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Tell each other about your favourite restaurant

Think about what you can say about each of the following aspects of your local food.

Think about your favourite dish.

C. Mixed salad

B. Vegetable omelette

A. Cheese and cucumber sandwich.

Give instructions to these recipes.


What ingredients do you need?

How do you prepare the ingredients?

How do you cook the ingredients?

9. Think of three typical dishes from your country or region. You are in a restaurant with a client who doesn’t know these dishes. Describe them, using these phrases.

It’s made with ………

It’s filled with ……..

It’s topped with ………..

It’s cooked in / under ………….

It’s served in / with ………

10. Writing project «The food of my region».

1) the influences;

2) the history;

3) the ingredients;

4) the way of cooking the meal;

5) the way of eating the meal;

6) the most representative dishes.

Part 4

· Where is it?

· What kind of restaurant is it?

· What’s it like?

· What food and drink can you have there?

· Who do you go there with?

· Is it expensive?

2. What do we call places where people go to eat? Match the words (1-9) in the box with the definitions (A-I).

1.snack bar2. café/cafeteria3. pizzeria4. refectory5. buffet6. night club7. canteen8. pub9. restaurant

A. originally a British public house licensed to serve beer and other alcoholic beverages. Customers get their drinks from the counter and either stand there or sit at the tables. Some light snacks like pies and sandwiches are served.

B. a counter where food and drink may be bought and eaten (e.g. in a railway station or on a train)

C. small restaurant mainly concentrating on cakes, sandwiches, coffee and tea. Choice of food is often very limited.

D. a place where guests normally come fairly late and stay until the

small hours. Always with dancing and often also with floor shows.

Food is sometimes available.

E.a place where students or workers have their lunch, usually connected with a school, office or factory.

F. a nice place where meals are served to customers.

G.a modest restaurant where customers collect their food on trays at counters and carry it to tables. Choice of dishes is based on convenience and speed, with food like hamburgers, sausages and sandwiches.

H. a restaurant specializing in pizzas, and other Italian-type food.

I.a university café


3. What types of restaurant would you recommend to:

1. A young couple who want food and some entertainment late at night.

2. A man who wants a meal in a place where he can meet some local people.

3. Someone wanting a quick, cheap meal.

4. Someone at a railway station.

5. Someone who wants non-English food.

6. A student staying at the university all day.

7. A factory worker at lunch-time.

8. A family who wants to celebrate some special occasion.

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