Архитектура-(3434)Астрономия-(809)Биология-(7483)Биотехнологии-(1457)Военное дело-(14632)Высокие технологии-(1363)География-(913)Геология-(1438)Государство-(451)Демография-(1065)Дом-(47672)Журналистика и СМИ-(912)Изобретательство-(14524)Иностранные языки-(4268)Информатика-(17799)Искусство-(1338)История-(13644)Компьютеры-(11121)Косметика-(55)Кулинария-(373)Культура-(8427)Лингвистика-(374)Литература-(1642)Маркетинг-(23702)Математика-(16968)Машиностроение-(1700)Медицина-(12668)Менеджмент-(24684)Механика-(15423)Науковедение-(506)Образование-(11852)Охрана труда-(3308)Педагогика-(5571)Полиграфия-(1312)Политика-(7869)Право-(5454)Приборостроение-(1369)Программирование-(2801)Производство-(97182)Промышленность-(8706)Психология-(18388)Религия-(3217)Связь-(10668)Сельское хозяйство-(299)Социология-(6455)Спорт-(42831)Строительство-(4793)Торговля-(5050)Транспорт-(2929)Туризм-(1568)Физика-(3942)Философия-(17015)Финансы-(26596)Химия-(22929)Экология-(12095)Экономика-(9961)Электроника-(8441)Электротехника-(4623)Энергетика-(12629)Юриспруденция-(1492)Ядерная техника-(1748)

Present Perfect vs Past Simple

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Copy the stress and intonation. Try to sound exactly the same.

3. What are the past participles (V3/Ved) of these verbs?

ride write be meet break

see sing speak live eat
give win make ring teach
forget buy understand come send


4. Match verbs in exercise 3 with these things: e.g forget - your mother's birthday

1) your mother's birthday 2) in public 3) an expensive restaurant 4) your leg 5) dinner for more than three people 6) abroad 7) a sunrise from a mountain top 8) a politician 9) a motorbike

10) to a newspaper  
The present perfect is used when the time period has NOT finished: I have seen three movies this week. (This week has not finished yet.) The past simple is used when the time period HAS finished: I saw three movies last week. (Last week has finished.)
The present perfect is often used when giving recent news: Martin has crashed his car again. (This is new information.) The past simple is used when giving older information: Martin crashed his car last year. (This is old information.)
The present perfect is used when the time is not specific: I have seen that movie already. (We don't know when.) The past simple is used when the time is clear: I saw that movie on Thursday. (We know exactly when.)
The present perfect is used with for and since, when the actions have not finished yet: I have lived in Victoria for five years. (I still live in Victoria.) The past simple is used with for and since, when the actions have already finished: I lived in Victoria for five years. (I don't live in Victoria now.)


5. Give your partner a number and a letter. Your partner makes a sentence in the present perfect or the past simple: e.g.: She didn't phone me last week.

1.She/not phone me a. this year

2.It/very wet b. this month

3.I/not see him с. last October

4.We / go to London d. yesterday

5.They/ not eat out e. this week

6.I / write two letters f. last week


6. Read these messages. Decide if they are from an answer phone, an e-mail, a letter, or a postcard. How do you know?

1. Sorry I haven't been in touch this week, but I've had a lot of problems to sort out at work. Anyway, now you've got e-mail I thought I'd drop you a line. Have you _______ Mike this week?

2. Dear Pete, How are you? I haven't seen you for months! I hope you're settling into your new house. Have you a new cooker?

3. My computer crashed last week, so I couldn't answer your message. Work's been terrible this week - my boss has ________ me to work this weekend.

4. Having a fantastic time. The weather's not too bad. This week we've __________ three sunny days, but yesterday wasn't very nice, so we went to a museum. Wish you were here!

5. Hello, Vic? It's Silvana here. I'm off to Italy next week. Have you ever_________to Rome? Do you know any good hotels? Can you call me back? Thanks!

6. As you can see I'm on a skiing holiday! I've never seen such beautiful mountains, but I'm afraid I'll break my leg or something! I've ______________ hundreds of photos.

7. Hi Jan, it's me. I'm ringing to ask if you've _____to Paul. Do you know where he is? Call me when you can!

8.I can't remember what number your house is, so I hope this arrives. How have you been? I've had an exciting time since Christmas - three trips abroad. In January I went to Brazil, and this month I've __________ to Paris three times.


7. Complete the gaps in the messages. Compare your ideas with a partner. What verbs did you use?

8. Imagine you meet a friend that you haven't seen for six months. Tell him / her what you've done, and ask questions about what he / she's done. Think about these things.

Start your conversation like this.

A. Hello! I haven't seen you for ages! How are you?

В. I'm fine. It's been a busy few months.

A. Why? What's happened?

В. Well, …

Part 3

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