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Letters of Enquiry

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C) Read the letter and reformulate it according to email style using the information above.

B) Read an example of original letter and reformulated email.

Original Letter

Thank you for your letter dated 25 March enclosing a brochure with details of your new range of children’s toys. I apologise for not replying sooner, but I have been out of the country on business.

The new range looks very good, and we are particularly interested in your Action Hero figures that we are sure will sell well in our stores. I would be grateful if you could send me some samples, and also a price list with details of any discounts you offer for large orders.


Reformulated e-mail

Thanks for your e-mail with the attachment showing your new range. Sorry I haven’t been in touch – I’ve been really busy.

The new products look great – we’re very interested in the Action Hero figures.

Can you send some samples? And info re prices/discounts?


Примітка Для того, щоб email були коротші, часто використовують скорочення або абревіації для часто вживаних словосполучень. Вони звуться TLAs (three-letter acronyms), хоча деякі з них мають більш ніж три літери.

pcs – pieces asap – as soon as possible pls – please btw – by the way bw – best wishes qty – quantity bfn – by for now fyi – for your information iow – in other words nrn – no reply necessary otoh – on the other hand re – regarding rsvp – please reply (fr. répondez s’il vous plaît) imo – in my opinion tbc - to be confirmed nb – please note (lat.nota bene)
Dear Sirs, On March 1, we ordered and subsequently received one case of handsaws, model 88b. We paid for the order with our check no.7293, a photocopy of which is enclosed. When we decided to order these saws instead of model 78b, it was at the urging of your sales representative, Harold Saunders. In other words he assured us that the new saws were more durable and efficient than the older model. However, we have now had the saws on our selling floor for three weeks, and already six have been returned with broken teeth by extremely dissatisfied customers. We are therefore returning the entire order of 88b saws and would like to be refunded for their full purchase price plus shipping expenses. Yours truly,   Jack Patterson Customers Relations

An enquiry (inquiry) is a request for information. Information you may ask for in this type of letters includes: terms of delivery, delivery times, terms of payment, discounts, types of packing, etc. A first enquiry should include:

(a) A brief mention of how you obtained your potential supplier’s name.

(b) Some indication of the demand in your area for the goods which the supplier deals with.

(c) Details of what you would like your prospective supplier to send you.

(d) A closing sentence to round off the enquiry.

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