiness, but it (not, make) always you


19. He (not, pass) his English exam yet, but he (prepare) for it now.

20. It's a pity I have no typewriter. If I (have) a typewriter, I (type) myself.

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