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A) Study the vocabulary below and think about proper Russian equivalents to these words and phrases

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IV. Health and medicine

What are your symptoms?

I've got a cold / a cough / a sore throat / a temperature / a stomach ache / earache / chest pains / a pain in my side / a rash on my chest / spots / a bruise on my leg / a black eye / a lump on my arm / indigestion / diarrhea / painful joints / blisters / sunburn.

a cough[knf] - an act or sound of pushing out air violently and noisily through the throat, especially when one has a cold or a sore throat;

sore[S):] - painful;

a throat[6r~'Ut1 - the passage in the neck through which food and air are taken into the body;

an ache[ elk] - a continuous dull pain;

a stomach['stl\In~k] - an organ of the body like a bag, into which food passes when swallowed and in which the first part of digestion occurs;

a chest [tf est] - the upper front part of the body from the neck to the stomach;

a rash[r<:en - a skin irritation, a patch of tiny red spots on the skin;

a bruise[brurz] - an injury caused by a blow to the body, making a mark on the skin but not breaking it;

a lump[lxmp] - a swelling under the skin;

indigestionLlndl1d3estfan] - pain caused by difficulty in digesting food;

diarrhea[,daIalrla] - an illness in which waste matter is emptied from the bowels frequently and in a liquid form;

a joint[d3)Int]- a structure in the body by which bones are fitted together and able to move or bend;

a blisterCbIISt}] - a swelling under the skin like a bubble filled with liquid, caused by rubbing, burning, etc.

I feel sick / dizzy / breathless / shivery / faint / particularly badat night.

dizzy ['dɪzɪ] - feeling as if everything is spinning round; unable to balance; confused;

shivery['ʃɪv(ə)rɪ] - shaking with cold, fear or illness;

faint [feɪnt] -likely to lose consciousness.

I am depressed / constipated / tiredall the time.

constipated ['kɔn(t)stɪpeɪt] - unable to empty the bowels

I've lost my appetite / voice; I can't sleep, my nose itchesand my leg hurts.

appetite ['æpɪtaɪt] - physical desire especially for food or pleasure;

to itch[ɪʧ] - to have an uncomfortable feeling on the skin that cause a desire to scratch;

to hurt [hɜːt] - to cause physical injury or pain to smb, / oneself.

What do doctors do?

They take your temperature, listen to your chest, look in your ears, examine you, take your blood pressure, ask yousome questionsand weighand measure youbefore sending you to the hospital forfurther tests.

to examine [ɪg'zæmɪn] - to look at smth. 15mb. carefully and in detail in order to learn smth. about or from it / them; to inspect smth. / smb. closely;

blood pressure [blʌd 'preʃə] - the pressure of blood as it travels around the body;

to measure ['meʒə]- to find the size, length or amount of smth, by comparing it with a standard unit;

to weigh [weɪ] - to measure how heavy smth. I smb. is by means of scales.

What's the diagnosis?

You've got flu / chickenpox / mumps / pneumonia / rheumatism / an ulcer / a virus / a bug.

diagnosis [ˌdaɪəg'nəusɪs] - the act of identifying the nature of a problem, especially an illness

flu [fluː] - an infectious illness like a bad cold, causing a high temperature, pains and weakness;

chickenpox ['ʧɪkɪnˌpɔks] - a disease, especially of children, with a mild fever and a lot of red spots on the skin;

mumps [mʌmps] - a disease, especially of children, with painful swelling in the neck;

pneumonia [njuː'məunɪə] - a serious illness affecting one or both lungs, causing difficulty in breathing;

rheumatism ['ruːmətɪz(ə)m] - a disease that makes the muscles and joints­painful, stiff and swollen;

an ulcer ['ʌlsə] - a sore area containing poisonous matter on the outside of the body or on the surface of an internal organ;

a virus ['vaɪ(ə)rəs] - a simple living thing, smaller than bacteria, which causes infectious disease; a disease caused by one of these;

a bug [bʌg] - an infectious illness usually fairly mild.

You've broken your wrist and sprained / dislocated / twisted your ankle.

a wrist [rɪst] - the part of the body between the hand and the arm; the joint on which the hand moves;

an ankle ['æŋkl] - the joint connecting the foot with the leg;

to sprain [spreɪn] - to injure a joint in the body, especially a wrist or an ankle, by suddenly twisting it so that there is pain and usually swelling;

to dislocate ['dɪsləukeɪt] - to put a bone out of its proper position in a joint;

to twist [twɪst] - to injure part of your body, especially your ankle, wrist or knee, bending it in an awkward way.

What might the doctor ask you?

Do you have health insurance?

Are you takingany medication?

Have you ever hadany operations?

Are you allergic to anything?

insurance [ɪn'ʃuər(ə)n(t)s] - a contract made by a company or society, or by the state, to provide a guarantee of compensation for loss, damage illness, death, etc. in return for regular payments;

medication [ˌmedɪ'keɪʃ(ə)n] - a drug or medicine for preventing or curing illness;

allergic [ə'le:ʤɪk] - having an allergy.

What does the doctor prescribe?

a) Take one three times a dayafter meals.

b) Take a teaspoonfullast thing at night.

c) Ruba little on before going to bed each night.

d) We'll get the nurse to put the bandage on.

e) You'll need to have some injections before you go.

f) I'll ask the surgeon when he canfit you in for an operation.

g) You'll have to have your leg put in plaster.

h) I think you should have total bed restfor a week.

to prescribe [prɪ'skraɪb] - to advise or order the use of a medicine or medical treatment;

to rub [rʌb] - to move one's hand backwards and forwards repeatedly on a surface while pressing;

bandage ['bændɪʤ] - a strip of material used for tying round and protecting a wound or injury;

injection [ɪn'ʤekʃ(ə)n] - inserting a medicine or other substance into smb. / smth. with a syringe or similar implement;

a syringe [sɪ'rɪnʤ] - a device for sucking liquid in and forcing it out again in a thin stream;

plaster ['plɑːstə] - a white powder mixed with water that becomes very hard when dry and is used for holding broken bones in place;

band-aid (sticking piaster, plaster)- material that can be stuck to the skin to protect a small wound or cut.

b) Look at the statements (a) to (g) in Exercise IV (a) (What does the doctor prescribe?). Which do you think the doctor said to each of the following patients?

1. Ann with bad sunburn.

2. Jo who's broken her leg.

3. John who's off to the Tropics.

4. Paul with (the) flu.

5. Liz with a bad cough.

6. Sam who needs his appendix out.

7. Rose suffering from exhaustion.

8. Alfwho's sprained his wrist.

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