-(3434)-(809)-(7483)-(1457) -(14632) -(1363)-(913)-(1438)-(451)-(1065)-(47672) -(912)-(14524) -(4268)-(17799)-(1338)-(13644)-(11121)-(55)-(373)-(8427)-(374)-(1642)-(23702)-(16968)-(1700)-(12668)-(24684)-(15423)-(506)-(11852) -(3308)-(5571)-(1312)-(7869)-(5454)-(1369)-(2801)-(97182)-(8706)-(18388)-(3217)-(10668) -(299)-(6455)-(42831)-(4793)-(5050)-(2929)-(1568)-(3942)-(17015)-(26596)-(22929)-(12095)-(9961)-(8441)-(4623)-(12629)-(1492) -(1748)

Listen to a dialogue. Say what part of computer equipment they are talking about


A word processor is a computer used to prepare documents or letters, or the software that is used for this purpose. Many people use their computers for word processing, e.g. writing letters and reports. A lot of business people use spreadsheets (a programme used to enter and arrange numbers and financial information) and databases(programmes which allow you to store, look at or change a large amount of information quickly and easily). Some people also use graphics (the pictures and symbols a computer programme can produce). More and more people are becoming computer-literateas many programmes and machines are so user-friendly. You can connect your computer to computers all over the world using the Internet. People send each other e-mail messagesusing this system or network. If your computer is slow it may need more memory. It may crash or hang if there is not enough memory or if it has a bug (also a virus). Make sure you make a back-up copy of your work.

33 Find in the passage the words and word combinations which mean the following.


"" (, . .)

- (-)

, ,


( )


( )




34* The words in the box name some computer machinery and equipment. Write them under the correct picture. Make sure you know their Russian/Belarusian equivalents.


  a diskette a CD (compact disc) a disc drive a CD-ROM a disc case a computer a desktop computer a laptop (notebook) a palmtop a mouse a keyboard a modem a scanner click






  7   8




35* What are they used for? Identify the piece of equipment in question.


a. A square piece of plastic that you can store computer

information on, and which you can remove from and put into a computer, otherwise called a floppy disc.

b. A small object connected to a computer by a wire,

which you move with your hand to give instructions to the computer.........................


c. A piece of computer equipment that allows written or

printed information to be taken onto a computer and stored there.



d. A board with buttons marked with letters or numbers

that are pressed to put information into a computer.


e. A CD on which large quantities of information can be

stored to be used by a computer.


f. A small circular piece of hard plastic on which high

quality recorded sound or large quantities of information can be stored........

g. A piece of equipment in a computer system that is

used to get information from a disk or to store information on it.


h. A computer that is small enough to be used on a desk.


i. A small computer that you can carry with you.


j. A very small computer that you can hold in your hand.




²Listening Comprehension

37 Listen to the dialogue again and complete the sentences from the dialogue.


- Have you tried off and on?

- Yes, but it still like this.I cant send this , can I?

- The cable connection may be .................................................

- Then it must be the ..............

- Could I just sit down and .............

Its probably ...............



38 What is the womans job, do you think? Choose the best answer.

a computer programmer

a software developer

a computer technician

a computer user



39* Add another word, abbreviation, or part of a word to complete computer words and phrases.


1 soft 2 a word 3 floppy 4 .- friendly 5 - literate 6 key 7 a computer 8 ..-ROM 9 laser 10 lap.. 11 spread 12 .-mail



40* Can you remember what these symbols mean?


1 2 3 4 5 6 7



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