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About Friends

Text 2


to have a rest— отдыхать

to peel potatoes— чистить картошку

to empty the dustbin— выбрасывать мусор

to vacuum clean— чистить пылесосом

to dust the furniture— протирать мебель

to clean up— убираться

to mend— чинить

a snack— закуска


to receive guests— принимать гостей

a wide choice— широкий выбор

convenient— удобный

to save— спасать, экономить

to have nothing against— не иметь ничего против

a washing machine— стиральная машина

to iron— гладить

If you have a friend on whom you can rely,you are lucky. Our friends make our life easier and happier. Some people think that you can only have one truefriend but I have always had a lot of friends. I don't think I can live without Nell, Andy, Roger and Alice. They are kind and clever and I love them all, though sometimes we quarrel.We are different but our life principles and some of our interests are the same.We try to see positive sides of the world and not to be critical to anybody.

But, of course, there are a lot of things in our charactersthat are dif­ferent. "Extremes meet,"people say, and it is true. Nell and Andy are very cheerful.They are twinsand every June we have the merriest birth­day party of the year. Nell and Andy look very much like each other. They've got black eyes and black hair, they are tall and slim.Their life is very active. They go in forvolley-ball and are very good at it. Like most sportsmen, the twins are disciplinedand never miss a training.Nell and Andy are students. Nell studies Arts and Andy is going to become a pro­grammer. But I am sure they like sport best of all. They put all their energy into it. The twins are from another town and live in a student hostel. To my mind,it's wonderful as you can always do what you think is right.

Roger is calm,friendly and wise. He is sure life is a good teacher in all the situations. At times he surprises us with his interesting ideas which can be really original.You can't get boredin his company! Roger is the best person when you need help or advice. Roger's eyes are blue and shiny but his eyesightis not very good and he wears contact lenses. Roger is going to be an economist but I think he'll write a book of his ideas and get fa­mous some day.

Alice is not very beautiful but she's very nice. She's the most hard­workingperson amongus. She's busy all day long but I am sure she nev­er gets tired. Alice's dream is to become a journalist.

She's a religiousperson and goes to churchevery Sunday. She's warm and loving and enjoys meeting people and making friends.

We often go to the discos or to the cinema, go for a walk to the park or picnicking to the country. If the weather is bad, we like to go to the cafe or to somebody's place and have a talk. It's great to laugh and joke about something. All of us have lots of problems and sometimes we are sad orangry but we try not to let our bad moodcome out. It's not difficult if you know there are people around who can understand you.


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